5 best start pages for Google Chrome [2021 Guide]

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  • Google Chrome includes relatively limited customization options for its New Tab page, and in this guide, we explore this subject.
  • After reading this article, you will know how to customize Chrome's start page with ease.
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best chrome start page extensions
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Google Chrome’s default New Tab (or start) page might be a little threadbare for some users. Sure, you can add custom wallpapers, shortcuts, and alternative background colors to it.

However, that’s about all the customization options Chrome’s New Tab page includes at the moment.

Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of Chrome start page extensions with which you can transform that browser’s New Tab page.

You can add those special start pages extensions to Google’s flagship browser by clicking the Add to Chrome buttons on their Web Store pages.

How to set special start pages on Chrome and what are the best?

Change the Chrome settings

  1. Click the Customize Google Chrome button.
  2. Select Settings on the menu.
  3. Select the Open the New Tab page On the start-up option.
    Open the New Tab page option best chrome start page
  4. Restart Google Chrome.

Infinity New Tab

Infinity New Tab page best chrome start page

Infinity New Tab is an extension that adds a start page with circular or square icon shortcut icons to Google Chrome.

It packs in more than 200 shortcut icons for a wide variety of big websites. You can add your own shortcuts to the page with customized colors and image icons.

You can also select to add weather, page history, bookmarks, browser extension, calculator, note, and to-do lists apps to your Infinity New Tab page among others.

Aside from adding your own background images, you can click a windmill button at the bottom right of Infinity’s start page to select from random wallpapers.

Alternatively, you can include Bing wallpapers on the New Tab page by selecting Infinity’s Sync Bing wallpaper option.

So, this extension provides users with a huge variety of alternative HD wallpapers for the New Tab page.

Download Infinity New Tab

Speed Dial [FVD]

Speed Dial [FVD] best chrome start page

Speed Dial [FVD] is undoubtedly among the most visually appealing Chrome start page extensions. It displays your webpage shortcuts with 3D page dials.

Speed Dial also displays your most visited and recently closed pages for easy access. This extension includes various customization options for its page’s fonts, dial shortcuts, and background.

You can also sync FVD Speed Dial with the EverSync extension. EvernSync enables you to sync this extension’s speed dial shortcuts between different devices and browsers.

Then you can access all your dials from alternative devices.

⇒ Download Speed Dial

Incredible StartPage

Incredible StartPage best chrome start page

The Incredible StartPage is a great Chrome start page for bookmarks. It includes My Bookmarks, My Apps, and Most Visited tabs.

The My Bookmarks tab displays all your bookmarked webpages and apps within a customizable frame for quick access. You can add your own custom backgrounds to the frame or select from a variety of themes included with the extension.

This extension also includes handy notepad. With that, you can note down webpage login details, numbers, or anything other reminders for browsing.

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⇒ Download Incredible StartPage

Infinite Dashboard

Infinite Dashboard best chrome start page

Infinite Dashboard is an extension that displays a clutter-free New Tab page with a customizable background and search bar. However, it combines that with a separate Hub window that users can add bookmark shortcuts to.

The Hub includes a wide variety of Google, iCloud, messaging, and game app shortcuts that you can open directly from Infinite Dashboard. In addition, the Hub incorporates a calendar and notepad for users.

Infinite Dash incorporates good background customization options. It includes Unsplash images for you to choose from. You can also select to add a variety of Flixel video backgrounds to the New Tab page.

Infinite Dashboard Hub best chrome start page

The best thing about Infinite Dashboard, however, is its browser sessions manager. With that, you can save a combination of page tabs open in your browser.

You can utilize the sessions manager as a more flexible bookmarking tool to save and open groups of website pages with.

⇒ Download Infinite Dashboard


ProductivityTab best chrome start page

ProductivityTab is one of the most comprehensive and flexible New Tab extensions for Google Chrome. This extension currently provides 43 widgets for users to add to its New Tab page.

Users can add site links, bookmarks, clock, weather, search, calendar, notes, apps, RSS, to-do, calculator, and even system stat widgets to their Productivity Tab pages among others.

Therefore, the Productivity Tab page can be so much more than just a Chrome start page for bookmarks.

This extension also has good theme options. Aside from adding your own wallpapers, you can select from a wide variety of theme backgrounds included with it. Some of those themes are live video ones. Alternatively, you can add website images with their URLs.

There is a Pro version of this extension that’s available for $4.99 a month. The Pro version includes additional features, such as transparent themes, live backgrounds, and maximizable widgets.

Those are some of the best Chrome start page extensions that add much more appealing and customizable New Tab pages to that browser.

You can also install the above extension on other Chromium-based browsers. That means you can add those extensions to Microsoft Edge, UR, Vivaldi, and Opera as well!

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