How to fix Baldur’s Gate 3 common bugs [PC & Stadia]

by Teodor Nechita
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 has just been released into Early Access, and users have been reporting a lot of bugs.
  • This is to be expected from a game that is still in active development, and more will most likely come in the future.
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Baldur's gate 3 frequent bugs

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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Early Access was first launched on October 6 2020 at around 10 PM PST, and it literally broke records.

At first, Steam broke down because it couldn’t handle the sudden surge of purchases.

Afterwards, most streaming services like Twitch were overcrowded with people broadcasting Baldur’s Gate 3 walkthroughs.

Lastly, the CEO of Larian wanted to remind everyone that this is not the official launch of the game, but rather the Early Access, so bugs, issues and crashes are to be expected.

On that note, we’ve decided to create a list of the most common bugs and issues that players have been encountering.

Remember that the game is available on Google Stadia, Steam, and GOG, so some bugs and issues may only be platform-specific or console specific.

What are the most frequent issues in Baldur’s Gate 3?

1. Steam is overloaded

The surge of players either buying or playing Baldur’s Gate 3 is still high, even days after launch, so Steam-related issues seem to be quite common, such as long response times, or no responses at all.


Since this is a temporary issue that has nothing to do with the game itself, you have one of three options:

  • Buy the game from GOG if you’re a PC gamer
  • Wait a bit longer until the hype has lessened and try again
  • Try to buy and/or play the game at less active hours in your region

2. Steam purchases stuck on pending

This particular issue is somewhat related to the one above, and it may be caused by server overloads.


Besides the solutions mentioned above, there is a way to force Steam to handle your order faster:

  • Launch Steam
  • Right-click on the Steam button
  • Go to Settings and select View account details
  • Select View purchase history
  • Navigate to your Baldurs Gate 3 entry
  • Select Cancel purchase, and then confirm your choice

Doing this will cancel the purchase and allow you to rebuy the game and install it. Worked for me

3. Black screen/launch failure on Windows 7

Many Windows 7 users reported that they either get a black screen or a launch failure when trying to run the game.

Admittedly, even the game’s minimum system requirements state that you should be running Windows 10 as an OS if you want to run it.


In the case of this issue, the solution is pretty self-explanatory: the user needs to upgrade his OS if he wants to play Baldur’s Gate 3.

To learn more about upgrading your OS, check out this detailed article.

4. Multiplayer crashes when using Vulkan

Many users have reported issues with their multiplayer games during combat, as it can sometimes lead to crashes, but only if they are using Vulkan.


One solution that was confirmed to work for many was installing DirectX 11 instead of Vulkan

5. Multiplayer crashes the game on Stadia

While players have no problem playing the single-player mode while on Google Stadia, the same cannot be said bout those that want to play in Co-Op with their friends.

For some reason, multiplayer matches are plagued by frequent crashes.


Unfortunately, this issue can only be fixed via either a patch to Baldur’s Gate 3 or update to Google Stadia, both of which involve you having to just wait it out and avoid multiplayer games for a while.

This is a wrap-up of all of the most important bugs and issues that Baldur’s Gate 3 players have encountered so far.

Keep in mind that the game is still in Early Access after all and that such issues are to be expected, and not frowned upon.

In fact, you can even contribute to the game’s development with constructive feedback that can make the game’s Early Access period shorter, and the end-result better.

What bugs and issues did you encounter while playing Baldur’s Gate 3?

Don’t forget to let the developers know of them, and you can also share them with us in the comments section below as well.

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