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  • This is the era when board games lost some of their old glory due to the technology evolution of games as a concept. Chess is not an exception, considering the growing interest in this popular game.
  • Whether you're a chess enthusiast or are just trying to learn the ropes, specialized chess software can come in really handy. It can help you practice your moves and even teach you new ones.
  • If chess is one of your hobbies, check out our best chess software picks.
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This is the era when board games lost some of their old glory due to the technology evolution of games as a concept.

When people nowadays hear the word ‘game‘ they usually think of something that is purely fun and runs on some kind of a gaming system.

Most of the ancient board games are erased from mainstream culture, but that is not nor will be the case with chess. Its tactical nature will live forever and many of the upcoming generations will find chess as something worth their time.

What is the way to combine modern technology with a brilliant strategic game and make it playable for millions? Create a software that simulates a game itself?

That’s just it. Microsoft used to implement Chess Titans into Windows Vista and Windows 7, but stopped doing so in Windows 8 and 10. All of us can agree that was a mistake.

Although Chess Titans were great and hard to match, we have some other games that can be obtained for Windows 10.

We’ve prepared a list of the best Chess games that you can play on your Windows 10 PC.

What are the best chess games for Windows 10?

DecodeChess( Editor’s choice )

decodechess for windows gameplay

DecodeChessis considered is a strong chess software tool at this moment for a good reason.

Chess enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy a chess engine that gives them the chance to win something even greater than a master at their disposal 24/7.

Actually, DecodeChess is well beyond the skill of any chess genius.

It provides the best interface to practice with a chess engine, the flexibility to compete against opponents that play more like humans, useful hints to learn how moves support future player plans, and positional/tactical motives relevant to the decoded position.

decodechess explaining moves

Users can forget all about regular chess engines that lack explanations. DecodeChess auto-explains chess moves in rich, intuitive language, as detailed in the following image:

decodechess analyzing a game

Things are no different in chess analysis tabs:
That’s why it is easy to say that DecodeChess fulfills the needs of beginner level chess players who are eager to start training their skills.

Moreover, it is also the perfect choice for professionals who are often overwhelmed by poorly implemented complex features of other chess software tools.

After all, they all share a similar goal: to become more open to the game possibilities in front of them and enforce wise habits. That’s precisely what they get from DecodeChess!



Get your skills to the next level with the most sophisticated chess analysis tool.

Try it now

Shredder Classic for Windows shredder classic 5 gameplay

Shredder Classic is not simply a chess game, it is a whole art. This software is created by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen and it is 18 times World Computer Chess Champion. Thus, you won’t need to worry about its skills – you’ll play with a pro.

If you are a beginner, you can adjust the program’s level to yours- Shredder will adapt to your playing skills and will let you advance. You will also have a personal assistant that will help you during the matches thus improving your chess skills.

In order to exercise, you will have access to:

  • More than 1000 chess puzzles
  • Openings learn and practice
  • Practice endgames
  • Own games examinator

You can discover more of these features by downloading and trying Shredder Classic 5 chess game for free from the link below.

The Chess Lv.100

chess lvl100 windows

One of the few free chess games available in the Microsoft Store. It is not as beautiful as Chess Titans, but it will serve you well. Paid version is ad-free but even the free version is not that much drowned in pop-ups.

The Chess Lv.100 brings a lot of customizing options to the table, concerning board and pieces, in-game sound and graphics. You can also record games you play for later inspection.

There are, as the name itself says, 100 levels of AI difficulty and the default level is 30.

The player can select levels according to his knowledge of the game or play against friends. AI is quite tricky to beat on higher levels so prepare yourself for a true challenge.

The lastgame you played is saved after closing, so you can continue from the same point next time.


chess4all windows

Chess4All is another free chess simulator you can find in the Microsoft Store. It doesn’t offer an abundance of customization options like The Chess Lv.100, but, instead brings competitive online gaming and nice interactive tutorial.

AI leveling is good optimized so you can easily find your difficulty while playing against CPU. Online mode offers good opportunities to play or learn by watching others play or solving puzzles from famous matches.

Also, there is chat option so you can chat while playing against online opponents.

Chess4All is a satisfying experience even though there are plenty ways to improve it. Nevertheless, you should try it out, especially if you are a beginner because it will let you learn and advance in an interesting manner.

Grand Master Chess 3

grandmaster chess windows

The first clear difference between Grand Master Chess 3 and the chess simulators above, it is a way you can get it. It is not a UWP app, so download and install from the third-party site are needed.

Speaking of the differences, this is a pretty antique game, so it’s not so amazing visually.

The 3D view is a bit confusing, so you better stick to 2D view. It offers an option for Bobby Fisher variant of chess where back row pieces are randomly mixed.

This is a brilliant option if you are a chess professional or an advanced enthusiast. Have no worries, the standard mode is also there. Computer level is good balanced and it gets proportionally harder as you advance through levels.

Grand Master Chess 3 is a lookalike of classic chess simulators we encountered in the 90s, so it falls behind for most nowadays players. But, it is a reasonable option for nostalgics and chess puzzle enthusiasts.

To download Grand Master Chess 3, follow the link.

Free Chess

free chess windows

Free Chess is a simplistic but good chess simulator. It lacks in some categories but excels in others, so you should give it a try. Graphics are great in both 2D or 3D view modes, and in-game music is appropriate for the game of chess.

The interface is simple, but lacks some options you could find in other games. However, it’s easy to understand the game and get around.

There are 7 available levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional. It can be played online against other players, but leveling is not as great, so sometimes beginners get advanced opponents.

Free Chess lacks tutorials or helps options for newcomers, so it won’t serve you justice if you are not accustomed to a game of chess.

To download Free Chess, follow this link.

If you are a highly-skilled chess player you might be interested by some chess training programs. They are used by the best chess players in the world and allow you to analyze and learn all your moves. Here are some of them :

That’s about all for out list of the best chess simulators compatible with Windows 10. We hope you ‘ll find it helpful.

What is your favorite chess simulator of all time? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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