5 browsers for email that rank high in speed and security

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  • Opening your email in a browser is sometimes more convenient than using the dedicated app.  
  • The desktop or web browser email feature is supported by all well-known browsers, including Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. 
  • So if you're looking for the best browser for Outlook or Gmail, make sure to try one of these tools.
  • Some are faster than others, and browsers such as Opera come with extra built-in options that help.
best browsers for email

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A large number of email users still prefer web-based email services over desktop-based email clients.

While a desktop email client offers more features, the idea of having to install additional software on their system isn’t feasible for everyone.

That said, the right web browser can make a huge difference in how fast and efficiently you access webmail accounts.

However, the browser you are currently using might not be the right fit for the kind of work you do. On the other hand, changing your default browser used for many years can be a tricky choice.

To fix this dilemma around the best web browser, we have put together a list of top browsers for email and other tasks that offer more features, use fewer resources, and are faster than your current browser.

What are the best browsers to open my emails faster?


Opera may not be the most popular web browser on the Internet. But it is a preferred choice among users with a slow internet connection thanks to the excellent Turbo Mode that boosts the page loading speeding.

Opera offers a clean user interface with built-in VPN support to protect user privacy. The user doesn’t need to download VPN to surf the web or to unblock region-restricted websites.

What we find really convenient is what Opera calls Workspaces. It’s a way to group tabs together and organize them in different workspaces that you can customize.

This way you can have your personal email account together with a bunch of personal tabs in one workspace.

The other workspace can be work-related or project-related. There, you can open your other email account and the related tabs.

It’s great for organizing ourselves. Other great features are:

  • The ability to search in tabs – making you more efficient
  • Integrated messengers – when you don’t want to write a long email, you can quickly switch to WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram
  • Battery saver – a great feature to extend the battery life and get more work done and more emails sent.


Read and compose emails using Opera. It includes ad-blockers for increased privacy and faster loading times.

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UR Browser

UR Browser is the newest kid in the block but comes with a rich feature set. It offers a modern user interface with a built-in VPN and ad-blocker features to protect your privacy and improve the browsing experience.

The fact that UR Browser comes with a built-in ad-bock makes it faster in comparison to other browsers when it comes to loading web pages.

UR Browser comes with lots of personalization options. The user can change the home screen with personalized wallpaper from the dedicated gallery or use their custom image as the browser wallpaper.

The home screen can also be personalized to get all the information in one place. You can customize your favorites, news feed, weather, search, and widgets from one place.

In addition, UR Browser offers an excellent download manager with claims of accelerated download speed. For security, it offers alerts for unsafe sites, automatic HTTPS redirection, and a built-in virus scanner.

It also comes with Anti-tracking, anti-profiling, and anti-fingerprinting for better privacy.

UR Browser

A great Chromium-based browser with a multitude of functionalities. Download UR Browser and give it a try.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is among the most popular browser for both PCs as well smartphones. It is faster, cleaner, and offers a ton of extensions.

On the security front, the users are in safe hands as Chrome gets regular updates to keep the user safe from known threats.

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It also tags any website without an SSL certificate as non-secure and alerts the user if the web browser tries to load scripts from an unknown source.

It also supports password-free login, a decent password manager, and a well-organized settings menu with the search function.

The built-in virus removal tool can scan the system and remove any programs affecting its performance.

Chrome with all its glory is not without downsides. To begin with, Chrome still struggles with age-old resource management issues.

While the system with good hardware configuration may not notice the resource usage and the impact on the system, users with a lower configuration system will notice the impact on performance.

Then there is a concern for privacy as the browser is developed and maintained by the internet giant Google. Also, the download manager offered by Chrome would rank lowest among all the browsers listed in this article.

Download Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox from Mozilla needs no introductions, and the fact that Firefox has received a complete overhaul makes it one of the best browsers for Windows 10 computers.

After a long wait, Mozilla finally released the new version of Firefox and it is the best thing to have happened to the browser in 13 years.

The browser’s speed has improved a lot in comparison to its rivals and is on par with browsers like Chrome.

However, the USP of Firefox remains. Firefox still uses fewer resources even with multiple tabs when compared to other browsers like Chrome.

On the Privacy front, Mozilla has always been more trustworthy because of its non-profit business nature. The developers also release frequent updates to keep the security of the user intact.

Firefox now gets password-free login and automatic ad-tacker blocking features as well. You can also browse the web in virtual reality using the new version of Firefox.

Download Firefox 

Microsoft Edge

Edge is comparatively faster than Chrome and uses fewer resources as well. This is why many users prefer to go with this Windows 10 built-in browser and not install another one.

Because it is based on Chromium, Microsoft Edge supports all the extension that is available for Google Chrome from the Chrome store.

Given that this is Microsoft’s default browser, users can rest assured that it will be updated and modernized constantly, to keep up with the latest trends.

Download Microsoft Edge

So, if you’re a fan of webmail use, which browser have you tested so far, or which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Google actually has Gmail, which is their free email service. It can be accessed directly in a browser or via the dedicated app.

  • Opening emails in your browser means using the web version on the email client instead of downloading a separate app for it. You can do that from most browsers.

  • To use Outlook in a web browser you have to log into your Microsoft 365 account first, and then access your email client from there.

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