Best 5K monitors to get today [2020 Guide]

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LG 27MD5KB-B UltraFine 27 - 5K Monitor

The hunt for high-resolution displays is a never-ending task with new 8K monitors making it to the scene sooner than we thought. While the 8K monitors offer exceptional clarity, the price tag makes even the nerdiest of us to think twice before spending a fortune on a debutant technology. On the other hand, 5K monitors are the closest to 8K resolution displays you can get without burning your pocket.

The 5K monitors offer exceptional clarity and detail for video and photo editors. If you are a gamer, these high-end monitors with excellent refresh rates and brightness help you notice even the smallest details in gaming sessions.

If you are in the market looking for the best 5K monitors, there can be no better time than Black Friday as companies offer huge discounts on Black Friday deals on 5K monitors. Take a look at our top pick for the best 5K monitors to buy as Black Friday deals.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag may sometimes vary as some of the discounts may no longer be available by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.


3 interesting 5K monitors to buy right now


Planar IX2790 27" 5K Monitor

Planar IX2790 27 5K Monitor

The Planar IX2790 is a 27″ 5K monitor that can be connected to a Mac or Windows PC via a single DisplayPort cable. The monitor supports simultaneous input from two sources while the 5120 x 2880 pixels on offer ensures that even the text on the screen appear as crisp as strokes from a ball pen on paper.

The TFT LCD offers adequate brightness for your gaming and editing needs while weighing less than 14 lbs on paper.

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LG UltraFine 27 5K Monitor


LG UltraFine 27 5K Monitor

The LG 27MD5KB-B UltraFine monitor comes with 27-inch LED lit LCD offering excellent clarity and adequate brightness of 500 cd/m² for gaming and editing work. With the USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 port, the monitor can be hooked up with any laptop with compatible ports. There is a built-in webcam and a microphone for connectivity.

If you want a bigger display, the same unit also comes in a 34-inch size for better productivity. It also comes with a height adjustable stand and offers wide 178° viewing angles with 14 ms (GtG) response time.

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LG Ultra HD 5K UltraFine Monitor

LG 27MD5KB-B UltraFine 27 - 5K Monitor

The LG Ultra HD 5K UltraFine is another 5K monitor from LG offering 27″ 5120 x 2880 Resolution (5K) IPS LED display. The LED display churns out 500cd/m² brightness making it ideal for gaming and video editing.

The monitor can be used with any Thunderbolt 3 compatible laptops and CPUs as well as USB-C (3.1 5Gbps) supported devices. All the ports are nicely tucked away in the back of the panel making cable management a lot easier.

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So, these are the best 5K monitors that you can treat yourself with this Black Friday. Have you made up your mind yet? Do let us know your pick in the comments below.

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