5 best automated proofreading software [2021 Guide]

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  • If you want to write error-free content, then you need the best automated proofreading software.
  • Below we provide you with an AI-based tool that checks text for even the smallest mistakes.
  • Another program helps you write better English while proofreading texts efficiently.
  • You'll also find a software here that checks and corrects the content of scanned PDF files.
What are the best automated proofreading software

Content is everywhere. Whether it’s an online business or a blog, in video or word format, powerful content is what keeps them running. To create effective content, the writer must focus on quality. While it should be original content with a solid subject matter, it should also be error free.

To write content free of errors is not humanly possible and therefore, many users prefer using an integrated spell-checker. However, these built-in tools are only as effective.

These tools can pick up only a few mistakes, overlooking the major concerns. That’s when the advanced grammar checker tools like an automated proofreading software come handy.

These software programs ensure clean and effective content in the minimum possible time. So, here’s a quick list of some of the best automated proofreading software for high-quality content.

What are the best automated proofreading tools?


Grammarly simplifies the entire writing process with its AI-based technology. After checking the content for even the smallest of mistakes, it generates a bold and clear copy minus any errors. Whether the content is for a blog or a website, or for Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, it makes corrections to all content.

The correction level offered is beyond just grammar and spelling check. The software also highlights the style, tone, and also offers suggestions for the right words. It’s a perfect tool to eliminate errors, as well as for the right sentence structure.

From grammar, spellings, vocabulary, or punctuation to conciseness and formality, it covers all. Best of all, Grammarly can be added to Chrome for free, for instant correction. Grammarly is also available as an extension on Edge on Windows 10.



If you want to have the best online grammar spelling teacher you must take Grammarly into consideration.

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Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger Grammar Checker is another leading automated proofreading software that helps users write better English while correcting texts, efficiently.

It can be used for grammar and spelling mistakes, and for words used wrongly, and does it with unbeaten perfection. The software refines the content just as would someone would do it manually.

From mistakes in syntax to punctuation errors, Ginger Grammar Checker ensures error-free English writing. It offers correction for a wide range of grammatical errors. Unlike the usual free grammar check tools, Ginger offers suggestions for corrections apart from pulling up the mistakes.

Whether the errors are related to singular vs plural, or there are mistakes in tenses, the software uses innovative technology to identify and correct with perfection. It offers one of the easiest and the fastest ways to check grammatical mistakes.

Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger Grammar Checker

Download Ginger for seamless grammar checking on all possible applications on your PC.


For those working with PDFs on a daily basis (especially for business users), Nuance is a perfect choice. It helps businesses to regulate their PDF processes in each department and for any use.

It helps them build, convert, and collect industry-level PDF documents with high-level perfection, and with cloud and DMS connectivity. It also comes equipped with plenty of useful features that help users edit, search, and share PDF files, securely.

It also works as an automated grammar checker software, that proofreads and corrects scanned PDF file contents after changing to searchable PDF. Users can also view and rectify OCR results that can’t be viewed or edited by other PDF software programs.

The software allows users to convert paper content to PDF more precisely. It basically generates high-quality and more professional-looking documents without any errors.



Nuance is not only the perfect regulator for PDF documents but also a great automated grammar checker.

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Whitesmoke comes with a set of completely in-built, and advanced English writing tools. It helps identify several errors that have been missed in the previous searches.

The software is easy to use and comes with a remodeled design and proven enhanced efficiency levels. It’s redesigned from the scratch to boost performance and offer added details on individual errors.

The best part is, the packages for this software comes equipped with plenty of features and updates on contents. It offers superior quality proofreading skills by correcting the smallest of mistakes including spelling mistakes, word choices, and style mistakes.

The software is known for its grammatical power and its advantages using its innovative technology.

The products offered by the brand are based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. It features exclusive and patented AI and algorithms for content evaluation.

The products are available as browser-based text editors, and specialized OEM versions developed for integration with 3rd party service providers.

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For those looking for a robust automated proofreading software, GrammarBase is the solution. The website offers an advanced option like manual proofreading by experts who help polish the content by removing any errors.

The best part is, they can deliver the results in flat 3 hours. Moreover, the services offered by this software is much reasonably priced than any other similar software in the market.

GrammarBase is also available as Chrome extension where it automatically checks, grammar spelling and style in the browser. It strengthens the writer’s English writing skills while they are on the web creating content.

This writing app is available on the browser for free as web extension and helps correct all errors related to grammar, spelling, and styles the text content. Best use of it is while composing emails, business letters, comments on posts, status updates, and tweets.

Creating error-free text content is no more a challenge, especially with these applications around. So, get one of these super effective automated proofreading software programs today, and improve your English writing skills.

Impress your clients and get noticed for your writing prowess.

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