Automated Chat Reply Software for Business: 9 Best to use

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  • The best-automated chat software plays an important part in any business today.
  • An automated chatbot has to be fast but also effective in conveying the correct information.
  • The best-automated chat support on our list is a solution used by over 21,000 support agents daily.
  • Check all our suggested tools as you may find other useful solutions for your company.
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More often than not, customer care representatives become overwhelmed by the sheer number of queries/ inquiries/ complaints they have to handle per day.

This often results in late replies or, at times, outright negligence of certain queries, which is very bad for business.

Ease of interaction with customers is one of the key elements in the growth of any business.

And every customer wants unrestrained access to valuable information about a product or service before committing their hard-earned money to purchase certain products/services.

Automated chat software is the ideal solution to use in your company. It ensures that all inquiries and complaints are aptly replied to in due time.

In the long run, the level of customer satisfaction in your business will surely take a leap forward.

Read on, as we bring you short reviews on five of the best-automated chat software on the market.

Which are the best automated chat tools for your business?


CloudTalk is a cover-all call management service provider geared towards businesses. It’s a suitable, cloud-based, solution for phone sales or call centers.

The software offers a large set of features that can be highly customized in order to create a perfect service for each particular business.

CloudTalk can also be useful for internal calls with its Conference Calls feature. This can help maintain a good level of communication among your company’s agents so that everybody is up-to-date and well-trained.

Customers are really observant of the way a business carries itself and small details can help with creating and maintaining loyalty. This is the reason why the Call Queuing features provided by CloudTalk are very useful. You can create customized call queues, greetings and add your own music that matches your brand identity.

Moreover, you can give interactive information on the waiting time and the number of people in the call.

The software allows you to make call recordings which can be useful in keeping information about customers’ most frequent needs and also to assess the agent’s performance. However, keep in mind that in most locations you are required by law to disclose to all parts when they’re being recorded.

Other features of CloudTalk include:

  • Personalized Voicelmail which can be accesed directy from an Internet browser
  • Number porting
  • Toll-free numbers
  • International numbers
  • Short 5 digit numbers
  • Lets you pick your business hours and set special absence messages or redirections
  • Automatic Text Messages
  • 3 way calling

Cloud Talk is a subscription-based service with various plans. You can try it for free for 14 days.



Communicate efficiently to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.
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Live Agents establishes quick contact between businesses and their customers with over 130 ticketing features and 200+ integrations.

The tool lets you integrate a live chat widget directly into your website. This allows real-time communication between your customers and agents.

The chat has its own automatic chat routing and built-in CRM.

Customers can contact your business from multiple channels, and this tool organizes all messages under one simple ticketing app.

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It lets agents keep track of all conversations and has multiple time-saving options such as automation of repetitive tasks, support for teamwork, and more.

Along with the chat feature, LiveAgent also supports cloud-based phone calls. It offers all options necessary to ensure an efficient customer support process.

LiveAgent supports unlimited call recordings, call transfers, callbacks, IVR, ACD, and video calls.

Other key features of Live Agent include:

  • Fully customizable ticketing platform
  • Incoming message sneak peek
  • Supports ticketing from major social-media platforms, VOIP services, and email applications
  • Integrations of eCommerce platforms

LiveAgent is a subscription-based service. You can try it out for free for 14 days and see how it works for you.

Live Agent

Integrate the chat widget to your website and connect to hundreds of third-platform parties with the ticketing application.
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Freshdesk is a very comprehensive helpdesk solution for business professionals. It is easy to use, coding knowledge isn’t needed. However, they provide the possibility to fully customize the look and layout of the app with CSS and to create and integrate custom apps.

The internal organization of your business is one of the software’s strong points. The dashboard of the app works with a ticketing system that can be highly categorized. This helps agents collaborate and make sure that every task is successfully completed. It is easy to assign tasks, set deadlines, and detect any possible agent collision.

Freshdesk offers its users the possibility to communicate across all platforms. The UI integrates all incoming messages and requests from emails, phone calls, chats, social media messages, websites, and WhatsApp.

On top of that, it offers some automatic solutions. You can set a Chatbot for repetitive questions so your agents can focus on the more demanding tasks. You can also set a Help widget on your website with can automatically suggest solutions for predictable questions.

Other important features of the software include:

  • High security with custom SSL certificates, IP and Network Restrictions
  • Integration of many popular apps like Zoom, Slack, Google Analytics or Github
  • Offers curated reports of agent perofrmance
  • Automatically assigns tickets to agents based on keywords or other pre-established parameters
  • Scheduling dashboard
  • Prevents reopening requests when customers respond with “thank you”

Freshdesk has a pretty limited free version and many different subscription plans. Each plan can be tried with a 21-day free trial.


Keep high-standard communication with your clients across all platforms.
Free Trial Visit website is an automated chat software that uses chatbots to engage site visitors and/or customers in interactive chats, with the aim of providing credible responses to all their queries, complaints, or inquiries.

Benefiting from Zapier integration, Collect. chat easily integrates with a variety of offices (e-commerce, CRM, Instant Messaging) tools like Gmail, Google Sheet, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Xero, and more.

Furthermore, the app is relatively easy to install (and use), as it provides various options for setting up chatbots on your website.

