Once upon a time, Norton LifeLock and Comcast had a fruitful partnership. But their lucrative collaboration was abruptly terminated at the beginning of 2021, leaving Xfinity users with a lot of questions and just as much skepticism regarding their protection.

As it’s often the case, when one door shuts, another one opens. So what is this mysterious new virus protection for Comcast customers?


What is Xfinity replacing Norton with?

With Norton antivirus for Xfinity customers out of the way, Comcast promotes its proprietary digital security solution. The xFi Advanced Security suite is available to users who lease an Xfinity Gateway and (optionally) a Comcast router.

We say it’s optional since there are plenty of routers that work well will Comcast and you can just as easily go for an alternative.

With easy connection via the Xfinity app or directly via the xFi website, this cybersecurity tool operates at the gateway level, thus extending its protection to your entire network and all the devices connected to it.

As promising as it may seem, Internet security for Comcast customers has its drawbacks. From minor hiccups to insurmountable befalls, there is no shortage of examples.

But there is no need to stray so far to justify the necessity of a full-scale antivirus for Xfinity customers. Sometimes, the most obvious reason is also the most important one.

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is not really an antivirus program.

Do I need an antivirus if I have Xfinity Internet? For those of you who were in doubt, this basic explanation should suffice as clarification.

Now, we are not discrediting Xfinity’s cyber defense solution. If anything, it’s a useful tool capable of securing your home network without hindering speed or performance since it’s deployed at the gateway level and not directly on your PC.

Nevertheless, it is more of a network firewall and not an antivirus for Comcast customers. Consequently, it cannot possibly protect your device against the polymorphic and increasingly sophisticated pool of nastiness that the World Wide Web throws in your direction.

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Here are the criteria on which we focused in order to pick the best antivirus for Xfinity customers:

➡ Modular architecture that allows for seamless collaboration with Xfinity’s proprietary security solution
➡ End-to-end versatility (cross-platform compatibility to cover devices running on different OSs and support for simultaneous connections)
➡ Impeccable virus detection rates (100% accuracy is desirable, but anything close to it should be good enough as long as false positives rates are kept in check)
➡ Focus on device performance (small system footprint, less resource-intensive scans, and smooth updates + optimization booster tools)
➡ Plenty of customization options for scans, notifications, and setup
➡ Remediation and reconciliation features to harmonize different software running in parallel, optimize security settings and endorse a fruitful, cooperation-based relationship at the system level
➡ Bonus features (privacy-focused tools, anti-hacking modules, and so on that balance the price/value ratio)

What is the best antivirus that works with Comcast?

ESET Internet Security

  • Multi-layer defense against sophisticated threats
  • Advanced network protection system
  • Ransomware, viruses and malware shields
  • Highly customizable scanning options
  • Smooth software cooperation with no interferences
  • It does not provide a VPN tool for traffic encryption.

Norton antivirus for Xfinity customers is no longer an addition you can take for granted with this ISP. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you replace it with a robust security alternative.

You could say that ESET Internet Security is at the right place at the right time, but that would imply it all comes down to hazard. And this legendary antivirus is anything but fortuitous, leaving nothing at all to chance.

From device to network and data privacy protection, this best antivirus for Xfinity customers covers everything with impeccable efficiency while fitting neatly in your overall security design.

Your trusted home security partner is committed to delivering fine-tuned defensive solutions that perfectly match a modern user’s needs.

Thus, you can pair ESET Internet Security with all your devices and enjoy a seamless collaboration with the Xfinity provider from the very first moment of deployment.

ESET’s innovative infrastructure allows for a smooth, interference-free cohabitation with numerous apps, programs, and modules and its adaptive approach gathers recognition from satisfied subscribers all over the world, regardless of the combination they run.

For instance, many users recommend ESET as one of the best antiviruses to use with NordVPN and this is a scenario we also tested and are pleased to confirm it works without huge amounts of tweaking.

Speaking of the infamous VPN vs antivirus saga, you might find these tips on how to react if your antivirus blocks your VPN solution useful.

This best antivirus for Xfinity customers allows tools to work smarter together thanks to its tailored scans and overall lightweight infrastructure that does not drain your system’s resources.

From smooth product updates to discreet notifications that adapt to your style and preferences, ESET is built to put your needs first.

Thus, you can run full system scans if you prefer to or you can scan specific items or file types such as your registry, your memory, WMI, and so on.

You can even scan while downloading files or when your PC is in idle state, which takes even more pressure off your computing power.

