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  • If you want to reduce your workload and speed up your office workflow, you definitely need the best document management software.
  • We provide you with the leading software on the market to make it easy to store, retrieve and share office files.
  • Another popular document management tool hosts a dynamic set of modules to improve efficiency.
  • You can also choose a program to efficiently store, retrieve and share office documents.
document management tools

The advent of cloud storage has out-rightly eliminated the stress of handling cluttered paperwork. Hence, employers are able to save time and at the same time, improve workflow.

So, if you are looking to cut down your usage of paper documents and improve efficiency, you are in the right place. This article provides you with some of the best document management software to choose from.

Document Management software, otherwise known as Document Management Systems (DMS), are computer programs, specially designed to track, streamline, and manage documents and workflow, with the main objectives of reducing workload and speeding up workflow.

Regardless of your field and the size of your business, you need to have a good document management system in place.

Thankfully, there are several really good options that can save you plenty of time by allowing you to create comprehensive collections of documents. Most of them even go beyond that and provide great overall business management support.

A good document management software offers support for the creation of document files and folders, categories, hierarchical organization, and other similar sorting options.

Another important feature that no such tool should lack is the user management feature. You need to have good permission policies, workflow management, deadline notifications, and project management tools.

Last but not least, the tool you use needs to have top-notch, up-to-date security. You need to be sure that your files and data are thoroughly protected. We suggest software with great encryption technologies, various backup options and version restore features.

Follow through this post, to get a comprehensive view of some of the best available tools for managing documents.

Document management software to improve efficiency at the office


efilecabinet document management system

eFileCabinet is arguably the leading document management software today. It is built to facilitate storage, retrieval, and sharing of office files. The software’s function, however, goes beyond document management, as it is also equipped with accounting and HR management tools.

eFileCabinet hosts two support variants: the desktop version (Windows 10 compatible) and the mobile version, specially designed for mobile devices.

This document management software hosts a function known as “cloud-view”, which enables users to back up their files on the cloud, directly via the software’s platform. With this, users can easily view and extract files via any device, provided such device is connected to the internet.

Also, eFileCabinet fulfills every necessary industry compliance, including SEC, HIPAA, FINRA, and other standard requirements.

Furthermore, the software works perfectly well with SecureDrawer, a unique sharing function, which serves as an end-to-end file sharing platform between you and your clients. It is able to integrate seamlessly with a variety of third-party software like MS Outlook, secure eSignature, scanners, printers, and more.

eFile Cabinet has advanced security features including two-factor authentication, role-based permissions, and advanced 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.

Other key features include:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Integrate tax and accounting document management tools
  • Support for payroll documents

Lastly, eFileCabinet document management software offers both online and on-premise services. The software offers two weeks free trial to new users, after which they can subscribe to a paid plan.

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document management app screenshot

OpenKM is, without doubt, one of the most popular document management software in the market. It is a highly versatile enterprise-grade management software, which is built to execute office tasks, ranging from document management to workflow automation to administrative functions.

The tool is specially designed for Windows computers. However, it can also be accessed via a host of other desktop operating systems such as Linux.

Basically, the document management software hosts a dynamic set of modules, which run the entire management operations of the software. Some of these modules include Electronic invoicing, eSignature, Cryptography (for file encryption & decryption), Barcode, Mail Archiver and more.

Also, the software’s flexible design enables it to seamlessly integrate with relevant office tools like AutoCAD, WordPress, Google Drive, Microsoft Office and more. It also features a pluggable authentication system, which can be connected to external databases or servers like SQL, Oracle, MySQL and a few others.

In light of the foregoing, users are afforded the opportunity of streamlining their entire workflow to improve efficiency. Hence, this document management software is seen by many as more of a project management software than an ordinary document manager.

Other key features include:

  • Real-time progress reports
  • Automated metdata capture
  • OpenKM dev-tools for custom internal apps

OpenKM offers two basic plans to new users: OpenKM Community and OpenKM Professional. The former is available for free (with limited features), while the latter, with more powerful features, is a paid plan and is offered by quote (custom pricing).

