Top 4 web browsers for an exceptional Twitter experience

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and at times can be really addictive.  Different users use it for different purposes. Some use it for work and business while others use it to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the world (also, politics).

Twitter has a well-built smartphone app. However, the app is not feasible for Windows users whose work require them to be on the computer all day.  This leaves the user with the Twitter web-client.

The Twitter web client works flawlessly. However, depending on the browser, the user experience can be different. A good web browser with the fast loading speed and solid UI can really make a difference.

With so many good browser options around, it can get confusing as to which web browser you should choose. To make it a bit easier for you, we have put together a list of top browsers for Twitter to improve your overall experience.


What are the best browsers for Twitter?


Opera Browser

opera twitter


Opera is one of the most underrated browsers available for Windows users. It is a must-have browser if you fast web page loading speeds and quick access to Twitter.

Opera browser comes with an excellent Turbo mode that accelerates the web page loading speeding by eliminating media contents as well the pop-ups and ads on the site.

The integrated ad-blocker helps in blocking all the annoying ads while the free VPN feature allows you to browse the web without any restrictions.

Other notable features offered by the browser include the support for Facebook messenger and Whatsapp allowing you to keep the chat head in the toolbar for easier access.

Snapshot feature to capture a quick screenshot, VR player support for virtual reality on the web, battery saver mode, newsreader mode to avoid distraction, currency and time zone converts, and tons of customization options.

The only front, where Opera misses out is the plugin support. However, if you are not dependent on the extension for your work, you can install the Opera browser and enjoy the free VPN and other privacy features.

Download Opera


UR Browser

download UR-Browser

UR Browser is the newest browser in this list but comes with some unique features on the security and privacy front apart from offering a clean user interface, while using, comparatively, fewer resources than Chrome.

On the security front, UR Browser offers a built-in virus scanner that scans the downloaded files for malware and adware infection and alerts the user if found any.

UR browser also alerts the user when you visit a website suspected of phishing or malware attack. In addition, it also redirects the websites to the secure HTTPS version automatically and uses 2048-bit RSA encryption key for better safety.

We’re looking at a browser fully dedicated to privacy, which makes it perfect for social media. Social networks, like Twitter, feast on your private data in order to serve you ads.

Not with the built-in VPN that UR Browser offers and a variety of privacy-oriented modules that completely eliminate the necessity of extensions to block content you don’t want to see. A well-rounded browser with unique features and an intuitive interface.


Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

After 13 years of the long wait, Mozilla released a major update for its Firefox browser with a complete overhaul. The latest browser comes with new tricks up its sleeves, better performance and as stable as before.

The extension support in Firefox has always given the browser an edge. Now the developers have given it the modern touch with features like password-free login as well as automatic blocking of ad trackers improving the user privacy.

On the customization front, Firefox offers built-in themes. You can choose a new look from Firefox’s theme categories or even create your own. The toolbar too can be customized depending on your use and the user can drag and drop it where they want.

If you are using Chrome, you can make the switch to Firefox with a few clicks. Firefox allows you to import the bookmarks, password and other data from the Chrome browser with ease.

Firefox also comes with a more powerful browser engine offering faster performance, less memory usage, and some great privacy features.

Download Firefox


Google Chrome

Google Chrome Image

Google Chrome is definitely among the first choice when it comes to the user preferred browser for the Windows user. With a clean user interface, developer friendly tools, and some modern safety standard, Chrome is on par with any modern browser and ahead in some areas like Extension support.

The latest version of Google Chrome has received a UI overhaul making the browser adapt to the Windows modern UI. While Chrome does not offer fancy features like a built-in VPN or ad-blocker, it does, however, takes user safety seriously.

The browser blocks and notifies of any suspicious site that may spread malware or is hacked with malicious intent. It also redirects the URL to the secure version (if available) automatically and notifies if the site tries to load scripts from unknown sources.

Other features offered by Chrome include VR support, improved developer tools, a decent password manager and a clean UI.

On the flipside, Chrome still struggles with the same problem of being resource hungry. In comparison, Chrome uses more resources to run efficiently than Firefox or Opera browser does.

Download Google Chrome


These are some of the best web browsers you can use to tweet and retweet, add media files or just “like” your favorite Twitter content in a seamless manner.

Which browser do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comments.

FAQ: Learn more about accessing Twitter on your web browser

  • Can you browse Twitter without an account?

You can browse Twitter without an account but you only have access to limited information. To do that, go to Twitter’s search page, add / followed by the username and you can browser a respective user profile without logging in.

  • Does Twitter save search history?

Twitter saves users’ search history as well as information related to the current location. The good news is that users can delete their Twitter search history by clicking on the Clear All button.

  • Can anyone see my Twitter search history?

Your ISP or the router admin can access your Twitter search history. If you logged in to Twitter using a browser, your search history remains store in your browser history but you can easily delete it if you want to.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.