This satisfactory blend of cutting-edge defense, versatile architecture and performance-enhancing tools make for nothing less than the perfect embodiment of how innovative technology can work for you, rather than against you.

Bitdefender Total Security

  • Comprehensive performance-enhancing tools
  • Advanced threat detection system
  • Mic, webcam, password and social network protection
  • Network surveillance and sanitization modules
  • Multi-layered defense + vulnerability assessment
  • It's mostly suitable for high specs PC with newer generation CPUs.

Similar to ESET, Bitdefender takes great pride in its dual nature. It’s as fierce when it comes to crushing bugs as it is delicate with your system’s resources.

Known for achieving the impossible, Bitdefender Total Security is the one solution that thrives where many others fail miserably and it has managed to deliver the best protection against infections while maintaining the lowest possible impact on performance.

Was this thought holding you back? You can put your mind at ease knowing that even if it’s deployed directly on your machine and not at gateway level like xFi Advanced Security, you will still enjoy a smooth and ultra-secure digital experience with uncompromised speed and productivity.

In fact, there is an impressive performance optimization suite that comes with this best antivirus for Xfinity customers.

These tools will enhance your system’s capacities and further improve boot time and cut down on loading times while the One-Click optimizer will make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Besides its advanced machine learning-driven defensive mechanisms, Bitdefender relies on a strong remediation engine that will promptly eliminate incompatibility causes.

Furthermore, this feature reconciles feisty software and streamlines erratic security settings in order to encourage a transparent and enjoyable collaboration that benefits your device as well as your network.

Speaking about network protection, there are countless security options to rely on including a Privacy Firewall which basically eliminates the need to run Xfinity’s proprietary gateway solution.

Needless to say that running two security software with the same capacities at the same time is not desirable. By sticking to Bitdefender, you remove the potential for conflictual scenarios to unfold at a later time.

This Xfinity antivirus for PC relies on advanced AI to detect, neutralize and remove viruses, but also to anticipate threats before they even get the chance to approach your network, device, or digital assets.

With such an impressive portfolio to boast protection-wise, you might imagine that Bitdefender Total Security is a handful to manage and configure appropriately. Don’t worry, it’s anything but difficult to apprehend.

Plus, we were pleased to observe that its advanced defensive mechanisms do not turn it into an overzealous application that frantically blocks legitimate processes and tasks in an attempt to turn your system into a sterile, closed environment.

Speaking about overprotective apps, xFi Advanced Security tends to randomly blacklist software and it seems to have a predilection for waging war against Family Tree Maker.

You can say goodbye to such trivial issues with Bitdefender and freely enjoy the best family tree software or further explore your ancestry heritage by installing the best genogram makers.

Norton Antivirus Plus

  • Built-in password management system
  • Effective proactive defense against emergent threats
  • Smart firewall to block suspicious traffic
  • Secure Cloud storage for your sensitive files and data
  • Advanced anti-ransomware mechanisms
  • Privacy-focused tools such as webcam defense and VPN are not included in this version.

Norton antivirus for Xfinity customers may no longer be part of this ISP’s default package, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy its top-rated protection.

All it takes is activating the subscription directly from the provider. By doing so, you will activate a multi-layered defensive shield for your device and the data on it.

Norton’s real-time protection is well equipped to take on common viruses as well as sophisticated threats that emerge as we speak.

The company developed a robust Online Threat Protection system that anticipates menacing presences long before they get the chance to approach your device.

From deceitful phishing attempts to full-on aggressive malware and other advanced nuisances such as ransomware and cleverly disguised spyware, nothing can slip past Norton’s sentinels.

In fact, they are so convinced of this antivirus’ efficiency that they commit to refunding your purchase 100% should you contract a virus that they cannot remove.

We must confess that we simply love this confident approach and we can see why it’s so reassuring for users worldwide.

This antivirus for Xfinity customers relies on cutting-edge technologies that combine advanced machine learning with AI in order to deliver the ultimate defensive shield for your device and data without forsaking your network.

Norton Antivirus Plus comes with a smart firewall that constantly monitors traffic from and to your PC and instantly blocks unauthorized connection attempts or suspicious communications.

And it does not stop there. Since ransomware attacks seem to be on the rise and constantly evolving, this Xfinity antivirus for PC found a way to stay one step ahead.

Thus, it comes with 2GB of secure cloud storage to keep your data protected against abusive encryption, hard drive failure, or device theft.

We also appreciated the built-in password manager that allows you to store all your confidential credentials in a secure online vault, far beyond the reach of profit-seeking hackers.

