Fix: Caps Lock and Num Lock Keys Stuck in Windows 10

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caps lock num lock stuck keyboard windows 10

Since the Technical Preview of Windows 10 has rolled out, many have gone ahead and downloaded it on their devices. But some users have been reporting recently problems related to the functionality of Caps Lock and Num Lock keys.
caps lock num lock keys stuck windows 10
If you are running a preview build of Windows 10 on your computer and you have problems with your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys, then you should know you are not the single one in this situation. Across the forums, many have started complaining that Caps Lock stays on even after it is turned off.

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Windows 10 users report Num Lock/Caps Lock problems: how to fix them?

Here’s what one of them has been saying:

Gaming Keyboard keypad numbers still do not work. Regular Keyboard Keypad numbers work however Num Lock does not light up. My previous 9879 install was the normal upgrade, so not sure if the issues we are having are specific to certain keyboard drivers or specific USB driver or Win 10 TP 9879.

This issue also happens in Safe Mode. At this point I believe it is a Win 10 TP issue with certain hardware. As all my keyboards work correctly until Win 10 9879 loads.

While there isn’t an official fix for this problem, you could try performing the following actions:

  • Right-click Start, choose Control Panel
  • Under Clock, Language and Region, choose Change input methods
  • On the left, choose Advanced Settings
  • Now click on Change language bar hot keys
  • On the Advanced Key Settings tab, select Press the Shift key
  • Click OK, then Save

Caps Lock and Num Lock related problems

Caps Lock or Num Lock stuck is not the only problem you can technically have with your keyboard. We have detected more of them and wrote about all that causes them and how to fix these problems. Here they are:

After you’re done, press the Shift key, and Caps Lock will then return to its usual behavior. Obviously, this is just a temporary fix, until Windows 10 gets officially available. If you happen to know other solutions on how to make the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys function properly, leave your comment below and let us know.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2014 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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  • I found a reasonable solution – If the Caps lock gets stuck – even if you click it on and off and it doesn’t have change- try Ctrl+Caps Lock which makes it work again. Not sure why it does this but seem to be working for me till I find out one day why it does this.