5 best mechanical keyboard deals to grab on Cyber Monday

What is a reasonable price for a mechanical keyboard? Now is your chance to find out

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  • Many wonder: are mechanical keyboards actually better?
  • They can be a bit noisy, but their keypresses are firm and precise. Plus, they are a lot sturdier than the classic digital keyboards.
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Mechanical keyboard windows 11 keyboard double typing

For someone who’s sensitive about their keypad, a mechanical keyboard sets the bar high in just about every way.

Mechanical keyboards are a lot more sturdy and reliable and the keypresses are precise. The clicking sounds are not everybody’s game but the quality of the switches surpasses any such downside.

Usually, mechanical keyboards are designed for gaming just because of the attributes mentioned above but you will also find them excellent for typing and any other job.

What are the advantages of a mechanical keyboard?

As we’ve already mentioned, the clicking sound of a mechanical keyboard is a clear disadvantage and for a long period, the old switches disappeared in favor of their silent, digital counterparts.

However, the new mechanical switches are a lot better in any aspect but mostly because of their firm and precise contact.

Another downside of the old keys was the long actuation distance and resistance but now, the presses can be smooth, with only a 1.2 – 1.5 mm push distance.

And if the click sound is a bit annoying for most of us when typing, this can turn into an advantage in gaming where the sound translates as a clear action.

That being said, we’ve compiled the best mechanical keyboard deals, so you have an easy time selecting an accessory that fits your liking.

If you’ve changed your mind about the type, you can always visit our keyboards buying guide category and select the best deals from there.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product or offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

What is the best mechanical keyboard in 2022?

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SteelSeries Apex 7

  • OLED Smart Display
  • USB passthrough and media controls
  • Tactile and clicky
  • RGB Backlit
  • The backlit brightness can be considered low

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming and SteelSeries Apex 7 checks all the boxes for durability and play and the OLED Smart Display can provide all the information you need.

The frame is produced from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and that makes it sturdy enough to last years from now without a dent.

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Note that the backlight RGB illumination can be customized with 16.8 million colors per key which provide an amazing level of personalization for any game or mood.

In the box, you will also find a magnetic wrist rest with full palm support and a comfortable, ergonomic feel for long gaming sessions.

And if we’re talking about the keys, they are guaranteed 50 million keypresses and they can be exchanged depending on your needs.

The red switches provide a smooth motion, the blue switches offer clicky snap-action keypresses, and the brown switches come with a soft tactile feel.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit (multiple lighting effects, colors, modes, adjustable brightness levels, and breathing speed)
  • Anti-ghosting TKL keys
  • Ergonomic, splash-proof design with durable metal-abs mechanical keys
  • 12 multimedia keyboard keys
  • Keys could be a bit larger

The Redragon K552 model brings you everything you could want from a mechanical keyboard and more.

TKL-compatible, with dust-proof mechanical switches that guarantee silent and speedy typing without the bump feel, this compact keyboard really has it all.

Optimized for gaming, Redragon K552 has an ergonomic design to keep your gameplay comfortable.

It’s splash-proof, Rainbow LED RGB backlit with 19 different lighting effects and multiple brightness levels for accurate typing even during the most intense gaming sessions.

All 87 keys feature anti-ghosting and there are even 12 multimedia keyboard keys included with a corrosion-free USB port for endless entertainment.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

  • Rapidfire mechanical keys
  • USB passthrough & media controls
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame
  • Multi-color RGB backlighting
  • MX Cherry switches
  • The keys can come out too easy

If you’re looking for a long-run gaming keyboard, Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 can be the ideal choice because the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame was built to last.

Besides its obvious design appeal, this keyboard comes with Cherry MX Speed mechanical key switches that provide great accuracy with a fast 1.2-millimeter actuation.

And if you’re lacking any ports, the USB pass-through port has got you covered with an additional USB port for your mouse or headset.

About the backlighting, you will benefit from the Corsair iCUE software that enables dynamic control, macro programming, and synchronization with other peripherals from the same producer.

A detachable soft-touch wrist rest will help you enjoy your games without interruptions for long online sessions.

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

  • In-built N-Key rollover
  • Performant switches with audible feedback
  • 2 X USB 3.0 and 10 X USB 2.0 ports
  • Oversized volume knob
  • Issues with the magnetic ruler

The brilliance employed in its smallest details makes one marvel at the incredible craftsmanship used in manufacturing the Das Keyboard.

It is an advanced typing tool and one of the best PC keyboards this year, featuring high-performance Cherry MX Blue switches with audible feedback.

You will love the dedicated media controls with a volume knob to adjust the volume while in Google hangouts, online music streaming, or on Skype.

The enhanced USB with a 5GB/s speed allows for faster HD pictures and video transfers and the instant Sleep button will save energy when needed.

Even more, the cable extends up to 6.5 ft so you won’t have any strains, and the magnetic footbar lets you set the keyboard to a 4-degree angle.

Logitech G PRO

  • Durable GX Blue Click switches
  • Ultra-portable compact ten-keyless design
  • Detachable Micro USB cable
  • 3-step angle adjustment
  • No palm rest

If you’re looking for a portable keyboard to get with you on any gaming sessions or contests, Logitech G PRO can be just the right tool.

Although it’s small and portable, G PRO comes with durable GX Blue Click switches that deliver an audible and tactile click for a precise and reliable keypress.

There are tournaments that don’t allow G HUB installation so you will find the Lightsync feature extremely useful to highlight keys and program static lighting patterns to onboard memory.

As for connectivity, the detachable micro USB cables offer a secure connection and safe transport in your travel bag.

Small keyboards tend to move a lot, but G PRO comes with rubber feet for a great grip. The keyboard also features a 3-step angle adjustment for your comfort.

What are the best mechanical switches?

There are three types of mechanical switches that can be installed in keyboards: linear switches, tactile switches, and clicky switches.

Linear switches – They are the most simple and when you press them, you will get the same sensation until they reach the bottom. The actuation point is somewhere in the middle and you get no tactile feedback or noise.

Tactile switches – You will get tactile feedback when you reach the actuation point so that you know when it performs the action.

Clicky switches – They are the ones that make that clicking noise when you hit the actuation point. They are a lot better because you can release the button when you hear the click, you don’t need to press it all the way down.

The most popular switches were patented by a German manufacturer called Cherry and they are still used today in their improved versions.

Other frequently bought-together items (such as a mouse) accompany each of the above mechanical keyboard deals in a separate bargain. This mostly works for the convenience of the buyer.

Most of the keyboards from our list are for gaming so you might also be interested in the best gaming mice that will enhance your skills.

What is your favorite product from this list? Don’t be shy to share your choice with us via the comments section below.

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