Malwarebytes Premium

  • Real-time AI-powered protection
  • Multi-layered defense against the most advanced threats
  • Automatic malware and PUP removal
  • Scans for viruses faster
  • There is still room for improvement when it comes to built-in privacy-dedicated tools.

We all know (and love) Malwarebytes as the trusted malware scanner we run every once in a while to make sure our devices are squeaky clean.

It’s the consecrated, go-to tool that succeeds whenever traditional antiviruses fail. But did you know that you can get real-time protection from this provider as well?

That’s right, Malwarebytes Premium delivers end-to-end protection against the most advanced threats, including malware, software exploits, harmful websites, ransomware attacks, and much more.

In fact, this antivirus for Xfinity customers runs its defensive shield in real-time and can automatically detect and neutralize anything and everything from bots, rootkits, spyware, trojans, rogues, worms, and that list could go on and on.

Thanks to its 24/7 AI-based protection, you will be instantly alerted in case you accidentally click on a harmful link while its malware scanner will make sure to remove malware infection before it spreads.

It not only scans viruses faster but also acts swiftly and discreetly without slowing you down.

Another aspect we particularly enjoyed is its software-tolerant design that allows for seamless cohabitation between third-party antiviruses and Malwarebytes to enhance your defense.

Its high compatibility is backed up by a PUP removal tool that further improves your system’s performance without disrupting your flow.

You might have discovered this solution a moment too late. Many Xfinity users are confronted with internet access issues even though they are technically online.

Comcast Internet connected but not working cases can be attributed to router misconfiguration, faulty cables, and such just as much as they can be triggered by malware infection.

All it takes is a restart in Safe Mode, followed by a scan with Malwarebytes to take this potential culprit off the list and carry on with your troubleshooting. We’re happy to say it worked for us!

Kaspersky Standard

  • Protection against all types of malware
  • Built-in firewall
  • Performance optimization
  • Rescue disk feature
  • User interface could be better

If you need a reliable antivirus for your Xfinity connection, then you might be interested in Kaspersky Standard. The software offers protection against all types of viruses, malware, and ransomware out of the box.

In addition to real-time protection, the software also has a Safe Browsing feature that will protect you against malicious websites. Anti-phishing protection is available, so you can rest assured that your login data is perfectly safe at all times.

Speaking of protection, there’s a built-in firewall that will prevent unauthorized applications from accessing the Internet. The software also has a network attack blocker that will detect and block any direct attacks on your PC.

Kaspersky Antivirus also has a rootkit scanner, so it can find and remove malware that is deeply hidden in your device. And if your PC is infected, there’s a Rescue Disk feature that you can use to boot from it and remove malware.

Lastly, there’s an application vulnerability scan that can detect any apps that can be exploited by malware. The software also has stalking protection, so you’ll know if there’s software that’s spying on you.

Speaking of which, you can also block your webcam and microphone with Kaspersky. The software also has keylogger protection, so you can rest assured that everything you type is safe from hackers.

Lastly, there’s a payment protection feature that uses a bank-grade browser to ensure that all your transactions are perfectly safe.

Overall, Kaspersky Standard offers great features to Xfinity customers, so it’s worth checking out.

Does Xfinity have free antivirus?

We are not really into long and fancy speeches that say nothing at all in the end. So, to put this quarrel to rest once and for all, here’s a plain answer. Does Xfinity have built-in antivirus? It does not.

What they propose is a home network protection suite with firewall capabilities. Needless to say that antiviruses and firewalls are both necessary and useful tools to own and deploy.

While some features may occasionally overlap, they essentially serve different purposes and tackle different security concerns.

Do I still need virus protection with Xfinity?

However effective, no program is 100% accurate and Xfinity’s Security suite makes no exception. Thus, some viruses are bound to slip past the defensive gateway-based lines and infiltrate your device.

This is where we step in. The QA team here, at WindowsReport, searched long and hard and spared no effort in order to compile this selection of the very best antiviruses for Xfinity customers.

From stress testing to specs comparison, brand analysis, and extensive research, no method was left out.

We deployed all the security solutions listed here and thoroughly measured CPU consumption when performing various tasks, reaction time to different threats, duration and difficulty of installation, and much more.

Thus, we truly believe that the chosen few antiviruses herein presented offer nothing less than the best price-value ratio.

If you aim to protect your device from nasty viruses and other recalcitrant threats, an antivirus for Xfinity customers is the way to go.

So don’t procrastinate and get yourself the best antivirus for Comcast customers sooner rather than later.

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