3 Best Firefox Equalizers that Work with All Online Players

These extensions will improve the sound experience while browsing

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  • Firefox does not have any equalizers out of the box, and extensions are a great way to include this functionality. 
  • You can between equalizers that work for general websites or those targeted at specific sites such as YouTube. 
  • A great way to get the full equalizer experience is by using equalizer software for Windows OS. 

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser that is used by millions worldwide. Several Firefox add-ons improve the music listening experience, including the best Firefox equalizer options.

They come in different forms, from enabling you to control your online or desktop media player to helping you fill in music to your album collection.

Some also aid in tweeting current songs to Twitter followers and sharing music on Facebook.

However, audio equalizers, on the other hand, make it easy to change the balance of frequency components of playing audio.

Hence, audio equalizers for Firefox make it easier to adjust the frequency from within the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Does Firefox have an equalizer?

The browser natively has no sound equalizer, and equalizers are handy features that help users improve the listening experience on streaming videos or music.

However, it is not all doom and gloom since Firefox is a robust, modern browser with a fully developed extension library. As a result, you will be able to get some of the best equalizer features using a few of the browser add-ons.

Quick Tip:

If you are interested in peak audio performance on the web, we recommend taking a look at Opera One as well. Thanks to its lightness and fast response rates, Opera One is a great option for uninterrupted audio streaming.

It includes native support for audio settings so you can easily switch between different output devices, change volume, and more. On top of that, its add-on shop includes tons of audio booster/equalizer apps.

Opera One

Play your favorite tunes with this fully integrated browser with a built-in player.

Let us share some of our favorite Firefox audio compressor and equalizer options.

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What are the best audio equalizers for Firefox?

Audio Equalizer – Available in other major browsers

Audio Equalizer is one of the most downloaded audio equalizers for Firefox. If you want an audio equalizer that enables you to play any embedded video, then this is the ideal equalizer to choose from.

With this lightweight add-on, you can seamlessly alter the audio equalization settings; it provides you with several choices in the toolbar popup.

We love the extension because it functions on every website using HTML5 audio and video components and is accessible on all operating systems in the Firefox, Opera One, and Chrome browsers.

In addition, WildFox works efficiently with media players such as Windows Media Player, Adobe Media Player, and VLC Mozilla Firefox add-ons.

This add-on includes the Mono function, an accessibility option for those who have hearing issues. You won’t ever miss a sound or word while listening to audio via headphones when this function is activated.

However, it is not without some limitations; for example, it cannot dynamically switch resolutions (streams) and does not work with Media Source Extensions (MSE) video tags.

Important features:

  • Low CPU usage
  • Frequency balancing
  • Replaces HTML5 video tags with HTML embed tags

Get Audio Equalizer

Equalizer for YouTube – Great embedded video functionality

best Firefox equalizer

Equalizer for YouTube is an add-on that makes it simple to change the audio settings, including the frequency components and harmony of the audio file for any YouTube video.

Please be aware that YouTube or Google Inc. are not affiliated with the add-on; its creator separately develops and maintains it as an unapproved add-on.

This add-on was created just for the YouTube website and is a condensed version of the Audio Equalizer add-on.

It is very lightweight, lacks a toolbar button, and contains an equalization button on the YouTube page. Also, the YouTube website and all other embedded YouTube videos are compatible with the add-on.

In its preset list, you have 18 audio presets to pick from. For any audio stream, you may choose soft rock dance, club, pop, party, or any other preset format.

To display the add-on’s drop-down list, you must click the equalization button under the video’s title. It’s one of the best Firefox equalizer options available.

Important features:

  • Embedded video compatibility
  • Multiple equalizer presets
  • Cross-browser availability

Get Equalizer for YouTube

Audio Equalizer and Amplifier – Great per-frequency amplification controls

best Firefox equalizer

This tool alters various media items’ frequencies on web pages.

It comes with the most straightforward equalization; the bass control, which controls low frequencies, and the treble control, which maintains high frequencies. This add-on is a great bass booster for Firefox.

Since it has just these two controls, you can adjust various frequencies. Hence, this extension allows you to alter a broad variety of frequency ranges similar to the popular VLC player.

By adding a toolbar icon to your browser, the extension allows you to manage audio equalization via a popup window easily.

You may choose from roughly 12 presets or establish your settings, and you will like its profiling feature, which lets you organize your choices into many profiles.

Lastly, pre-amplification is also supported for each profile with this modification. In essence, you may modify the volume of each profile separately using the global volume control.

Important features:

  • Support for multiple per-frequency amplification
  • Real-time pre-amplification
  • Real-time audio equalization

Get Audio Equalizer and Amplifier

There are many Firefox equalizers to choose from, but in this list, we have only provided the best Firefox equalizer options, including options we have used, tested, and loved.

You should note that this list has not been put together in any particular order, and in the end, we expect that your choices will depend on your personal preferences.

We, however, are curious to know which of these are your favorites, so please tell us in the comments section.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more cross-browser equalizer set, you may try any of the best equalizers for Windows.

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