Best backlit keyboards to buy [2020 Guide]

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What are the best-backlit keyboards to buy?

  1. Logitech K800
  2. TeckNet Ultra-Slim backlit keyboard
  3. EagleTec KG011 LED Backlit Mechanical keyboard
  4. Azio KB506 Large Print Tri-Color Backlit wired keyboard
  5. UtechSmart Saturn backlit keyboard
  6. Perixx PX-1100, Red/Blue/Purple backlit keyboard
  7. Azio Levetron L70 LED backlit gaming keyboard (KB501)
  8. Logitech K740
  9. Masione Multi-color Multimedia USB wired LED backlit gaming keyboard
  10. Genius E-sport LED backlit keyboard

Most modern-day laptop computers come with backlit keyboards. Apart from their stunning looks, backlit keyboards play an important role as well—making it easier for you to work uninterrupted regardless of the level of light in the room. The lights are unobtrusive in well-lit rooms, but at night or in a dim setting, they illuminate the keys making it possible for you to work well throughout the night.

Due to their overriding role at illuminating the keys, backlit keyboards have become an important part of desktop computers too. Today, backlit keyboards serve as peripherals for desktops and their preeminent role has caused them to acquire a significant market share.

So if you are planning on burning the midnight oil to complete a project, one of these backlit keyboards might be your lifebuoy. Check out our list of top-rated backlit keyboards in the market today.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag may vary as some of the discounts may no longer be available by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button while the discount is on.

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The top backlit keyboards to buy

Logitech K800 (recommended)

backlit_keyboards_logitech_k800_uk_layoutDesigned to provide fluid, quiet, and flawless typing, the Logitech K800 wireless illuminated keyboard delivers a brilliant typing experience irrespective of the room lightings. The K800 doesn’t have distracting light around the keys. Instead, the characters are laser-etched and only the letters are backlit to provide precise illumination in dark and dimly lit rooms.

The K800 features a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection, eliminating the need for wires. It also pairs easily with other Logitech devices via a single Unifying USB receiver. No disposable batteries are needed to power the keyboard. The included micro-USB delivers quick charging and a single charge can keep it running for up to 10 days.

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TeckNet Ultra-Slim backlit keyboard (suggested)

best_backlit_keyboards_technet1A keyboard that looks great and works well is hard to find, especially at a give-away price. But the TeckNet Ultra-slim illuminated Bluetooth wireless keyboard packs it all. At only 4mm thick, it’s lighter than a standard magazine yet decent enough to carry along. It features sharp brightly lit characters that make it easy to read in low light environment.

To conserve energy, the illuminated keys dim automatically when you move away from the keyboard and brighten once you return. It is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device that has support for external keyboards including PC, Mac, Chrome OS, and mobile devices.

EagleTec KG011 LED Backlit Mechanical keyboard

Backlit keyboardsNot only is the Eagle KG011 backlit keyboard over-engineered, but also elegantly designed with heavy-duty aluminum and ABS construction materials. Perfect for office and industrial applications, the KG011 comes with blue LED backlighting. The illumination can be switched on/off and adjusted for brightness as well as for breathing effect.

It’s also built with custom mechanical switches that are highly durable. The mechanical keys are highly responsive with an audible click sound, tactile bump feedback, and medium resistance. The blue LED adjustable lighting and the molded keycaps deliver crystal clear backlighting so you can have a blur-free experience.

Azio KB506 Large Print Tri-Color Backlit wired keyboard

Azio backlit keyboardsThe Azio KB505U backlit keyboard provides an easy solution for those who seek extra help seeing keyboard keys in low light. Unlike in other backlit keyboards, the KB505U comes with large print keys that help to reduce eyestrain and promote productivity. It gives the user full control over the lightings and the backlight can be cycled through three different colors (Red, Blue, or Purple) to suit your style or preference. It also has an inbuilt multimedia and quick-access hotkeys. The Azio KB505U has garnered more than 3000 positive customer reviews on Amazon, making it one of the top-rated backlit keyboards.

