Bing Maps now displays real-time traffic camera images

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Bing Maps gets a new feature

Microsoft recently added a new feature to its Bing Maps application. Users can now utilize their Bing Maps to have a look at traffic camera images of their specific route in real time.

Microsoft enhanced the predictive route calculation capability of Bing Maps by adding real-time traffic information in 2017. You can now track the traffic conditions on your planned route with the help of a new traffic camera icon.

However, users can only see traffic details from a limited area. They can use the Traffic option to access the new feature. You can find this option in the web-based version of Bing Maps.

Track your route in extreme weather

The feature is going to offer numerous advantages to users. Let’s have a brief look at each of them.

You can quickly change your planned route if you have the real-time situation of the route.

It will help you to monitor the current traffic condition during a flood, wind storm, or snowfall. Microsoft believes that drivers can avoid dangerous routes with the help of the camera feed. 

Just like its Google counterpart, Bing Maps monitors the current traffic conditions to allocate particular colors to your routes. For instance, the red color is an indicator of heavy traffic and orange shows a moderate one.

It seems that Microsoft is really putting its efforts to offer you a better and convenient way to plan your trips.

As a matter of fact, the new feature provides some valuable information that comes to the rescue in tricky situations.

Often people get themselves stranded in unpredictable situations such as dust storms or a rainfalls. You can now use Bing Maps to avoid dangerous and challenging routes during a long road trip. 

We can expect Microsoft to release more such features in the next few months.


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