6 best construction drawing software [Free, Paid]

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It’s widely accepted that, generally, the construction field is a business that requires a hands-on approach since there’s really no other effective way of erecting buildings and monuments without a specialized crew.

However, lately, there has been an increase in transitioning various domains of activity towards digital, and fortunately, the construction business makes no exception.

Therefore, nowadays one can find a fine selection of great tools such as FINALCAD, Zoho Creator, and Synapcus, that can help builders, engineers, and construction site managers get a better grip on their projects.

What are the best construction software on the market?

Autodesk Construction Cloud

best construction software

Typical of the high-end software developed by Autodesk, Construction Cloud is an all-around suite for professionals working in the domain.

It focuses on all the aspects of a construction project, starting with the design stage, going through the planning part, taking it to the building phase, and then making the project fully operational.

Those using Construction Cloud will stay permanently connected to the ongoing workflows as well as to any team member, for heads up.

And, given the impact and dimension of construction projects, having a permanent an overview of everything related to the project is critical, and it helps minimize the risks, reduce the costs and maximize efficiency across all teams.

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Try this complete suite for construction projects, to get an overview of all project stages and make sure that all teams are fully involved.
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FINALCAD construction-specialized software

FINALCAD is a software solution aimed to help construction workers such as engineers, architects, builders, and construction site supervisors move to the next level regarding project management by helping them get things done in a more organized manner so that they spend more time actually building instead of processing paperwork.

Among the capabilities of this software solution, one can find an effective team building option, which also plays the role of a social component.

Using this feature, customers will be able to communicate in an internal social media of sorts; users can share progress photos, create posts in a newsfeed, follow field performance, share reports and get in touch with other teammates.

Relying on such a tool as FINALCAD means that plans and paperwork can be converted into a digital form and become accessible to users who collaborate on the same project.

FINALCAD stores previous activity, so keeping track of things is no longer mandatory when it comes to strenuous, time-consuming projects.

Issues can also be communicated in a much faster way than by using the traditional pen-and-paper combination since the software lets users snap photos and upload them in a quick and painless manner.

The fact that such projects that are usually huge resource consumers can suddenly be conducted and supervised without the need for rudimentary consumables such as paper also means fewer costs.


Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator construction software

Zoho Creator is a software solution that comes with wide applicability, thanks to its app deck, which integrates various tools that can be used to solve a lot of problems. Take construction management for instance, since it’s one of the things that this program can take care of.

Zoho Creator was developed with flexibility in mind, given that it can be integrated to work on a broad range of devices.

Among the features that the program advertises to come in handy at the right time, you can find facile document management, convenient RFI (Request For Information) sending and receiving, task assignment, punch-list management, timely purchase orders placement, and a portfolio-level dashboard.

Keeping all the necessary documents within a single place instead of scattering them around is a handy head-start, especially in the construction business where paperwork is generally overflowing everywhere you look.

More so, construction site supervisors can benefit from a more accurate overview of workers and the status of their projects, whether they’re completed, open or overdue.

Task management is another important feature that Zoho Creator has in store for its users since it enables them to assign tasks, but also set deadlines, adjust priority levels and send automated notifications to their employees about tasks that are pending or upcoming.

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Synapcus interface

Synapcus is a project management software solution that is oriented towards construction businesses such as architectural offices or real estate developers and helps its customers manage their goals, time, and budget in an efficient fashion.

This tool both enables and encourages users to divide their project into multiple phases, referred to as work packages, stressing out the importance of splitting projects into multiple slices, especially if they are complex ones, for easier management.

Users can generate performance specifications, as well as determine budgets or milestones for each slice of a project.

Synapcus also provides its users with a team-building component that takes several details into consideration, including qualifications, HR availability, and cost factors, in an attempt to identify the right employees for the job.

The program can check the capacity the employer desires and provide an estimation of costs based on real, actual hourly wage rates.

Nothing goes to waste or unnoticed, as every little expense that comes out of the project will be recorded within work packages. Additionally, users can track budget overruns, performance levels, and overtime hours on both project and enterprise levels.

Last, but not least, users will be able to export their projects to Excel, generate complex reports, and access everything mentioned above from their smartphones.

On top of that, Synapcus comes with a Skype interface and an activity wall, so it’s easy to keep in touch with any development that may occur in their absence.

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build7 overview

build7 is one of the best software solution designed to help construction workers, architects, site supervisors, and contractors manage their projects in a hassle-free, efficient environment by bundling up every useful tool and tying all loose ends.

The program is designed to work on various devices, ranging from your Windows computer to your smartphone or your tablet, so flexibility-wise it’s doing just great. Users can manage their projects in a whole lot of ways by simply logging into the tool from the device of their choice.

build7 comes with a fully-equipped toolbox that lets users bid, schedule new or existing tasks, manages their projects, views in-depth graphs and charts regarding their results, generates invoices in a seamless way.

It also lets users access data about their employees and perform other management tasks such as assigning staff to tasks or dismissing them altogether.

The dashboard of this software solution lets users view a quick overview of their projects, exceeded budgeted hours, total deliveries, number of created, pending, received, or expired invoices, a timecard, brief weekly statistics about employees (absent or ones who have birthdays) and a little notebook since note-keeping is never a bad thing.

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ConstructionOnline interface

It’s as suggestive as it gets: ConstructionOnline is a construction software solution that was designed to help project managers get a firmer grip on their business and organize things the way they want to without all the hassle that comes with being an efficient manager.

The tool is available on multiple platforms, including mobile, so as to eliminate the need of carrying a laptop to the construction site or being tied to your office computer whenever there’s something that needs to be adjusted within the project.

ConstructionOnline can help construction business managers estimate jobs’ costs, customize orders, select their clientele on a more honest basis, integrate accounting operations seamlessly, manage calendars and schedules, keep track of projects with daily tracking, punch lists, To-Dos, and reporting, as well as manage teams without significant efforts.

Among its remaining, unmentioned capabilities you can find means of communications via messages, announcements, RFIs, transmittals, submittals and call logging, image galleries support, company tools such as overviews,  project templates, and dashboards, and last, but not least, sales tools that include ClientLink logins and lead tracking.

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Whether you’re a construction site supervisor, an architect, or a project manager, you might consider unloading a huge part of that burden on some of these construction-specialized software solutions.

Tools like the ones mentioned here have been designed to help you focus on running your construction business as best as you can without having to worry about factors such as paperwork, team management, or invoices too much.

We’d say Autodesk’s solution is the best, but deciding on the best construction software depends on your needs and budget.

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