Top 6 Corporate VPN solutions to boost your business [2019 List]

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Some of the biggest challenges with VPN servers and client setup and configuration is about getting the same consistent experience all through. This is why corporate IT professionals prefer to deploy the best corporate VPN solutions to a pre-configured client with installation files that automatically configure the software and install the keys too.

There are different corporate VPN solutions in the market today that offer VPN functionality plus a comprehensive suite of solutions, though some come as standalone products. The purpose is similar to those of a personal user – keep communications private and access services abroad.

VNPs are useful particularly if your company relies on employees who telecommute, or those who are out of site permanently. This article looks at the best corporate VPN solutions you can use for your business or enterprise.

Corporate VPN software for Windows PCs


VyprVPN for Business

vypr vpn VPN corporate

If you’re looking for a VPN for your company, you might want to consider VyprVPN for Business. By using this software you can ensure that your business communications remain private between all employers in your company, even if they are working remotely.

This tool offers Wi-Fi protection, so your employers will be able to use Wi-Fi safely on any location without any fear of data theft. It’s worth mentioning that by using VyprVPN for Business you’ll be able to access georestricted services in any country without issues.

This software comes without any bandwidth restrictions, and it offers high-speed connection, which will be perfect for all your business needs. It’s worth mentioning that VyprVPN manages their own servers and DNS, therefore your privacy should be completely protected from third parties.

Regarding the compatibility, this software is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In order to manage all your employees, this software has a built-in admin interface so you can easily manage all accounts that are using VyprVPN.

In order to provide you with maximum security VyperVPN for Business has NAT Firewall that blocks unrequested inbound traffic and keeps your data secured. Regarding the supported technologies, this VPN uses PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. There’s also a Chameleon technology available that will prevent deep package inspection as well as VPN throttling and blocking.

Overall, VyperVPN for Business offers amazing features, and if you’re looking for a VPN for your business, you might want to consider this software.


  • Simple user management
  • Cross-platform support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and fast VPN speeds
  • NAT firewall
Why VyprVPN?
vyprvpn logo
  • Chameleon-Stealth mode
  • NAT Firewall included
  • Unlimited server switching
  • VyprVPN Cloud – set up static IP

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.



NCP Secure Entry Client

corporate VPN solutions

This VPN is all about managing and deploying business VPN services to a wide variety of remote systems including Microsoft Windows up to Windows 10, and older. It includes also support for slick management tools, plus it’s easily deployed, and the connectivity process is easy too.

Some of the tools it offers include the Friendly Net Detection server that lets your VPN client detect company trusted networks (and those that aren’t trusted) so that the company’s firewall rules can be set appropriately. It also has the VPN Path Finder tool that detects when you’re on a network that doesn’t support IPSec tunneling through your company’s firewall.

Among the benefits of using this as one of your corporate VPN solutions, is the seamless roaming it offers from one cellular VPN connection to the next, when traveling, without having to re-negotiate the connection each time it changes.

It also provides network access control to ensure your remote device isn’t compromised, plus it works with USB tokens and smart cards, but can also work with SMS-based two-factor identification.

Other features not included in basic VPN server types but are found with NCP Secure Entry Client are SSL VPN functionality, integrated firewall and NAC functionality, and policy-based configuration which enables remote user groups have different access and functionality levels.

Enjoy secure and fast connections, one-click per session for ease of use, automatic and fast rollouts via central management, increased productivity with your IT resource, real time control of charges, savings on money and time spent on documentation and support, plus low operation costs leading to high efficiency.

It’s great for banks, government and related agencies, industrial corporations, research and science institutions, SMEs and commercial enterprises.

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OpenVPN 2.4.3

corporate VPN solutions

This comes in two different corporate VPN solutions: the Connect Client and Community Client. The former can be downloaded from the OpenVPN access server once installed, and the latter is downloadable from the site as an installer file that provides the option to install VPN server or Community Client – or both.

The two VPN clients are quite different even though they fall under the same VPN. Connect Client is meant to connect OpenVPN Access server but doesn’t support other connections, so the user goes to the site and downloads the VPN for their OS.

On the other hand, Community Client is all purpose and attaches to various VPN servers including the OpenVPN server.

OpenVPN comes in a software package for older and newer Windows versions, where it runs as a service by default, so the user doesn’t have to start it, plus after a crash, it restarts automatically.

This VPN has benefits over other VPN servers such as it corrects bugs or exploits fast being an open-source solution. Cloud versions of the server are also available and you can set up either a primary or back up data center therein, allowing remote systems to connect securely from any location.

OpenVPN 2.4.3 is simple, manageable, and can be used by anyone without tech expertise. It also has more capabilities, in addition to connecting to other VPN servers.

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The GreenBow IPSec VPN Client

corporate VPN solutions

Corporates can rest assured that this is one of the best corporate VPN solutions what with its consistency, manageability, and dedicated support, across multiple operating systems. It also comes with more options and features compared to built-in clients like Microsoft VPN Client for Windows.

The GreenBow IPSec VPN is easy to install through silent installation files, which can also be sent via email to users, plus its keys can be stored on USB flash drives or smart cards, or integrated into the remote device. So you get a multi-factor, all in one security process.

Its user interface is the same across all platforms, except Apple, but it enables VPNs for remote users and also service providers or large data centers with multiple tenants.

It comes in either VPN Client or VPN Client Premium versions – the latter which is meant for easy integration with third party software management platforms for ease of large deployments. VPN Client lacks such features as it is solely meant for at home telecommuters and those who travel much.

IT professionals will love the GreenBow as it comes with the advanced Public Key Infrastructure management options which they’re used to, with support for all standard VPN functions including IPSec, IPv4/6 and SSL among others.

Overall, it is easy for admins to pre-configure it, plus it can connect to many VPN servers from different providers – with no setup issues – though it’s pricey.

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Microsoft VPN Client for Windows

corporate VPN solutions

This is a built-in corporate VPN solution which has been in existence from the early days of Windows, and can be found on Windows Phone and mobile versions.

It supports major encryption standards like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and Internet Key Exchange, with each version having its own quirks. Older versions have older and less secure protocols, but these improve with each release of the Windows OS.

However, being the default VPN client for any Windows system, it is vulnerable to attacks by hackers, just as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are. The work around is to keep the OS updated and ensure recommendations to check encryption and key lengths are followed to the letter.

It’s always available as it is included by default, so there’s no need to install it as with other corporate VPN solutions in this roundup – simply configure a connection. The admin needs to know also which Windows version the VPN client belongs to. However, users of Apple, Google Android and Linux or others cannot access it as it isn’t available to them.

Otherwise it is a good and basic corporate VPN solution for use with Windows and can work with most VPN servers, though it doesn’t have some bells and whistles of popular third-party corporate VPN solutions.


Cisco VPN

corporate VPN solutions

This corporate VPN solution can run on all desktop and mobile operating systems, with support for VPNs and other security services, protecting different WAN designs, and helping corporates protect their most important asset – data – whether in transit or at rest.

Cisco VPN provides cryptography which helps enable origin authentication, strong encryption, and topology hiding, and offers it on its routing platforms as VPN solutions.

The VPN portfolio of solutions includes Dynamic Multipoint VPN for authentication and key exchange, Group Encrypted Transport VPN for highly secure communication between grouped systems in a network, FlexVPN for origin authentication and key exchange, as well as the Secure Socket Layer VPN that protects data communication between a software client like AnyConnect, and the corporate network.

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