UtechSmart Saturn backlit keyboard

utechsmart_saturn_backlit_keyboardPerfect for gaming, the UtechSmart Saturn is a multicolor backlight keyboard that features adjustable brightness and automatic breathing transition features. The illumination sparkles brightly and you can choose the color of your choice from the 3 available colors i.e. Red, Green, or Blue.

If you like color combinations, the Marquee features available come with 9 sets of LED light combinations. It also comes with 12 media keys that give you quick access to your apps and settings. You can even disable the Windows and context menu keys to prevent accidental interruptions when playing games.

Perixx PX-1100, Red/Blue/Purple backlit keyboard

best_backlit_keyboards_perixx_px_1100Perixx PX-1100 combines an iconic design with user-friendly features and dazzling illumination from the Blue, Red, and Purple LED backlit keys. You can adjust the level of brightness to match your room’s lighting requirements using the inbuilt brightness control wheel.

The Perixx PX-1100 has rubber coated keys which are soft and quiet, precisely intended to give you better friction and flawless typing. Each key has a life cycle of 20 million clicks which is more than what you’ll find in most modern backlit keyboards. It’s also heavier than you would expect but that’s because it’s made of heavy and quality materials.

Azio Levetron L70 LED backlit gaming keyboard (KB501)

Best_backlit_keyboards_Azio_levetron_L70The Azio L70 gaming keyboard comes with all the features you would want to transform your gaming experience. The Blue LED illumination increases visibility in dark rooms and the Multi-key Roll-Over feature ensures that al keys register correctly when gaming. It’s one of the few backlit keyboards that come with a volume adjustment knob for quick volume adjustment.

The knob is strategically placed so you can adjust the volume even without pausing the game. Each key has a life cycle of 10 million clicks which is more than you’d need. Other features include Windows start key lock and a detachable palm rest.

Logitech K740

best_backlit_keyboards_logitech_k740The Logitech K740 comes with bright, laser-etched, backlit keys that provide character illumination needed to give you flawless typing. You can manually adjust the brightness with three illumination levels to match your lighting needs. Only the characters are illuminated so there won’t be any lighting around the keys that might disrupt you.

Its sleek design gives it a sense of appeal and the transparent frame makes it look futuristic. The keyboard also features Logitech’s exclusive PerfectStroke Key System and a soft touch palm rest which together makes typing comfortable, fluid, and quiet.

Masione Multi-color Multimedia USB wired LED backlit gaming keyboard

best_backlit_keyboards_masioneThe Masione backlit keyboard is designed for high-intensity gaming, allowing up to 19 keys to be pressed together without crashing the game or causing it to slow down. Keys are backlit with LED illumination and there are 3 adjustable levels of brightness and a wide color palette of up to 7 colors.

The backlit characters are highly visible at night. The keys are made of sturdy ABS plastic for prolonged longevity. The efficient waterproof design is contemporary, and the back is also crafted with super drain holes to keep the keyboard dry at all times.

Genius E-sport LED backlit keyboard

backlit_keyboards_genius_esportAlso designed for gaming, the Genius E-sport keyboard combines an ergonomic design with spectacular features for gaming enthusiasts. It comes with 10 multimedia keys, up to 12 shortcuts key setting, 113 standard keys, and key lock for a seamless gaming experience. You can press up to 26 keys without causing the game to crash. The illumination is highly adjustable with 7 colors to choose from and you can also turn the backlit off to look like a normal keyboard. Each key has a lifespan of 10 million clicks so it’s designed to serve you for a lifetime.

The Verdict

When the physical designs of keyboards may vary greatly, there are two varieties of backlit keyboards that you should know before buying: Those that are designed to help you easily see the keys and those designed to have an aesthetic appeal. The former category feature keys that illuminate in white light and often the keycaps grow when illumination is activated. These are the kinds that are suited for office productivity and you can find them on Amazon.

The later group of backlit keyboards illuminates with multiple colors and the entire keyboard tends to glow rather than the characters. This is a feature you will find in most, if not in all gaming keyboards. Therefore, it is important to define the purpose of the keyboard before buying so that you don’t compromise productivity at the expense of great looks.

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