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More often than not, customer care representatives become overwhelmed by the sheer number of queries/ enquiries/ complaints they have to handle per day. This often results in late replies or, at times, outright negligence of certain queries, which is very bad for business.

To curb this menace, adopting automated chat software is your best bet. In this guide, we have compiled some of the best automated chat software in the market.

Ease of interaction with customers is one of the key elements in the growth of any business. And every customer wants unrestrained access to valuable information about a product or service before committing their hard-earned money to purchase such products/services.

An automated chat software is the ideal solution to use in your company. It ensures that all inquiries and complaints are aptly replied in due time. This, by a long stretch, increases the level of customer satisfaction in your business.

Read on, as we bring you short reviews on five of the best automated chat software in the market.

5 automated chat software to satisfy your customers


collectchat automated chat is an automated chat software that uses chat bots to engage site visitors and/or customers in interactive chats, with the aim of providing credible responses to all their queries, complaints or enquiries.

The software’s Zapier integration function enables it to integrate with variety of office (e-commerce, CRM, Instant Messaging) tools like Gmail, Google Sheet, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Xero and more.

Furthermore, is relatively easy to install (and use), as it provides various options for setting up chatbots on your website. The conventional set up process involves copying and pasting the chatbots HTML codes on your website’s source page. Other options involve WordPress plugin and Blog posts/links.

In light of the foregoing, you can either set up the chat bots on your website by embedding the HTML codes or sharing the chatbots directly via Email or Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and others).

Some of the key features of include: Chat bots, Visual dashboards, Templates, Multiple language support, 24/7 customer support, Email notifications, Drag & drop builder, Branding, Logical jump and more. is a leading choice of about 10,000 website/blog owners across the globe. To join this set of subscribers, you can subscribe to one of the four available pricing plans of the software.

The plans include:

  • Free: Free of Charge
  • Lite: $19.00 per month
  • Standard: $39 per Month
  • Plus: $69 per Month

There is also an “Unlimited Plan”, which is specially designed for large corporate enterprises. This plan is available by quote, and you can purchase it by sending an email to sales team.

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chat4support automated chat softwareChat4Support is arguably one of the leading com-solutions in the world of customer service. The software offers a wide range of services to its users, prime among which is instant help/live chat and traffic monitoring.

Chat4support is equipped with the latest in AI technology, which uses a set of pre-set commands to deliver precise, error-free, responses to customers. This way, every piece of information needed by your customers/clients is provided to them within seconds.

Furthermore, this automated chat software hosts a unique functionality that initiates chats with everyone that visits your website. It also directs such visitors to a customer care representative (as required/requested). This ensures that prospective customers are provided access to updated information about your company’s services.

Hence, Chat4Support enhances the seamless conversion of prospects (site visitors) into bonafide customers.

Other services/products offered by Chat4Support include: Search Engine Analysis, Keyword usages, Screen Capture, Multiple Language support, Customizable Button, 24/7 Support, Online Customer support, Chat Transfer and more.

The software is compatible with a host of Windows computer operating systems, ranging from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 7 & above. Although, setting up (downloading and installing) the software on these devices could be a little tricky, there is an easy-to-understand “How-to” guide on their website to assist you all the way.

Chat4Support offers four basic pricing plans to its users; one free version and three paid editions. The Free Edition is offered free of charge, with only basic live chat functionality and a lapse period of 2 months.

Other editions include:

  • Lite: $6.00 per Operator per Month
  • Standard Edition: $19 per Operator per Month
  • Professional Edition: $33 per Operator per Month

Note: The Lite, Standard and Professional editions come with a 5-day free trial.

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botxo automated chat softwareBotXO is another top-rated automated chat software that uses chatbots to provide instant responses to customer enquiries and sales-related queries. It generates quick responses to common questions, and ensure that access to every key piece of information is only a few punches (of keys) away.

In short, Chat4Support ensure that you do not, at any time, keep a customer waiting or worse, miss a sale opportunity.

Chat4Support is flexibly designed to integrate seamlessly with relevant office solutions like Salesforce CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, MailChimp, Messenger, Zendesk, MobilePay and more.

These integrations provide you with a unified platform to serve all your customers’ needs, ranging from products enquiries to sales/purchase to payment.

Key features of BotXO include: AI-powered chatbots, GDPR-compliant data security, Hybrid model (Bot-human), Webforms connectivity, Follow-ups, Notifications (Real-time) Easy API & Webhooks, NLP Multilingual Algorithms (Multiple Language Support), Multi-user accounts, Comprehensive analytics, 24-hour customer support, Live chat (with Arnie) and more.

Of the above outlined features, the “Hybrid model” stands out. This feature uses special algorithms to track the progress of a conversation and transfers such conversation to a customer service agent, where and when required. With this, customer service reps are able to optimize their time by attending to only important, sensitive, queries and enquiries.

BotXO automated chat software offers three major subscription plans to its users. These include “Software Subscription” (€500 per month) and “Enterprise Solution” (custom pricing).

Also, there are special professional services on offer, ranging from “dedicated onboarding” (at €2000 per month) to “managed services” (at €1000 per month).

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helponclick automated chat softwareHelpOnClick is a prominent live chat/help desk software designed to help companies improve interaction with their customers. The most essential component of this software is the inbuilt Virtual Agent, which, on its own, could pass as an automated chat software.

In addition, HelpOnClick’s Virtual Agent enables you to provide instant and credible responses to enquiries (or queries) on your website(s). Also, it initiates chats with every visitor on your website.

Basically, the Virtual Agent adds an “automation” functionality to your website’s live chat feature. This is made possible by the software’s inbuilt chat bots, which use a set of algorithms to generate responses to basic (common) questions.

Furthermore, the automated chat software is fairly easy to use, requiring only downloading and installation, as well as copying and pasting a chatbot’s HTML code on your website. To do all these doesn’t require coding skills, and everything can easily be set up on any device, be it a desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux), smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).

Aside the Virtual Agent chat bots, other basic features of HelpOnClick include: Archives (Chat history), Cross-platform compatibility, Reports, Web traffic monitoring, SSL secure connections and more.

Also, HelpOnClick’s design facilitates its seamlessly integration with a host of Social media, CRM and e-commerce services like Facebook,  Google Analytics, Zen Cart, OpenCart, Salesforce, osCommerce, Zoho, Shopify, Zendesk and more.

Lastly, HelpOnClick services are offered at relatively affordable rates, with an initial offer of a 30-day free trial to (new subscribers). There are two major pricing plans: Starter ($7.2 per month) and Advanced ($11.4 per month).

Note: Only the “Advanced” plan supports automated live chats (Virtual Agent).

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responseque automated chat softwareResponseQue is one of most prominent automated chat software in the market. It is designed to provide credible and quick-time responses to customers’ queries/enquiries on your products, staff and/or partners.

As it stands, ResponseQue is capable of providing automated responses (via live chats) to about 80% of all enquiries on its website.

Essentially, ResponseQue is built to automate your websites’ live chat, thereby providing your customers with better customer support and service delivery. This invariably results in increased customer satisfaction, which is very vital to business growth.

Some of the core features of ResponseQue include: Easy integration, Auto-message routing, Auto Response(s), Quicklinks, Custom Branding, In-depth Analytics & Reports, Notifications (Email), Customized input forms and more.

ResponseQue offers three pricing plans to its users. They include:

  • Basic: $97 per Month
  • Plus: $147 per Month
  • Pro: $167 per Month

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Outlined above are 5 of the best-automated chat software, which have been rated based on key factors like affordability, integrations, ease of use and durability of inherent features.

Feel free to drop your comments in the comments box below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2019 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.