7 best Steam Christmas games on sale [Santa & Holiday themed]

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Christmas is almost here and we are preparing for the family reunion and long-awaited holidays. Cheerful spirit and beautiful scenery are surrounding us and the positive vibes are in the air.

That is the practice for a very long time, and I’m certain it will stay like that no matter what. What makes us more enthusiastic about the Christmas is fact that it brings us all together.

And the activities are the only thing that varies. Some folks are interested in watching a movie marathon in a comfy room. Others are more likely going for a walk through the winter landscape. And the gamers?

Those nice people that thrive to always level up? Well, this respected community will most certainly enjoy some interesting titles. From Steam, maybe?

If you find yourself in the last group, you will unquestionably look forward to a list we created for you.

What are the best Steam games to play this Christmas?

Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol is a beautiful hidden objects game placed in the middle of Charles Dickens’ novel. The game is filled with gorgeous scenes and wonderful mini-puzzles for guaranteed fun and a nice story perfect for Christmas.

The story will drive you to help a businesswoman and mother to find her children by exploring the streets of London in its Victorian age. You will meet the epic characters from the famous English writer’s novel and you will even get to speak to the Christmas Spirits.

Prepare for an out-of-this-world experience filled with magic and time portals to change the future.

Get Christmas Carol on Steam from Kinguin

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Santa Sling

You know the famous Santa controversy, right? How can he deliver the presents so fast?! Well, we uncovered one possible way: he has a big sling and he is jettisoning them right down the chimneys with pinpoint accuracy.

Well, that will be your exact job in this first-person VR game called Santa Sling. You will be doing the most wonderful and rewarding job ever, delivering presents to the nice kids directly from Santa’s sleigh in a Christmas-themed town.

Don’t worry because the slingshot is also magical so your targeting will also be helped in a certain amount but be aware, you need to finish the job before Christmas Eve ends!

Note: You will also need a pretty powerful computer and HTCVive Headset and Controllers are required.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: CPU: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or equivalent
  • Storage: 1 GB free space

Get Santa Sling on Steam from Kinguin

Get Santa Sling on Steam from G2A

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins steam

Okay, Arkham Origins may not be the best game of the franchise, but we’ve put it on this list for another reason. Batman Arkham Origins is the only Arkham game, and one of just a few major titles that take place during the Christmas Eve.

The whole city of Gotham is covered in snow and decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. So, the main reason we’ve decided to put Arkham Origins on this list is that it allows you to feel the holiday atmosphere in a major title, playing as one of the world’s most famous superheroes.

At the end of the day, Batman Arkham Origins is not that bad, as some people label it. It even has a few recognizable Batman moments. So, it’s definitely worth considering this game as a pick for this Christmas, especially if you haven’t played any game from the franchise yet.

Get Batman Arkham Origins on Steam from Kinguin

Get Batman Arkham Origins on Steam from G2A

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The Escapists – Santa’s Sweatshop

The Escapists - Santa's Sweatshop steam

If you’re into indie games, and not so much into the holiday euphoria, The Escapists’ DLC, Santa’s Sweatshop is the right pick. On the contrary to the majority of Christmas-related games, Santa’s Sweatshop doesn’t show Santa Claus as such a delightful creature.

If you’re familiar with the original game, you know it’s one of the best prison break simulators. Well, you do the same thing in Santa’s Sweatshop, only playing as elves trying to escape cruel Santa’s workshop.

As this is a DLC, all the elements from the standalone game stay. You’ll still have to find your way out crafting various tools and finding security holes in Santa’s factory.

Santa’s Sweatshop is available for free on Steam, but to play it, you need to own the original game.

The Escapists - Santa's Sweatshop

The Escapists – Santa’s Sweatshop

The plot is not real, kids, Santa doesn’t run a Sweatshop and elves are not forced to work. Are they?

Check priceVisit website

Castaway Paradise

castaway paradise christmas

This charming life simulator has everything it takes to be a great holiday choice for various people’s taste. First and foremost, it’s set on a tropical island, so you can use it to run away from the cold weather, at least on your computer.

But if the tropical paradise is not your thing, and you’d rather enjoy winter’s snowy magic, Castaway Paradise also got you covered. There’s a DLC that transforms the whole game into the winter wonderland. So, you can enjoy all features of the game, but in the Christmas manner.

Although we have to admit that playing in the snow and building a snowman on a far away island seems a little bit unrealistic. But it’s Christmas, miracles happen.

In case you’re not familiar with the game, it simulates life on a tropical island. You can construct buildings, craft items, interact with villagers, and more. The game allows you to do everything that you’d do if you were on a tropical island (well, probably more than you’d do).

Download Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise is a wonderful life simulator that can turn into the best Christmas miracle.

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Christmas Puzzle

If you’re a fan of Candy Crush Saga, then you’re going to love Christmas Puzzle. As a player, your task is to collect Santa’s coins and prepare your house for Christmas with beautiful ornaments and illuminations.

When the situation gets complicated, you can use incredible power-ups to blast through the puzzles.

The game‘s soundtrack is seasonal and relaxing, and collecting the coins to decorate your house is really fun. If you’re looking to get into the Christmas spirit, grab this game and hit the play button.

Download Christmas Puzzle

Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm

Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm is a funny hidden object game with puzzles and a series of mini-games.

Lisa’s grandfather, Santa Claus, has asked for her help delivering Christmas presents to a remote town. Trying to shorten her way, she drives through an old forest when suddenly her car turns into candies!!

Moreover, everything around is scattered with candies and covered with other sweets! Help Lisa investigate what’s happened and help fix her car so she can make it to town in time to save Christmas!

Download Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm

We checked Steam‘s list of games recently and we found a bunch of new Christmas-themed games that you may be interested in. We’ll list them below:

Our list of the best Christmas games you can find on Steam is now finished. We hope it helped you to choose the right game to play during these holidays. What’s your favorite

What’s your favorite game to play during Christmas? Is it on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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