Best network cables for gaming to buy [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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best Gaming Ethernet cables

Whenever you hear about gaming at a professional level, the first thing that probably pops in your mind is a big PC that looks like a robot and features RGB lights, and an ultra-widescreen curved monitor.

However, few realize that in order to efficiently game at a professional level, all these pale in comparison to the Internet connection that you have. But since we cannot advise you to change your ISP, we can tell you which are the best Ethernet cables that you can get, if gaming is what you have in mind.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.


What are the best Ethernet cables for gaming to buy?

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

best gaming Mediabridge Ethernet CableIf you’re looking for a good Ethernet cable so that you can enjoy extended lag-free sessions of gaming, then the Mediabridge Ethernet Cable is the right choice for you.

It is a category 6 cable that is capable of supporting incredibly high amounts of data transfers in a short amount of time, and the build is made to reduce any extra interference.


  • Supports both Cat6 and Cat5e applications.
  • Cat 6 cables can support up to 10 Gigabits per second
  • Meets or exceeds Category 6 performance in compliance with the TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard.
  • Backward compatible with any existing Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Made of 24AWG Stranded conductors. Each of the 4 twisted pairs is separated by PE cross insulation to prevent crosstalk.
  • Has an 8P8C RJ45 connector with gold-plated contacts.
  • CM grade PVC jacket with 5.8mm outer diameter.
  • Includes adjustable & reusable Velcro cable strap


  • Lacks any form of shielding
  • The PVC jacket is pretty thin

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Cable Matters 160021

Best gaming Cable Matters 160021If you’re running a gaming server at home or at work, then a cable like the Cable Matters 160021 is just what you need, since it comes with a 5-color combo of black, blue, green, red, and white for easy cable management and identification.

They also feature Cat6 performance being able to support high transfer speeds, and they are also made from premium materials that make them usable for long periods of time.


  • The cable is Cat6 rated; The Ethernet cord has a 24 AWG copper wire provides universal connectivity
  • Cat6 performance at a Cat5e price but with higher bandwidth
  • Meets or exceeds Category 6 performance in compliance with the TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard
  • The connectors with gold-plated contacts,
  • The flexible and durable RJ45 cable


  • Connector pins are susceptible to bending
  • 5-foot length may not be enough

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Vandesail CAT7 LAN Network Cable

Vandesail CAT7 LAN Network CableThe first cat7 ethernet cable on our list has to be the Vandesail CAT7 LAN Network Cable. It features both Cat7-levels of performance, and it also manages to be sturdy for long use.

Its construction also makes the cable extremely versatile, as it can be used for more than just gaming, it can be used at pretty much any task that requires high connectivity speeds.


  • The cable qualifies as a Cat7
  • Perfect For Network Adapters, Hubs, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, PS3, PS4, X-box, patch panels and other high-performance networking applications
  • Has more shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires than a Cat6 cable


  • It may underperform

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KabelDirekt UTP Cable

best gaming KabelDirekt UTP cableYour KabelDirekt UTP cable will give you a fast and dependable connection for your home or office network, as it is able to sustain transfer speeds of around 1GB/s.

It is also easy to move and mold around the walls and sockets thanks to the extra-flexible interior shielding, and it is also safe from interferences thanks to the twisted pair cabling.


  • Can support speeds of up to 1GB/s
  • Suitable for switches, routers, modems with RJ45 input
  • The Cable is insensitive to interferences thanks to twisted pair interior cabling
  • No stiff shielding make it very flexible


  • The price tag
  • Prone to breaking easily because of the flexible shielding

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Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet CableIf gaming is a lifestyle, then you need an Ethernet cable that can keep up with your needs, and few manage to provide a lag-free experience the way the Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable does.

it is a Cat7 Ethernet cable that supports high transfer speeds, and the professional design makes it impervious to outside interferences.

The materials it is made of also make it resistant to corrosion and other physical hazards.


  • Cat7 shielded cable
  • Cables are made of 4 shielded twisted pair (STP) of copper wires with two RJ45 connectors
  • High quality shielded RJ45
  • Gold plated contact pins


  • The price tag

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Closing thoughts on Ethernet cables for gaming

The fact of the matter is there are just a few things you have to look for when trying to buy an Ethernet cable for gaming. Your number one priority needs to be a cable that can support high-speed connections, so Cat6 and Cat7 are preferred.

Additionally, it has to have good shielding so that no interferences may come with your connection. If you manage to find a cable that has these two qualities, then they are great for gaming, regardless of whether the label says so or not.