Vending Machine Software: 5 Best to Use in 2024

Choosing the best VMS software will boost business efficiency

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Key notes

  • When owning more vending machines, the workload is increased and becomes harder to keep up.
  • Using vending machine management software will take some pressure off your shoulders.
  • This software can keep track of product levels, reduce supply time, and increase overall sales.
  • We created a list of some of the best software that can help your vending machine business thrive.

In an age where you own vending machines all over the world and they can be in the tens of thousands, having to micro-manage each one of them doesn’t cut it anymore.

That is why software designed specifically for that was developed. It can come in the form of downloadable software for your PC, mobile apps, or even online services.

These will streamline the vending process of your products, allowing you more freedom to focus on the more important matter at hand. In the long run, it can even help generate additional profit for you.

Vending machine management software can take your business to the next level. Remote access to all machine data simplifies all manual processes from delivery to maintenance.

Because there are plenty of such services out there, choosing one that is truly good can be daunting. That is why we’ve decided to compile a list of the best vending machine management software that you can get.

What is a vending management system?

Vending management software (VMS) is a tool that helps vending companies better manage their sales and inventory. Get a remote overview of all vending machines and know exactly what to do next so you can run your business more efficiently.

If you own lots of vending machines, you know that their maintenance is troublesome. A VMS helps you track real-time data which can increase service efficiency and sales. Also, you can create reports and see insights into specific data.

Furthermore, some software can create custom routes so you reduce supply and service time and increase productivity.

VMS is a great choice when you want to save time and increase efficiency for your business.

What is the best vending management software that I can get?

VendSoft – Best for small businesses

If you’re looking to manage vending machines in a way that is fast and efficient, then you will need a program like VendSoft.

This online service will automate every aspect of your vending machine business, allowing you to focus more on other things, increasing profits and reducing the time that is wasted.

Whether you have a few vending machines or an entire fleet of them, VendSoft is a great choice for optimizing supply routes, creating detailed reports, and micro-managing each of them.


  • In-depth reports for all or for individual vending machines
  • Smart supply route management and optimizing for the minimum time
  • Analyze every product mix for each route to maximize sales turnover
  • Management of product level and expiry dates
  • Mobile app for remote management
  • Compatible with different machine types

Get VendSoft

Parlevel – Best software for big vending machine businesses

Parlevel comes as an all-in-one business solution for vending machine management. This software will take care of everything there is and you just have to supervise and make the right decisions.

Its aim is to increase control and accountability over all your machines. Real-time monitoring of sales, micro markets, and OCS routes.

With Parlevel you can boost your sales by giving customers the option to pay with a reliable, 4G cashless reader. Get faster payments via NFC, credit cards, and Apple Pay.


  • Inventory tracking, product ordering and warehouse management
  • Detailed insights on hard data and boost productivity
  • Machine breakdown and stock-out alerts
  • More ways to pay so more cash on hand
  • Can provide multiple types of vending machines
  • 7 days a week support for implementation, training, and troubleshooting

Get Parlevel

OTI Global – Best provider of contactless payment devices

OTI Global is a provider of some of the best technologies for contactless payments for vending machines, and it comes with its own vending management software.

They have a complete package for any business that wants to expand their payment methods and increase their cash on hand and provide faster payments.

With multiple certified EMV solutions, they shorten the integration time to market and provide great customer support for troubleshooting.


  • Real-time status of your vending machines
  • Automatically generated routes for product stocking
  • Detailed reports of vending data
  • Can be placed on any type of vending machine
  • Increase on hand cash and facilitate payments
  • Multiple solutions for different types of business

Get OTI Global

Nayax – Great inventory and sales tracker


Nayax is a new way to manage your vending machine or other unattended automated machines to achieve more efficiency in your operations.

This management software for unattended machines will help you manage your business from afar, using advanced vending telemetry solutions.

With Nayax you will have the ability to monitor your machines with real-time information about stocks, payments, and any aspects regarding their working conditions.


  • Fast cashless payments for more cash on hands
  • Reduce spoilage with real-time alerts
  • Faster restock by knowing exactly the levels of inventory
  • Custom solutions for any business
  • Automates every aspect of your business
  • Can be accessed from all devices

Get Nayax

Cantaloupe – Great micro-market management


Cantaloupe can be viewed as more of a conglomerate of software tools that work together in order to maximize the efficiency and profits of your vending machine operations.

This service comes with a host of tools, each of which is capable of taking care of every single aspect of business, from the payments it receives to the delivery it makes.

Boost profitability by bringing dynamic route optimization to your business. You will know exactly how many products to bring, their exact location and you can even schedule future routes for increasing efficiency.


  • Seed Cloud is the only web-based, end-to-end vending operations solution:
  • Easy-to-use, mobile-ready VMS
  • Supports card and mobile payments
  • Has route optimization and  automation
  • Features OCS and delivery logistics
  • Capable of micro-market management

Get Cantaloupe

Closing thoughts on vending management software

In an age of technology, it was only a matter of time before software that can take care of business for us was invented. Every simple process can be automated and can create a window for improvement.

While it cannot make your business run itself, it can be an amazing help to aid in boosting productivity, be more efficient in supplying and increasing your overall revenue.

In the long run, this translates into less time wasted, and more profits earned because of streamlined management and faster response times.

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