To get more information about the software’s system and download requirements, log on to OpenKM download website.

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Templafy is arguably one of the best document management software in the market today. It is an all-around utility tool, which is designed to efficiently store, retrieve and share office documents. It is a cloud-based platform that supports all forms of computer systems and mobile devices.

For convenience, there are also designated versions for desktop (Windows inclusive) and smartphones (mobile apps).

Basically, Templafy facilitates the storage of files and team collaboration by eliminating the conventional, disjointed, process of working across different platforms.

The document management software streamlines all essential workplace tools, especially document-generating tools like MS Office, on a single platform, thereby providing you with a unified workflow.

Furthermore, Templafy hosts a fairly navigable interface, which makes it ideal in the low-tech work environment, as every team member is able to give feedback, share files and create documents with unimaginable ease.

All these are channeled via a single feed, and it is monitored by the admin (employer), to ensure every requirement, and quality standard is met.

Templafy offers top-level professional presentation tools that include some preset templates along with automatic compliance verification.

Other key features include:

  • Offline template library
  • Automatization of repettive tasks
  • Spell, inconsistiencies and other issues scanner

Lastly, like most durable utility tools, Templafy doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it is conveniently one of the most expensive document management software in the market. It is available at a fixed monthly subscription rate. However, there is a free trial period prior to a full subscription. Visit their official website to get more information.

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SutiDMS, a product of SutiSoft, is one of the most comprehensive document management software in the market. It is equipped with an array of tools for managing and organizing documents, sharing files, keeping records and improving team collaboration.

It is an online, web-based, software that is supported across the board on both desktop and mobile devices.

In addition, SutiDMS features a set of multi-function tools, which include a modifiable dashboard, document library, OCR document capture, multiple integrations (with MS Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail), file merging, document archiving and retention, eSignature and forums among others.

The software basically serves as the ultimate storage, where you can keep all your documents, and its web-based functionality ensures you can access and retrieve documents at any time.

Nevertheless, this document management software offers enterprise pricing, which is available by quote.

SutiDMS also has an event management feature that helps you create events using a calendar. You can add an event name, set the time period, add duration details, and any additional information your team may need.

The software also lets you create and manage meetings. Similarly to the events feature, you have to add a name, a description, location details, and contact information of each participant (because they will get email invitations). You can create one-time or recurring meetings.

Other key features of Suti DMS include:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated workflows
  • Customizable document profiling

There are two lower plans: the Premium plan and the Professional plan. The Professional plan is designed for a maximum of 10 users and it is available at a per-user rate (per month). The Premium plan, on the other hand, is meant for a medium-scale organization with less than 500 employees, and it is available as a monthly subscription based on the number of users as well.

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file hold window view screenshot

FileHold is a fully integrated document management solution, which incorporates different sets of functions to provide users with centralized storage and a simplified work process.

The software is one of the few document management software, which are specially designated for Windows 10 PC and other versions of Windows (7/8/8.1). Nevertheless, it can also be accessed via web browsers on Linux and Mac computers.

FileHold’s features are categorized under “standard”, “optional”, “custom” and “document scanning & Imaging”. Some of these features include metadata capture (document tagging), calendar, electronic forms, eSignature, OCR (server-side), auto-filling, SmartSoft capture and more.

Also, FileHold hosts the capability to integrate with a set of third-party software like MS Office, MS Active Directory, MS SharePoint, and more. All these facilitate file storage, retrieval, and sharing, as well as workflow coordination.

This document management software comes with a version control feature that lets you make sure all data is safely stored. You can easily find all previous versions of your documents, restore them to an older version, and even download them to your computer. File Hold makes sure that document versions don’t get overwritten.

Another useful feature that makes for better management of documents is the linking feature. Users can easily create links between related documents.

Depending on your field and work system, you may not place similar documents in the same folder, even though there are instances when they work together. This feature helps you have organic work sequences and keep track of all your docs on multiple levels.

