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Pinterest is a great website to share images on, allowing users to set up boards that include an image collection. As such, it’s a visual bookmarking tool for saving pictures directly from the web.

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t include a batch download option to save selected images or albums to a hard drive folder. Something like this would come in handy for users who have lots of photos to save, Nevertheless, you can still download multiple Pinterest images in batches with a few browser extensions and desktop software.

Batch Download Pictures With Image Downloader

The first extension to note is Image Downloader for Google Chrome. This is an extension that enables you to select multiple images on website pages to download in a single batch.

  • Open this web page to add Image Downloader to Chrome. Image Downloader adds the extension shown directly below to Chrome’s toolbar.
  •  Open one of your boards in Pinterest.

  • Click the Image Downloader button on the toolbar to open the extension.

  • Doing that displays all the pictures on the page, including those saved to your Pinterest board. To filter out images that aren’t saved to your board, enter ‘media cache’ in the Filter by URL text box.

  • Select the Pinterest board thumbnail images displayed there with the cursor. Or, you can click the Select all option instead.
  • Press the Download button to save the selected photos to your folder. You can edit where they download to by entering an alternative subfolder in the extension’s path text box.
  • To further configure the extension, you can right-click its toolbar button and select Options. That will open the tab below that includes a few configuration settings for the add-on.

Batch Download Pinterest Boards With PinDown

PinDown is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to download a full image collection within a Pinterest board. You can download up to 250 pictures per album with PinDown Free, with no restrictions in the full version that retails for $0.99. Open this web page to add the extension to your browser:

  • When you first install PinDown, configure Chrome’s settings before using the PinDown tab that opens. (Note that you’ll also need to restart the browser after installing PinDown.)
  • Open one of your Pinterest boards in Chrome. Then, the PinDown toolbar icon will include a small number highlighting how many pinned images an album includes as shown directly below.

  • Click the PinDown extension button to save the album to your HDD.
  • You can enter an alternative title for the Pinterest picture subfolder in the text box shown below. However, you can’t enter alternative folder paths for the subfolder.

  • Press the Let’s rock! button to save the Pinterest board to the download folder.

Batch Download Pinterest Pictures With Image Picker

b PinDown and Image Downloader are Chrome extensions, Firefox users can batch download Pinterest pictures with Image Picker. This extension is pretty similar to Image Downloader as it enables you to select multiple pictures on a page and download them in a batch. Press + Add to Firefox button on this web page to install the add-on and restart the browser.

  • You might need to manually add the Pick Images button to Firefox’s toolbar. Click the Open menu button, at the top right of the browser, and select Customize to open the tab below.

  • Drag the Image Picker button onto the browser’s toolbar. Press Exit Customize to finish customizing the toolbar.
  • Open your Pinterest board in Firefox and click the Pick Images button to open the extension’s window as below.

  • Press the Show All button to include all the album’s images. Then, you can select the board pictures to download.
  • Press the Browse button to choose a folder directory to save the files to.
  • Click Save to download the Pinterest photos.

The Pinterest Downloader Software

Pinterest Downloader is desktop software alternative to the browser extensions covered in this article. This program lists all your board pictures with thumbnails for album previews. You can batch download Pinterest photos with that software by entering your user name in a text box, selecting the images and pressing the Download button. Clicking the the Download button on this website page adds a 7-day trial version of the program to Windows.

Those extensions and programs provide most the options you’ll need to batch download lots of Pinterest pictures. Although PinDown and Pinterest Downloader only support and, you can batch download pictures from any site with Image Picker and Image Downloader.

This Windows Report guide also tells you about some of the desktop software you can batch download multiple pictures with. Check it out!


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