14 amazing Christmas computer games to play now [Extra Fun]

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As Christmas is getting closer, we can already feel euphoria and joy of the greatest holiday there is. Christmas tree decorating, presents, family gathering, and jolly music that gets you in the mood. You can’t stay indifferent while all this colorful scenery is surrounding you.

Some folks will enjoy watching Christmas movie marathons, others will go outside, third, and they are, in any case, not the minority, will look forward to playing some video games. Naturally, with joint forces of family and friends.

Therefore, while you are enjoying all the blessings of a hard earned vacation, you may want to enlarge the festive spirit by playing some of the games we prepared for you. Primary, we had in mind some Christmas-oriented games but there are also some games that are worth a while. If you are uncertain what game is right for you, you can check out our reviews and choose for yourself.

Primary, we had in mind some Christmas-oriented games, but there are also some games that are worth a while. If you are uncertain what game is right for you, check out our reviews and choose for yourself.

These games listed below are perfect if you are interested in the following:

  • Christmas PC games
  • Christmas games family
  • Xmas PC games
  • Christmas multiplayer games

What are the best Christmas themed PC games?

Roman’s Christmas

  • Fun for fans of visual novels
  • Loads of fun dialogue to listen to
  • Fantastic artwork and intriguing puzzles
  • Not everyone is a fan of furries

When talking about a Christmas-themed game, a visual novel featuring furries is probably not the first thing to pop into your mind.

Well, Roman’s Christmas is about to change all that thanks to the fact, and take you on a journey of mystery and crime solving.

The art style is amazing, the puzzles are intriguing, and dialogue is funny, and the system requirements are low, all 4 being perfect ingredients for a game that will surely keep your glued to your chair during the Christmas Holidays.

Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition

  • Amazing tower-defense-like game
  • Funny graphics that remind your of PvZ
  • Light on system resources
  • Not much of a difference compared to the regular version

Puzzle games are always a surefire way of keeping your occupied and entertained, and Garden rescue: Christmas Edition will allow you to do just that.

A sequel to Garden Rescue, this edition brings a festive twist to the game, both in terms of visuals, audio, and gameplay elements.

Prepare your defense against the assault from insects, and make sure that your garden stays perky at all times.

Hidden Objects Magical Christmas Wonderland

  • Explore over 55 levels of Christmas Holiday Magic
  • Gorgeous photos that are eye popping
  • Easy for any player of all ages
  • Kids and Families can all join in
  • Too short

Hidden Object Games (HOGs) are second place after puzzles when it comes to game genres that delivers a lot of entertainments with minimal programming and design.

Wrap all those intriguing puzzles in a Christmas theme and you have the recipe for a fantastic title like Hidden Objects Magical Christmas Wonderland.

Explore enchanted homes decked out with Christmas decorations, and celebrate with Santa in his humble home full of festive Christmas trees, ornaments, toys, and more

Christmas Wonderland 6

  • Amazing art style filled with the magic of Christmas
  • Clever puzzles for users of all ages
  • Great and festive atmosphere
  • Too short

If you haven’t heard of Christmas Wonderland, go to Microsoft Store and get the game.

This is a must-have game in the Holiday season. We played it and we really liked the Mini Puzzles. They’re really addictive and fun to play. The best part is that Christmas Wonderland 6 is suitable for players of all ages.

As a player, some of your tasks include finding presents, getting rewards, flying with Santa on Christmas Eve and more.

Bonus game: Holy, A Christmas Tale

  • Great game for HOG fans
  • Festive artwork
  • Enchanting music
  • UI could be more modern-looking

Grab a cup of cocoa, put on your favorite Yuletide music and play Holly: A Christmas Tale, a wonderful new hidden object game guaranteed to fill you with the spirit of the season!

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