The conventional setup process implies copying and pasting the chatbot’s HTML codes on your website’s source page. Other options involve a WordPress plugin and Blog posts/links.

Notable features of to take into account are: chatbots, visual dashboards, templates, multiple language support, 24/7 customer support, email notifications, drag & drop builder, campaign tracking, custom domain, and more. comes in four subscription plans, including a free one with only a few options. Payment can be made either monthly or on a yearly basis. Once you subscribe, you have a 3-month trial.

Convert your visitors into customers with this highly interactive and user-friendly chat platform.
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Working with LiveChat is the perfect gateway to satisfy all your customers with a sound customer experience.

If you have a business or work in customer service, this all-in-one platform will sustain your communications needs, connecting with thousands of clients using responsive chats.

What’s more, you have multiple possibilities to make the customers loyal using interactive chats, AI forms, or automation chatbots to always respond on time.

You have chat tools to improve customer service for any business. For instance, using # sign to get standard suggestions for discounts, one-click saving for recurrent messages, visible messages from clients before sending.

It’s worth mentioning that AI tools can streamline the interaction with your clients. The automated chatbots can generate new leads and greet customers to never miss a buy.

Other features of LiveChat contain:

  • Customer engagement: targeted messages, eye-catchers, routing rules
  • Chat widget customization
  • Reports & analytics tools
  • Security, encryption
  • 200+ apps integrations
  • Ticketing system
  • Sales and e-commerce


Talk to your beloved customers at any hour using this AI-powered chat software.
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HelpOnClick is a prominent live chat/help desk software designed to help companies improve interaction with their customers.

The inbuilt Virtual Agent, available only in the Advanced paid plan, is an essential component of this software, as it could pass as an automated chat software itself.

The Virtual Agent enables you to provide instant and credible responses to inquiries (or queries) on your website(s). Also, it automatically initiates chats with every visitor on your website.

The software uses inbuilt chatbots, which deploy a set of algorithms to generate responses to basic (common) questions.

Downloading and installation are fairly easy, as is copying and pasting a chatbot’s HTML code on your website.

The software accommodates any device, be it a desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), smartphone, or tablet (iOS and Android).

Other notable features of HelpOnClick include:

  • Archives (Chat history)
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Reports
  • Web traffic monitoring
  • SSL secure connections
  • Seamless integration with a host of Social media, CRM, and e-commerce services like Facebook,  Google Analytics, Zen Cart, OpenCart, Salesforce, osCommerce, Zoho, Shopify, Zendesk.


Engage visitors, improve customer satisfaction, and increase your conversion rate with this fully-featured chat tool.
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BotXO is another top-rated automated chat software that uses chatbots to provide instant responses to customer inquiries and sales-related queries.

It generates quick responses to common questions and ensures that access to every key piece of information is only a few clicks away.

Key features of BotXO include:

  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Hybrid model (Bot-human)
  • Webforms connectivity
  • Follow-ups
  • Notifications (Real-time) Easy API & Webhooks
  • NLP Multilingual Algorithms (Multiple Language Support)
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • 24-hour customer support

The Hybrid model is one unique feature that uses special algorithms to track the progress of a conversation and transfers such conversation to a customer service agent, where and when required.

As a result, customer service reps are able to optimize their time by attending to only important, sensitive, queries, and inquiries.

BotXO automated chat software offers three major subscription plans to its users, each with a two-week trial period.

Get BotXO


Considered one of the most prominent automated chat software on the market, ResponseQue is designed to provide quick-time responses to customers’ queries/inquiries on your products, staff, and/or partners.

As it stands, ResponseQue provides automated responses (via live chats) to about 80% of all inquiries on its website.

Easy integration, Auto-message routing, Auto Response(s), Quicklinks, Custom Branding, In-depth Analytics & Reports, Notifications (Email), Customized input forms are other features of this live customer service app.

ResponseQue offers three pricing plans, each with a generous data storage space which is more than welcome.

Get ResponseQue


Chat4Support is arguably one of the leading com-solutions in the world of customer service. The software offers a wide range of services to its users, including instant help/live chat and traffic monitoring.

Chat4support is equipped with the latest in AI technology, using pre-set commands to deliver precise, error-free, responses to customers. This way, every piece of information needed by your customers/clients is provided within seconds.

Furthermore, this automated chat software hosts a unique functionality that initiates chats with everyone visiting your website, directing them to customer care representatives (as required/requested).

This ensures that prospective customers are provided access to updated information about your company’s services.

Other services/products offered by Chat4Support include:

  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Keyword usages
  • Screen Capture
  • Multiple Language support
  • Customizable Buttons
  • 24/7 Support
  • Online Customer support
  • Chat Transfer

The software is compatible with a host of Windows computer operating systems, ranging from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 7 or later.

Although setting up (downloading and installing) the software on these devices could be a little tricky, there is an easy-to-understand How-to guide on their website to assist you all the way.

Chat4Support offers four basic pricing plans to its users; one free version and three paid editions.

Get Chat4Support

We’ve rated these five automated chat software based on key factors like affordability, integrations, ease of use, and durability of inherent features.

Feel free to drop your suggestions on this topic in the comments box below.

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