4 best RAM optimizers for a faster Windows 10 PC

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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If you are reading this article, then you are probably wondering why your computer is gradually becoming slower and slower and how you can fix that.

Computers tend to build up data on your HDD and RAM that can cause your PC to run slower. If you are in this situation, then you may want to try one of the RAM optimizers for Windows 10 in the list below.

It is important to note that these optimizing software will not magically add more memory to your RAM or make it more powerful. Rather, optimizing your RAM can be seen as a sort of clean up, maintenance job.

These programs will help “improve” your computer by deleting unnecessary memory, among other things.

The truth is, these programs are not essential, because Windows 10 already has integrated functions and tools that are designed for this sort of thing.

Nevertheless, using these integrated tools is not only inconvenient but also confusing to individuals who aren’t computer savvy.

On the other hand, RAM optimizers tend to be easy to use and convenient, and most of them are completely free.

The list below shows some of the best RAM optimizers for Windows 10.

RAM optimizing software for Windows PCs

1. Iolo System Mechanic  (recommended)

Iolo System Mechanic gives you the option to easily block and turn off any unwanted programs, wipe logs, clean out unwanted data clogging up your RAM, and even help delete your internet cache and history.

Iolo is a popular RAM optimizer software that is praised by critics and customers alike.

After performing several tests on this application, we have concluded that it really is effectual in increasing a computer’s performance.

Furthermore, the application is also designed to significantly increase internet speed.

They optimize settings automatically for the user to make webpages load faster, items download faster and improve online gaming.

Another unique feature of Iolo is that is it can supposedly automatically fix many errors and software related issues found on your computer.

The application is constantly updated so that your PC will remain stable and problem-free.

Privacy protection and other security functions are also available in Iolo System Mechanic. It basically gives you the whole package for computer maintenance.

The only real disadvantage of Iolo System Mechanic is that there is no free edition. However, some editions allow users to install the program on multiple computers, which can make it ideal for the workplace.

So, if you are looking for a RAM optimizer that comes with a ton of other maintenance features, then you will want to try it out.

Iolo System Mechanic is one of the 7 software products included in the comprehensive security, privacy and optimization package Phoenix 360.

If you are interested, you should definitely take advantage of its current discount from $79.95 to $39.95.

2. Wise Memory Optimizer

wise memory optimizer free

Wise Memory Optimizer is a lightweight, portable program that quickly and efficiently frees up any physical memory being taken up by the PC’s system or by unnecessary applications.

This application is perfect for people who want something easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly so that you can easily navigate it.

The application will show you a pie chart of how much RAM you have freed up and after you have pressed the RAM optimized option.

Wise Memory Optimizer has a portable edition, which means you can use the program without having to install it. This makes it also very convenient to erase.

Users have the option to let this RAM optimizer to free up any memory on your PC whenever the memory degrades below a certain point.

Of course, if you want to manually start the optimization process, then all you have to do is click on a button in the application.

This application is completely free and works on pretty much every version of Windows.

Check our comprehensive guide to see what needs to be done if your PC is slow on memory.

3. Razer Cortex 

First up, is Razer Cortex. Razer is a highly popular company that primarily sells gaming-related merchandise. With that in mind, Razer Cortex is specifically designed to help gamers boost their computer’s performance.

However, pretty much any Windows 10 user can use this program to help their computers run more smoohthly.

How does it work?

Well, this boosting program helps defrag your computer’s systems, stop unwanted system processes, and of course cleans out your RAM’s memory.

This program is not only available on Windows 10, but also on Windows 7 and 8.

As I mentioned above that many of the functions of these programs can be performed manually. For example, closing down unnecessary services and applications can be executed without Razer Cortex.

Nevertheless, with this program, you only to have to click a button on your computer will be “boosted”.

As for how much your computer will be improved?

There won’t be much of a change in terms of performance. However, your applications will most likely open faster and smoother because your RAM isn’t preoccupied with other data.

Learn how to use full RAM on your Windows 10 PC with the help of our great guide!

4. CleanMem

Another lightweight program that can be used to optimize your RAM.

CleanMem is unique, however, because it optimizes your computer every 15 minutes. This means that you will always have your computer performing at it’s optimal level.

In addition to keeping your computer running smoothly, CleanMem has several other advanced functions that you can use to improve your PC. They also offer a pro/premium version that has even more functions.

All in all, CleanMem is ideal for those who do not want to worry about a clogged up RAM ever again. It is probably the most convenient RAM optimizer in this list.

Of course, you will have to keep the program running at all times, but it takes up very little CPU and computing power.


Upgrading your computer by adding more RAM is of course the best way to improve your PC’s performance. However, sometimes all your computer needs is a RAM Optimizers for Windows 10 to help it run better.

The applications mentioned above are not necessarily listed in order from top to worst. Rather, each of these programs offer different advantages and disadvantages, so that you will have a wider variety to choose from.

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