6 Best Browsers For Arch Linux [Lightweight & Safe]

Text-based browsers are often the best choice with the Arch Linux operating system

by Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
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  • Arch Linux can work with many browsers but is more easily compatible with open-source browsers. 
  • The OS allows you to run Chromium browsers even though you may need to employ an AUR helper for closed-source software.  
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In this article, we discuss the best browser for Arch Linux.

Arch Linux uses a rolling-release methodology to give most software the most recent secure editions. Its default installation is a stripped-down basic system that the user can customize only to include what’s needed.

On the Arch Linux installation, just like every other OS, you will need a gateway to the internet or the World Wide Web (WWW), and this is why you need to get the most compatible browser to use on this OS.

Can I install Chromium browsers on Arch Linux?

Google Chrome and Chromium browsers can be installed on the Arch Linux OS. To install Chromium-based browsers, you will have to use the code:
sudo pacman -S chromium

Note that some browsers may not be found on Arch Linux repositories by default. This is usually the case for commercial closed source browsers like Google Chrome.

These can still be installed, but you must use an AUR helper.

Which browser is best for Arch Linux?

Opera One – Secured and organized

Opera One is a lightweight and safe-free web browser that is also noted for being the first to provide efficient browsing capabilities.

Tabbed browsing and built-in search become standard features in all web browsers over time. Although Opera One is cross-platform, it can be easily integrated into a variety of Linux desktop environments.

Tab cascading and tiling modes are native to Opera One. By activating the Main toolbar or dragging and dropping the buttons wherever wanted, appropriate buttons may be discovered.

Arch Linux users get access to all of the primary features present in Opera One for Windows and Mac. The built-in sidebar integrations and proxy VPN are the biggest advantages of using Opera One on Arch Linux.

Additional features:

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  • Speed Dial
  • Battery saver for laptops
  • Bookmarks and bookmark sharing
  • Themes
  • Extensions

Opera One

The lightweight, secured, organized browser that can be managed easily on Arch Linux.

If you want to install opera-developer for Arch Linux simply download and install it using the secured link and use the command provided in your Linux OS.

Links is a text-only navigator that integrates a pull-down menu system; also, it is open source. The browser can handle monochrome and color terminals, render complicated pages, and scroll horizontally.

It’s also geared for visual users who want to keep numerous GUI elements like pop-ups and menu windows in a text-only space.

It’s ideal as an internet navigator for internet cafes, low-end terminals in libraries, and other places because of its focus on intuitive usage. As a result, it’s ideal for Arch Linux.

Additional features:

  • Background file downloads
  • Keepalive connections
  • Asynchronous DNS lookup

Get Links

Lynx browser Best text-based browser

Lynx is another text-based browser and was first launched in 1992. The web navigator is still under development, with the most recent version issued a few years ago.

The lack of images is very obvious to new users of this web browser. But although the browser cannot show videos or pictures, it can start external programs for increased support. 

However, you must note that there is no compatibility for JavaScript, which means that certain pages will not load. Lynx has few privacy concerns because it doesn’t support many new technologies or graphics.

This browser is compatible with macOS, Unix, VMS, Windows 95/98/NT, and DOS386+.

Additional features:

  • Highly configurable
  • Compatible with old hardware
  • Support for SSL

Get Lynx

Firefox – Most robust

best browser for arch linux

On Arch Linux, you can install the Firefox browser using the Firefox package. Also, you can use alternatives such as Firefox Developer Edition, Firefox Extended Support, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly, and Firefox KDE.

There are a lot of configuration options for Firefox on Arch Linux, and you will be able to explore all of them using this script:

Also, it is the best Linux browser for use with an old PC since it is backward compatible. So, even if you do not use the fastest of computers, there would be a Linux package that is lightweight enough for you.

Additional features:

  • Page actions menu
  • Private browsing
  • Enhanced tracking protection

Get Firefox

Vivaldi – Most customizable

best browser for arch linux

Here is an excellent option for Arch Linux and also about the best browser for Manjaro.

It’s a fork of Opera One that inherits and amplifies its best features. It has a lot of capabilities that you’d generally find in an extension; for privacy’s sake, it doesn’t collect much information on you.

Tabs can also be adjusted, with four different places to pick from and the option to show a tab preview.

Page tilling is also supported, allowing you to display open tabs side by side, which is ideal for productivity and high-resolution monitors.

Additional features:

  • Tracking protection
  • Ad blocker
  • Extensions support

Get Vivaldi

Chromium – Best for development

best browser for arch linux

Chromium is an open-source, free web navigator created and mainly maintained by Google.

This source contains most of the coding for Google Chrome, a proprietary piece of software with a few extra capabilities.

It is easily compatible with Arch Linux OS because it is free and open source. However, you must note that it does not have a stable version maintained by Google since it is predominantly intended for developers.

Additional features:

  • Features a torrent engine
  • Support for video grabber
  • No browsing data tracking

Get Chromium

With any of these browsers, you should be able to get the best of navigating the web with the Arch Linux operating system.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all compatible browsers, but these are some of our best recommendations.

You may try any of these best browsers for Linux on other distributions.

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