How to automate browser actions on Windows 10

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If you want to know how to automate browser actions on Windows 10, you found the right web-page.

Keeping up with a wide number of repetitive tasks while also covering all the other requirements for your job can be a hard endeavor.

Because everything today is based on efficiency and speed, it is becoming more critical than ever to be able to automate some (if not all) of the repetitive tasks you need to perform constantly.

These activities can include a variety of fields of work and a variety of situations. Maybe you need to fill a large number of forms, accept or deny a wide range of job applications, etc.

All of these tasks, if automated, give you the time required to concentrate on the tasks that require your full attention. Read on to find out more.

Steps to automate browser actions on Windows 10

1. Chromium Browser Automation

Chromium browser automation - How to automate browser actions
The Chromium Browser Automation extension is a handy tool to use when trying to automate your browser actions.

This tiny extension gives you the capability to automatically fill forms, but can also perform complex activities by using its scripting and injection options.

Some of the best features of CBA:

  • Record – allows CBA to record all your interactions with a specific webpage
  • Play – gives you the power to replay the recording, and so re-do the entire set of repetitive actions
  • Injection – useful for debugging and app testing by developers, allows you to inject different scripts into webpages to see how the performance is affected

Download Chromium Browser Automation

2. UI.Vision Kantu

UI.Vision Kantu - how to automate browser actions
This browser automation tool was designed with developers in mind, as it contains a variety of advanced options.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Supports AJAX, JavaScript, and Flash
  • Based on Chromium technology
  • Ability to complete Excel sheets and complex web forms from web pages
  • Play, record, pause or update macros
  • User-friendly interface

Download UI. Vision Kantu for Chrome

Download UI. Vision Kantu for Firefox

Your browser does not support cross-origin requests? Check these solutions

3. iMacros

iMacros - How to automate browser actions
iMacros is another incredibly powerful browser automation extension that matches the capability of the above-mentioned UI. Vision Kantu software.

Here are some of the best features added to the capabilities mentioned for Kantu:

  • Allows web scripting
  • Can perform data extraction
  • Web testing capabilities
  • Multi-page form filling
  • Compatible with MS Excel

Download iMacros for Chrome

Download iMacros for Firefox

4. Katalon Recorder

Katalon recorder - How to automate browser actions
Katalon Recorder is an updated version of the Selenium IDE tool, and it is focused more on testing.

This tool is compatible with Java, C#, Ruby, Python, etc. It can both record and replay macros, but also allows you to use it for debugging and seeing test results for Chrome.

Download Katalon Recorder for Chrome

Download Katalon Recorder for Firefox


In this How-to article, we explored some of the best browser automation extensions available.

These tools will allow you to easily complete forms online, and also to automate many other different tasks.

Speaking of browsers, have you heard of UR Browser? This is an excellent browsing tool to use on your Windows 10 PC, especially in today’s world. UR is a privacy-focused browser that doesn’t track your online activities.

Editor's recommendation
ur browser
  • Fast page loading
  • VPN-level privacy
  • Enhanced security
  • Built-in virus scanner

Please let us know which option you chose and why by using the comment section below.


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