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password manager

Password manager: All your questions answered

What is a password manager?

A password manager is special software that stores all your passwords and login credentials in a single encrypted database. Many password managers can also generate strong and unique passwords and store them automatically in your database for future use.

How does a password manager work?

A password manager is an application that will memorize your login credentials and store them in an encrypted database. Many password managers will automatically fill in the login forms on various websites, and this is great if you don’t want to memorize different passwords.

Password managers are protected by a master password, and once you enter it, you’ll be able to get access to your saved login credentials. Password managers also have password generation feature, so they will create unique and strong passwords for each website or service that you sign up to. In addition, these passwords will be automatically added to the database, so you won’t have to remember them.question password manager

Are password managers safe?

Yes, password managers are mostly safe to use. The only risk when using a password manager is your master password. If a malicious user obtains your master password, it means that it can log in to your password manager and see all your saved passwords.

However, many password managers provide two-factor authentication, so even if a malicious user gets your master password, he won’t be able to log in without your phone or other device used for two-factor authentication.

Lastly, all your passwords are encrypted, meaning that without the master password, nobody, not even the developers of a password manager, can see your stored credentials.

What is the best password manager?

Choosing the best password manager isn’t a simple task because you need to consider multiple factors and make sure that your password manager has all the required features.

To help you choose the perfect password manager for your needs, be sure to check our guide on the best password managers to use.