The best Caps Lock software to use in Windows

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The Caps Lock key capitalizes all text entered when activated. Does this key ever come in handy for anything? We’re not sure it does aside from those very infrequent moments when you need to enter lots of capitalized text. Most keyboards have indicator lights that highlight if you’ve activated that button, but most wireless and notebook keyboards don’t usually have those LED lights.

Luckily, Caps Lock software can provide you with status indicator software that highlights if your Caps key, and other buttons, are on or off. The programs usually highlight the status of your Caps, Scroll and Num Lock keys by adding icon indicators to the Windows system tray. Some programs might just add basic color indicators to the system tray, but others might also provide balloon pop-ups or audio notifiers that highlight if Caps Lock is on/off.

Below are some of the best Caps Lock software to use in Windows.


TrayStatus is a piece of keyboard status software with free and Pro versions with more extensive options than most other programs. It actually has four Pro versions with little difference between them except with their usage restrictions. The Pro Standard version retails for $9 and adds CPU and RAM usage indicators along with audio notifiers not included in the free package. Press the Download Now button on this page to add TrayStatus to Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7.

TrayStatus is one of the best keyboard status programs because it also adds system resource indicators to the Windows system tray. Aside from its Caps, Num, Scroll, Kana, Alt, Ctrl and Shift key system tray icons, TrayStatus also has hard drive activity, RAM, and CPU usage indicators. Furthermore, users can click the system tray indicators to toggle lock status on/off. The Pro version also includes an option that plays an audio effect when you adjust a key’s status. Overall, this is an intuitive program with minimal system resource requirements and a variety of system tray indicators.

Keyboard LEDs

Keyboard LEDs is free software that doesn’t have any additional pro versions. Add this program to your PC by pressing the Download EXE button on this page. Keyboard LEDs is compatible with all the more recent Windows platforms from XP up.

This software adds a single icon indicator to the system tray for the Caps, Num and Scroll Lock keys. The icon has three colors to highlight if the Caps, Num and Scroll keys are on. Although Keyboard LEDs has fewer key indicators than TrayStatus, it has more extensive customization options for them as you can customize their colors or select to add an on-screen display to the desktop.

The on-screen displays have customizable text, background colors, and transparency. In addition, the program includes a Beep on lock state change option that activates an audio effect when you press one of the lock keys.

Caps Lock Indicator

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Caps Lock Indicator is proprietary keyboard status software specifically for Caps Lock. Although it doesn’t have any other key indicators, it has plenty of customization options for its one status indicator. The software is available for $9.99 on the publisher’s website and is compatible with Windows XP to 8 (and probably Windows 10).

Caps Lock Indicator adds a diamond icon to the system tray to highlight the key’s status. Furthermore, the software also adds pop-up text notifications to the bottom right corner of the desktop to highlight when the lock key is activated or deactivated as in the shot directly above.

You can customize the notification text’s color, background, opacity, and animation with the software’s options. The software also has an option that adds a Balloon tooltip to the system tray icon that states whether Caps Lock is on/off when you enable or disable it. In addition, users can select preset sound notifications for the Caps key.

Keyboard Indicator

Keyboard Indicator is another handy program that adds Caps, Num and Scroll Lock key indicators to your system tray. This software is freeware, portable and has customizable labels that notify you when the lock keys are on or off. Furthermore, it’s also a lightweight 62 KB program. You can save Keyboard Indicator’s Zip to Windows by clicking Download Keyboard Indicator v1.6.1.0 on this web page.

The best thing about Keyboard Indicator is its keyboard labels have lots of customization options. These include settings that adjust the text and background colors, font and position of the keyboard labels. Furthermore, you can also adjust the keyboard labels’ messages. For example, instead of stating “Caps Lock On” you can configure the label so that it states “Caps Lock Enabled.” The software lacks customization options for its indicator icons, but it’s still a decent keyboard status program.

Caps Lock Commander

Caps Lock Commander adds Caps and Num Lock indicators to the Windows system tray. While that’s not many compared to TrayStatus, the program still has various customization options for its on-screen lock key status indicators. This is $9.99 proprietary software available for Windows platforms from XP to 10.

Like the other programs, Caps Lock Commander adds lock key indicators to the system tray that have alternative colors to highlight if the buttons are on or off. However, most of its customization options are for the on-screen Caps and Num Lock indicators. CLC has options to configure the position, text color, font and background color of the on-screen indicators.However, what really sets this software apart from other alternatives is that it enables users to completely deactivate the Caps and Num Lock keys. Or you can select settings that always keep the keys on.

If your keyboard doesn’t have a Caps Lock indicator light, these are some of the best programs to make it crystal clear if Caps Lock and other keys are on or off. Windows 10 also includes its own audio indicator for the Caps, Scroll and Num keys, and this article provides further details for that option.


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