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by Vladimir Popescu
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DEX 3 DJ software is a professional solution that enables every user to intuitively mix music, create karaoke music videos and produce qualitative live-music tracks.

This DJ mixing software created by PCDJ represents an innovative solution for 80.000 professional DJs and passionate people alike.

More so, the software has beat-grid automatic mixing and key detection to help you blend the tracks simply, both for live performance mixing or home-based tracks.

What are the best DEX 3 DJ deals for this Cyber Monday?

At this time of year, PCDJ has a beneficial offer and you can save 35% on DEX 3 software. It is feasible to profit from this discount and get this rich-feature mixing program with an audio, music video, and karaoke support.

The offer has much to offer, and you can expect qualitative services from DEX 3 at the price of $96.85 which was discounted from $149.

In addition, you can also get the DEX Red edition for easy-to-use mixing software and basic karaoke features. At the same time, you have available DEX 3 Limited edition as the perfect method to learn how to DJ like a pro.

Some of the DEX 3 DJ best features:

  • Key detection for harmonic mixing
  • Mixing audio and music videos alike
  • 80+ DJ controllers
  • Vinyl emulation option
  • BMP Sync with beat-grid
  • Over 4 full-featured DJ Decks


With this professional DJ mixing software, you can produce valuable audio tracks that will amaze your public.
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