Best Steam Christmas games for loads on fun

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Christmas games

Christmas is almost here and we are preparing for the family reunion and long awaited holidays. Cheerful spirit and beautiful scenery are surrounding us and the positive vibes are in the air. That is the practice for a very long time, and I’m certain it will stay like that no matter what. What makes us more enthusiastic about the Christmas is fact that it brings all together.

And the activities are the only thing that varies. Some folks are interested in watching movie marathon in a comfy room. Others are more likely going for a walk through the winter landscape. And the gamers? Those nice people that thrive to always level up? Well, this respected community will most certainly enjoy some interesting titles. From Steam, maybe?

If you find yourself in the last group, you will unquestionably look forward to a list we created for you.

Best Steam games to play this Christmas

1. Chicken Invaders

chicken invaders christmas

We all know about Chicken Invaders. A game parody of popular space operas and other big titles from the popular culture. Many of us grew up shooting chickens and meteors in the infinity of space. But did you know that absolutely every installment of the franchise has a Christmas version?

So, if you already own a Chicken Invaders game, you can spend a few bucks more, to get access to a celestial holiday adventure. However, if you don’t own a game, you must purchase both a standalone title, and a Christmas Edition in for of DLC.

Even though the Chicken Invaders franchise is 15+ years old, the games appeared on Steam relatively recently. You can search for each game individually, or you can purchase the Chicken Invaders Compete Set, available on Steam for $37,68.

2. Nights Into Dreams: Christmas Nights

Nights Into Dreams Christmas Nights steam

Nights Into Dreams is an absolute classic, and one of Sega’s most recognizable games. Originally developed for the Sega Saturn, the game was brought to PC a few years ago, along with its famous Christmas Nights game. Christmas Nights is a game within a game, where you guide Claris and Eliot on their journey of retrieving the stolen start from the Christmas tree.

If you grew up playing games on Sega’s consoles, especially Saturn, we’re sure you’d love to get back, and remind yourself of how it is to play this beautiful game. Despite the fact Nights Into Dreams was released more than 20 years ago, many pundits and gamers consider it one of the generation markers.

Both Nights Into Dreams and Chicken Invaders are also included in our list of the best Christmas games for PC ever, so you know these are real deals.

Nights Into Dreams, along with Christmas Nights is available on Steam, for the price of $7.99.

3. Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins steam

Okay, Arkham Origins may not be the best game of the franchise, but we’ve put it on this list of another reason. Batman Arkham Origins is the only Arkham game, and one of just a few major titles that takes place during the Christmas Eve.

The whole city of Gotham is covered in snow, and decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. So, the main reason we’ve decided to put Arkham Origins on this list is because it allows you to feel the holiday atmosphere in a major title, playing as one of the world’s most famous superheroes.

At the end of the day, Batman Arkham Origins is not that bad, as some people label it. It even has a few recognizable Batman moments. So, it’s definitely worth considering this game as a pick for this Christmas, especially if you haven’t played any game from the franchise yet.

Batman Arkham Origins is available on Steam, for the price of $19.99.

4. The Escapists – Santa’s Sweatshop

The Escapists - Santa's Sweatshop steam

If you’re into indie games, and not so much into the holiday euphoria, The Escapists’ DLC, Santa’s Sweatshop is the right pick. On the contrary to the majority of Christmas-related games, Santa’s Sweatshop doesn’t show Santa Claus as such a delightful creature.

If you’re familiar with the original game, you know it’s one of the best prison break simulators. Well, you do the same thing in Santa’s Sweatshop, only playing as elves trying to escape cruel Santa’s workshop. As this is a DLC, all the elements from the standalone game stay. You’ll still have to find your way out crafting various tools, and finding security holes in Santa’s factory.

Santa’s Sweatshop is available for free on Steam, but to play it, you need to own the original game, which costs $14.99.

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