FileHold lets you collect valuable data with the e-forms feature. You can easily create virtually endless forms to evaluate customer insights, get quick internal feedback, and more.

Other key features include:

  • Language localization
  • Auto-filling
  • Language localization
  • Integrates external apps

Lastly, FileHold offers two basic pricing plans; FileHold Express and FileHold Enterprise. The Express plan is designed for small businesses of less than 20 employees, while the Enterprise plan is ideal for larger organizations or teams with more than 20 members.

Both plans’ subscription rates are, however, only available by quote. You can send an email to FileHold’s sales team to get a quote for your business.

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m files workflow screenshot

M-Files is one of the best document management software available today. It is most significant for its “duplication analysis” function, which is designed to protect users against document duplication. It is a cloud-based DMS; hence, it is supported on both desktops and mobile platforms.

There are also designated desktop versions (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7), as well as mobile apps for selected mobile devices.

Besides that, this document management software for Windows 10 hosts organized storage, where documents are aptly organized and saved. It analyzes document searches by correlating file names with other related indicators like dates and projects. As such, the software is able to easily eliminate duplicates.

Also, its unified platform facilitates workplace efficiency by improving task assigning (from employer to employees), and task execution and delivery (from employees to employer). The end result is improved productivity.

Furthermore, M-Files is a flexible DMS, which can easily be integrated with tools like MS Office and a host of CRM tools like Salesforce. This makes it ideal for virtually all types of businesses. Also, there are three basic deployment options on offer, including on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid (combined).

M files stores all information you need in your business. This goes beyond document collection and includes detailed contact lists and integrated email management features.

This tool lets you create easy-to-follow workflows that are readily accessible to all users. Assign and plan the whole process of each project with maximum precision. The software also comes with deadline management tools that automatically notify assigned users about their due dates.
M files integrate popular business apps like MS Teams, Adobe Sign, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more.

Other key features include:

  • Duplicate detection and deletion
  • Real-time progress reports
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

M-Files offers a one-month free trial to new users, after which they can easily upgrade to the enterprise plan, which is offered by quote.

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FolderIt is a cloud-based document management tool with great security and integrated productivity features.

This tool doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accessibility. Not only is it very intuitive and user-friendly, but it is also readily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

On top of that, users get a dedicated email address that enables them to send/forward any document to the cloud. This lets you store documents quickly even when you are on the go.

It is great for professional collaborators as it has secure sharing options. You can decide the level of permission you give to each user. You can either allow read-only access or give users editing rights so they can add and edit documents and folders.

FolderIt lets you organize your documents in several folders and categories and provides advanced search options, including a multilingual optical character recognition technology. This enables you to find documents of various formats, including scanned images. Just type your keyword and get accurate results.

This online app lets you add data to your files to make them easier to identify. You can use tags, notes, dates, and even create your own, fully customizable metadata fields. You can link related documents to create easy-to-follow structures for your particular needs.

Besides the classic, individual file metadata options, FolderIt also provides metadata templates for your folders. This can be very useful when you work with similar folders that are not easily distinguishable just by name.

The dashboard section displays categories of documents that need your attention. Here you can find document duplicates, documents that are pending approval or that are soon to be due.

Data protection and data recovery are really important when working with documents, which is why FolderIt lets you keep multiple versions of the same file. No change is undoable and you can easily restore to previous versions within seconds.

On the topic of data protection, we need to mention that FolderIt provides secure SSL encryption and customizable password policies. Additionally, the software lets you download all your information to store it on your personal computer or removable media.

Other key features include:

  • Document numbering system
  • Support for approval workflow
  • Priority support

FolderIt offers three different subscription plans, based on storage size and number of users. You can try each plan for free for 30 days.

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Today, there is decreasing usage of paper documents across the globe, with many organizations, schools and government institutions preferring the convenience of paperless storage to the cumbersomeness of paper files and folders.

Hence, there is a continuous demand for standard and durable document management software. With regards to this demand, we have compiled some of the best document management software in the market, to facilitate your decision making, as to which DMS to employ for your business.

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