How to fix the Camtasia 9 black screen errors in Windows 10

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Camtasia Green Screen Software Windows 10

This is how you can fix black screen in Camtasia

  1. Select the Use software-only mode Hardware Acceleration Option
  2. Turn Off Antivirus Software
  3. Update the Camtasia Software
  4. Check the Canvas Dimensions

Camtasia is video-recording software that you can record screencast videos in Windows with. However, some users have stated on TechSmith forums that they see a black screen when they playback recorded output in Camtasia. Thus, the recorded Camtasia video previews are blank. This is how you can fix Camtasia 9’s black screen video previews in Windows.

Steps to fix Camtasia black screen issues

Step 1: Select the Use software-only mode Hardware Acceleration Option

Numerous Camtasia users have confirmed that the Use software-only mode option fixes the software’s black screen previews. As such, the black screen error is often due to Camtasia’s hardware acceleration settings. This is how you can select the Use software-only mode setting in Camtasia 9.

  • Open the Camtasia 9 window.
  • Click the Edit menu and select Preferences to open the window shown directly below.
  • Select the Advanced tab on the Preferences window.

  • Then click the Hardware Acceleration drop-down menu and select Use software-only mode.

  • Click the OK button to close the Preferences window.
  • Then restart the Camtasia 9 software.

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Step 2: Turn Off Antivirus Software

Camtasia’s black screen error can also be due to third-party antivirus utilities. The antivirus software can block the software’s recording utility. Trusteer Rapport, Zone Alarm, Webroot and Anti-Key Logger are a few of the utilities that TechSmith confirms can conflict with Camtasia. So you should certainly at least disable those software, and any other antivirus utilities, you have running alongside Camtasia.

You can often turn off antivirus software by selecting a disable option on their system tray context menus. Alternatively, you can remove the antivirus software from the system startup. That will ensure they don’t automatically run when Windows starts. This is how you can remove antivirus utilities from the Windows startup.

  • Right-click the Start button to open the menu shown below.

  • Select Task Manager to open that utility’s window.
  • Select the Start-up tab shown directly below.

  • Select antivirus utilities listed on the Start-up tab, and press the Disable button.
  • Then close Task Manager, open the Start menu and select to restart Windows.
  • To ensure there are no other software conflicting with Camtasia, you can also deselect the Load startup items option on the System Configuration window. To open the System Configuration window, press the Windows key + R hotkey, enter ‘msconfig’ in Run and click OK.

typing lag/slow keyboard response in Windows 10

  • Click the Selective startup radio button on the General tab if it’s not already selected.
  • Then deselect the Load startup items check box.
  • Press the Apply button.
  • Click the OK button to close the window.
  • Press the Restart button on the confirmation window to reboot Windows.

Step 3: Update the Camtasia Software

Some Camtasia users have stated that updating the software fixed the black screen error for them. This page lists updates that have fixed various Camtasia bugs. To check for Camtasia updates, click the Help menu at the top of the software’s window. Then you can select a Check for Updates option.

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Step 4: Check the Canvas Dimensions

Also note that what appears to be a black screen preview might just be a tiny, invisible canvas. One Camtasia user stated, “It turned out the issue for me was that my Project Dimensions had somehow gotten set from 1,920 x 1,080 to 2 x 1.” As such, it might also be worth checking tha your canvas dimension settings.

To do that, click the Magnification drop-down menu at the top of canvas and select Project Settings. Then select a more standard 1,920 x 1,080 dimension for the canvas from the Canvas Dimensions menu. Alternatively, you can enter custom values for the canvas in the width and height fields. Press the Apply button to adjust the canvas.

Those resolutions will probably fix the black screen error in Camtasia so that you can playback recorded output. Note, however, that there are also quite few alternative freeware software you can record videos with. This software guide provides further details for the best Windows 10 video-recording programs.



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