6 best in-car Wi-Fi devices to keep you connected on the road

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If you’re looking for in-car Wi-Fi to stay connected on the go, we share the best seven you can use right now.

Now that the world has gone digital, there’s an increasing demand for staying connected wherever you are, whether traveling or even relaxing at home.

For car owners, especially when stuck in traffic, in-car Wi-Fi comes in handy, taking off the hassle of having to convert credit to internet bundles before browsing. There are several ways you can get Wi-Fi in your car, including:

  • Using your smartphone

This is very popular, but your phone has to have the capabilities to become a Wi-Fi hotspot before using it in your car.

However, it may not be your best bet owing to the huge amounts of data it consumes, plus draining your battery meaning you have to keep it charged as you drive along.

  • Mobile hotspot

This is a small router, usually square or rectangular shaped, that lets you connect multiple devices at the same time.

A mobile hotspot is flexible, portable, and saves your phone’s data and battery as it uses a different data plan, but this means added costs monthly.

It is a good alternative if your car doesn’t come with in-car Wi-Fi built into it already.

  • Wireless router

This can be installed in your car, eliminating the need to keep carrying around a mobile hotspot device. It is more expensive though as you’d have to buy it, have it installed then pay for a data plan for the router.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

In-car Wi-Fi that’s already built into your car is the best due to its signal strength, as well as how easy it is to use because you need not carry anything around.

However, its use is limited to whenever you are inside or near the car. Plus, you’d have to really be a heavy internet user if you want to pay for monthly subscriptions.

If you’re looking for an in-car Wi-Fi device or mobile hotspot that you can use in your own jalopy, here are the best that will keep you connected on the go.

What are the best in-car Wi-Fi devices that I can buy?

  • Real-time GPS Tracker
  • You get real-time alerts for speeding
  • Can connect up to 8 devices
  • Hotspot data is sold separately

This is a pretty cool mobile hotspot if you’re looking for an in-car Wi-Fi service.

Among the benefits, Spectrum Tracking offers its users include connecting to up to 8 devices at the same time, no need for batteries or chargers, keeping you connected for 15 minutes after your car goes off,

This device is very is really fast, and turns on automatically in your car. You will also receive real-time alerts on speeding or harsh acceleration.

Verizon Wireless Jetpack

  • You can use it unplugged
  • Very fast, can access Wi-Fi in more than 200 countries
  • Built-in auto VPN to keep your data secure
  • No sim card included

This little gadget may fool you with its size at first glance, but it is so powerful and for its price, it is such a bargain you cannot afford to let go.

What makes it even more unique is you can connect your PC on the PC USB port, charge your phone, and even share files over your local Wi-Fi.

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It is lightweight, small, and you can connect up to 15 trusted devices at a time. The built-in Auto VPN will keep your file secure at all times.

Novatel Wireless

  • Affordable price
  • Fast, effective, efficient
  • Able to connect up to 10 4G Wi-Fi enabled device
  • It does not come with a charger

This Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot that retails for a very affordable price, is touted as being fast, effective, efficient, and able to connect up to 10 4G Wi-Fi enabled devices, and five 3G devices simultaneously.

It is compatible with Windows and other operating systems and is light in weight.

NETGEAR AC790-100EUS Aircard Wi-Fi

  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • Up to 300 hours standby time
  • Can share connections with up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Does not work with T-Mobile

This ultra-fast, mobile hotspot, delivers up to 11 hours of battery life, up to 300 hours standby time, and lets you share connections with up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices. It also offers a secure internet connection and is unlocked and 4G LTE compatible.

It is easy to use, and can even charge your phone’s battery. When you purchase the Netgear hotspot, you get a wall charger, USB cable with micro USB connector, a jump boost cable, and an installation guide among other items.

Enjoy great in-car Wi-Fi as you travel, or even while on holiday. No need to install anything, just power up and you’re connected!

T-Mobile hotspot

  • Covers both rural and suburban locations
  • Lightweight, portable hotspot
  • Comes with a sealed-in battery
  • The battery could last longer

This is a bit pricey, a little over $100, but it is well worth the spend. The T-Mobile hotspot which covers both rural and suburban locations makes it a worth in car Wi-Fi to use in all types of places.

It is a lightweight, portable hotspot, with a sealed-in battery, and a micro USB port you can use for charging.

This hotspot connects up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously, delivering high internet speeds on the go.

AT&T Velocity

AT&T in car Wi-Fi

AT&T has been in the market for ages, so they most definitely understand connection needs.

If you’re subscribed to AT&T, this mobile hotspot comes with durable battery life, easy setup, lightweight, and connects up to 10 devices automatically to the AT&T network.

It is internationally compatible in 100 countries, delivering secure in-car Wi-Fi virtually anywhere with up to 10 hours of battery life.

It comes with dual-band Wi-Fi technology, a user-friendly touchscreen, global connectivity, and a micro SD card for file sharing.

Get it now

Get Wi-Fi in my car

  • Using your smartphone hotspot is a popular solution, but you have to consider the huge amounts of data it consumes, plus draining your battery.
  • Use a dedicated tool for mobile Wi-Fi: portable Wi-Fi hotspot device.
  • In-car Wi-Fi that’s already built into your car is the best due to its signal strength, as well as how easy it is to use because you need not carry anything around.

Advantages of in-car Wi-Fi

  • You get a wider range of data plans that suits everyone’s use from light users to heavy internet surfers
  • You can plug in without worrying about your batteries, or even charging
  • In-car Wi-Fi allows you to charge your phone while driving, so you need not worry about running out of juice
  • In-car Wi-Fi delivers fast connection speeds owing to the 4G compatibility
  • You can also connect multiple devices with in-car Wi-Fi
  • It’s also a good way of keeping everybody occupied especially on a long road trip or journey

The downside with in-car Wi-Fi, however, is it can be more expensive, depends on network coverage, its availability is pegged on the network provider, and there’s practically no way you can drive while browsing.

Mobile hotspot faster than Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is obviously faster than 4G LTE Mobile Data, but downloads can get stuck over Wi-Fi. Some smartphone brands include a sanity check to switch your connection from a slow Wi-Fi to a faster cellular connection.

If you also want to assess your Wi-Fi connection, check out the list with the best Wi-Fi software to do just that. Also, check out the best Wi-Fi hotspot software for Windows 10 to make an informed decision.

For any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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