China bans Microsoft Bing, here’s how you can still use it

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Bing faces the same fate as Facebook, Google and Twitter in China. The search engine developed by the American software giant Microsoft just got under the Chinese censorship radar. It was a great surprise to Microsoft and other tech components when reports from the Chinese mainland disclosed the inaccessibility of Bing by the local population.

Stunned by the reports, Microsoft says that it is investigating the situation to trace the reasons for this strict command by the Chinese government.

This news comes as a big hit to Microsoft. The company confirms that it has an eye on the issue, but it also says that, “Bing is currently inaccessible in China,” and they “are engaged to determine next steps.” Moreover, China Unicom, a Chinese telecommunications operator, has also confirmed the block.

Previously, Microsoft had been running a conditional search operation in China. It had agreed with the censorship demands of the local government and tailored the search results according to the treaty. This censorship in China is executed by the ruling communist party which proclaims that it has the right to control the internet’s content within the country’s premises for the social stability of its people.

On the spot, Microsoft is unclear whether the block is due to censorship or technical problems. However, it is not unusual to see western platforms leaving Chinese land because of censorship. As a quick reminder, Google in 2010, Twitch in September 2018, as well as Facebook and Instagram have been banned by the Chinese government because of the disputed content.

But this does not end here.

Install a VPN to bypass censorship

For the users who want to use Bing for search results, they can access it through the CyberGhost VPN. This means they can still access Bing from China to enjoy unlimited browsing.

Bing disappearance from the Beijing’s search engines raises many other questions. Will Google, which had been drawn from the Chinese market in 2010, re-launch its operation in China? Or will Chinese local internet companies like Baidu be taking over the whole China searches?

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UPDATE: Bing is back online. Apparently, this was only a technical issue.


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