5 best DLL repair software tools [DLL error fixers]

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  • The best DLL repair tools will fix most missing and corrupted DLL errors that arise in Windows.
  • Some dedicated DLL repair software includes a variety of tools for fixing DLL files and other problems.
  • The best registry cleaners are also among the best DLL repair tools, as the processes are similar.
  • Choosing the right DLL repair tool can be difficult, but not if you make an informed decision.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files are system files for Windows that incorporates specific code (or data) for a specific function in Windows.

Software call upon many shared DLL files bundled with Windows, NET Framework, and C++ redistributable packages.

However, Dynamic Link Library errors arise when DLLs needed by certain software become inaccessible.

When you see a DLL is missing error message, the DLL has either been deleted or is corrupted in some way.

Consequently, you can’t usually utilize programs DLL issues arise for.

You can fix Dynamic Link Library errors with DLL repair utility software. General-purpose system maintenance packages can resolve DLL errors with their registry cleaners and scanning tools.

There are also some dedicated DLL fixer utilities for Windows with which you can restore and repair DLL files.

What is the best DLL repair tool?


Restoro is an all-in-one advanced system repair tool for Windows. When you start up this software, it automatically scans your PC for issues.

Thereafter, it gives you a complete overview of the scanned PC and issues that need fixing. Then you can click Start Repair for Restoro to weave its magic!

Restoro is a great choice for repairing Dynamic Link Library issues because it replaces missing/damaged DLL files with clean and up-to-date ones.

With this software, you can fix all missing or corrupted Windows system DLL files on your PC with just a click of a button.

Other useful restore features

  • Incorporates an antivirus utility
  • Live chat support is available for Restoro
  • It displays detailed system info
  • Restoro detects software that crashes with regularity


Resolve any DLL problems with this incredibly versatile and powerful software.

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CCleaner best dll repair tools

Many users will no doubt have heard of CCleaner. It is, after all, one of the world’s most loved freely available system optimizes having had more than 2.5 billion downloads.

That might be because CCleaner packs in very comprehensive and flexible hard disk and registry cleaners.

CCleaner’s registry repair utility is especially good for fixing DLL issues. Its registry cleaner includes a Missing Shared DLLs checkbox.

When you select that checkbox, CCleaner’s scan displays a list of missing or broken DLL files that its Fix selected issues option can resolve.

Other useful CCleaner features

  • Enables users to search for and delete duplicate files
  • CCleaner includes a startup manager utility
  • Users can disable browser extensions with CCleaner’s Browser Plugins tab
  • It incorporates an Uninstall tab for removing software


CCleaner is an extremely useful software that, among other useful features, can resolve any DLL issues you might encounter.

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DLL Suite

DLL Suite best dll repair tools

DLL Suite is dedicated DLL fixer software that has been specifically designed for fixing DLL issues.

This software can detect and quickly fix a wide range of DLL, registry, and system errors. It also incorporates performance enhancer, startup manager, and registry optimizer system maintenance tools.

The full DLL Suite is not freeware, but users can still utilize a more limited freely available version.

With the demo DLL Suite, you can check for, search, download missing DLL files you need. However, automatic repair of all detected DLL issues is only available in the registered version.

Other useful features

  • DLL Suite compresses registry hives
  • Incorporates a Registry Backup tab
  • Enables users to schedule automatic maintenance scans
  • Its scanner utility can also remove EXE virus/spyware files

Download DLL Suite


DLL Helper best dll repair tools

DLL-Helper is ideal for fixing missing DLL issues. This software has been specifically designed to help users find DLL files that are missing on their PCs.

DLL-Helper is intuitive software with which users can quickly find, download, and register missing DLLs with its search tool.

DLL-Helper is a better alternative to searching for DLL files online as there are many unreputable DLL web sources.

With DLL-Helper, you can quickly and easily find and download legit DLL files specified in error messages by entering their names in its search box. Furthermore, this program will even automatically unpack and registers them.

Useful DLL-Helper features

  • Includes an Advanced Mode that provides extra metadata and system info for files
  • Intuitive and straightforward UI design

Download DLL-Helper

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Registry Repair best dll repair tools

Glarysoft Registry Repair is one of the most highly-rated registry cleaner utilities that can fix many DLL errors that arise from invalid registry entries.

This freeware software analyzes many different registry areas and identities more than 18 different error types. This is especially effective software as it can patch corrupted or incomplete DLLs.

Useful Glarysoft Registry Repair features

  • Glarysoft Registry Repair’s automatic registry backup feature backs up the registry
  • Incorporates one of the fastest and efficient registry-scanning engines
  • Includes an ignore list users can add registry path exceptions toIts users can select a Deep Scan checkbox

Download Glarysoft Registry Repair

Those are some of the best DLL repair tools available for Windows platforms.

Restoro and CCleaner include invaluable tools with which you can quickly and easily repair a multitude of corrupted or missing DLL error messages that stop software from running.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can utilize built-in Windows 10 utilities, such as System File Checker and System Restore. Our How to fix DLL missing guide provides further details.

  • DLL errors are pretty common as malware and virus often target Dynamic Link Library files and there are numerous ways DLL files can get deleted.

  • You can download missing DLL files at once with dedicated DLL repair software that includes Dynamic Link Library search tools, such as the aforementioned DLL Suite and DLL-Helper.

  • DLL errors are pretty common as malware and virus often target Dynamic Link Library files and there are numerous ways DLL files can get deleted.

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