Here’s how to boot Windows XP on your Nintendo Switch

by Milan Stanojevic
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run Windows XP on Nintendo Switch

A lot of people tried running Linux and Android on their Nintendo Switch in the past few years. It has been a year now that a YouTube user demonstrated Windows XP booting on Nintendo Switch. As a result, Windows XP fans tried to run the OS on their devices as well.

Redditor Alfonso Dingo Torres Jauregui, made a recent attempt that came under the highlights. He explained how his attempt turned out to be a successful one.

He basically installed L4T Linux and used QEMU to run Windows XP on Nintendo Switch. The user also says that the total installation and setup process took around 6 hours.Handheld Mode

Enjoy Pinball 3D at a full speed

Jauregui used QEMU to run Windows XP on a virtual machine. Virtualization is a process where an OS runs on top of another one.

You may be thinking about the performance of the system. The user claims that anyone can enjoy Pinball 3D “at a full speed”.

Play Pinball 3D

When talking about the specifications he says,

I have the Cinnamon DE running and have a 2GB Swap dime in order to keep things nice and smooth.

He clearly said that if you want to replicate the procedure on your Nintendo Switch you should first install QEMU and allocate a 10 GB hard disk space.

This recent experiment proves that Nintendo Switch is a lot more than a simple gaming console. Jauregui says that his modified version of the Switch is working perfectly well until now.

Some Reddit users are excited to play Pinball 3D on their console devices. Furthermore, they also demanded Jauregui to try some more games. 

It looks like users are interested in running more such experiments. They wonder if joycons works as inputs within Windows XP. 

Yeah but can the XP system run Android in a VM with another nested VM inside it running Ubuntu that run Yuzu emulator on top of it?

Comment down below if you are one of those who tried out Windows XP on their Nintendo Switch.


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