6 Best Browsers for El Capitan [Also Work on Old Macs]

Ensure our old Cap runs a Version still supported by modern browsers

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Key notes

  • Once a revolutionary OS, the Cap is now considered deprecated, but many still love it.
  • In order to get the best of Mac's famous OS, you need a lightweight, speedy, and highly stable browser.
  • Check out our top 5 picks that comply with these essential criteria and more!
What browsers support El Capitan

El Capitan is the 12th major release of macOS and the final version to be launched under the name OS X. Today’s article will focus on the best browser for El Capitan.

Boasting improved performance and usability features, the Cap got positive feedback from the first moment and gathered far better reviews than its predecessors, such as Yosemite or Mavericks.

A genuine game-changer back in the day, El Capitan is now considered an old OS. In fact, following Sierra’s release back in 2016, the Cap remained available strictly to people who had downloaded it before Sierra’s launch or to those who purchased Macbooks with a preinstalled Cap version.

Is Safari the only browser for Mac?

Far from it. Yes, Macs come pre-configured with Safari as the default web browser. However, you are free to replace Safari with any other browser. Have a look at our top picks for some inspiration:

  • Safari – The default browser for Macs
  • Opera One – Best modular browser with VPN
  • AVG Secure Browser – Highest privacy for Mac OS
  • Vivaldi – Customization stands out
  • Chrome – The most popular choice
  • Firefox – Privacy-focused browser

You may change the default web browser on your Mac by going to the System Preferences or the settings page of your browser.

When you change the browser that is set as your default, all links you click will open in the browser you selected as your preferred browser.

📌 How do I get a new browser on my Mac?

  1. Head to the App Store and search for your desired browser.
  2. Once the results show up, hit the Install button.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to download and install the browser on your Mac.

We reckon our recommendations below will deliver the expected results, thus allowing you to pick out the best browser for El Capitan. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What is the best browser for Mac El Capitan?

Tip icon Tip
The latest version of some of these browsers won’t work on Mac OS X El Capitan, and you will need to download an earlier one. Also, some browsers, though run seamlessly on the OS, don’t receive security updates anymore, which puts your PC at high risk.

Safari – Default browser for Macs

For many Apple aficionados, Safari is a choice that simply makes sense, and we agree since we regard it as the best browser for El Capitan (Mac 10.11.6). It’s available out of the box and optimized for the Apple ecosystem, allowing it to shine.

With excellent performance and integration, Safari is the go-to browser for getting things done on Mac machines, but there is another side to the story. For El Capitan, Safari won’t be supported unless you use the right version.

What version of Safari can I use with El Capitan?

You must know that however awesome it is, Safari is capped at version 11 for El Capitan. Apple interrupted the official support for the Cap in 2018, and consequently, the latest version of Safari that you could run on this OS is 11.1.2.

Other useful features:

  • Fastest JavaScript engine
  • Battery saver
  • Sync across Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Get Safari

Opera One – Most advanced AI browser

Edgy, speed-focused, privacy-conscious, and highly customizable Opera One for El Capitan is a great alternative to Safari. For El Capitan, this browser brings a new, better side to surfing the Internet.

Running on a Chromium Engine, Opera One releases up-to-date versions for multiple platforms, including macOS. It keeps up with the latest security and performance requirements in the industry.

Opera One is one of the lightest browsers you can install on your El Capitan computer. Pages load very fast also thanks to its built-in adblocker.

Given that online privacy is vital nowadays, you should know that this browser includes an anti-tracking feature and a free VPN.

This amazing browser allows you to enjoy a smooth experience across different platforms, from Windows to Mac, without neglecting mobile environments such as Android phones.

Speaking of smartphones, you can now boost your comfort by enabling the dark mode in your browser, and it’s one of the first to include this useful feature.

Browse effortlessly, game intensively, stream, or enjoy your favorite videos without buffering, lagging, or other frustrating obstacles thanks to Opera One, the second-best browser for El Capitan.

Other useful features:

  • AI prompts
  • Tab island improvements
  • Integrated AI in the sidebar
  • Different Workspaces

Opera One

Get your hands on the most clever browser for the Cap and let nothing stand in your way!

AVG Secure Browser – Secure Mac OS compatibility

AVG Secure Browser Mac OS

AVG comes with an effective browser compatible with Mac El Capitan OS, offering high-end privacy and flawless navigation.

Firstly, using this famous branded browser offers you anti-trackers tools, blocking web ads, or integration with virus prevention software from AVG.

Essential features of this solution include a password manager, which stores web passwords, webcam protection, and a privacy cleaner service to erase browsing history or cookies.

Besides this, you’re fully covered against tracking scripts that collect personal data when you visit certain websites. There is also a simple UI that helps you navigate faster without any interruptions.

In general, this browser is an exemplary choice for Mac users who want a swift and safe browsing experience.

AVG Secure Browser

Navigate the web using the AVG browser with cross-platform usage for Mac OS.

Vivaldi – Customization stands out

Another great option is Vivaldi for El Capitan. This nifty browser is adamant when it comes to privacy and makes no compromises whatsoever.

But don’t mistake its determination with intransigency, it could not be farther from it. Vivaldi is flexible enough to adapt to all major infrastructures from Windows to Linux, Android, and of course, Mac.

This excellent cross-platform browser comes packed with useful features to keep you safe on the web without restricting your choices.

Other useful features:

  • Web Panels
  • Quick Commands
  • Fast Forward and Rewind

Get Vivaldi

Chrome for El Capitan is still the most popular choice for surfing the web and our list wouldn’t be complete without it.

We know that many of you would like to know for sure if this worldwide cherished browser makes a good match for the Cap and for Mac machines, in general.

So, does Chrome still support El Capitan? We’re pleased to announce it does indeed. It’s still considered a top choice for the best browser for El Capitan. The only requirement is to run a 10.11 version of the OS.

Other useful features:

  • Wide range of extensions
  • Automatic translation and spell check of web pages
  • High-speed browsing

Get Google Chrome

Firefox – Privacy-focused browser

Last, but certainly not least, Firefox for El Capitan enters the scene, and we dare say, it’s still one of the greatest picks for macOS.

Just in case you were wondering, version 78 of Mozilla Firefox is the last one to support 10.11 El Capitan, so make sure you keep this in mind. Firefox is a strong contestant for the tile of the best browser for El Capitan, so you should try it out.

Other useful features:

  • Balanced memory usage
  • Enhanced Tracking Protection
  • A plethora of add-ons and themes

Get Firefox

There you go; these are our top picks for the best browsers that still work with El Capitan OS X on Macintosh computers. We hope you got what you came for, so don’t be shy to share your choice with us.

What browser should I use on an old Mac?

Speaking of versions, the latest one is 10.11.6, and browsers such as Opera One, Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Safari still support it beautifully.

So, which browser is best for an old Mac? Running an old machine has its challenges, and you definitely need a lightweight browser for Mac that can work for you rather than against you.

Among the top criteria to consider are stability and security, along with customization options. These need to be generous and versatile enough to allow you to personalize your experience to your taste and needs. Finally, you might also consider the impact on battery.

These top browsers won’t drain your Mac’s battery, so you might want to look closer. On this note, we wish you happy browsing!

If you have any queries or want to share a modern browser for El Capitan, drop a comment below.

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