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The Google Chrome Critical Error is one that appears within page tabs with a red background. It includes a relatively lengthy error message and a contact number. Some of that error message states:

There was a dangerous try to get an access to your personal information & bank information. Luckily, your Firewall managed to block this suspicious connection.We recommend you to freeze your accounts until some measures will be taken… Contact number + 1 (888) 563-5234 (TOLL-FREE). Your urgent response is needed.

Your urgent response is not needed, at least for the number provided. The Critical Error is in an adware scam made to convince users to ring the number in it. It is not a genuine Google Chrome error.

Do NOT ring the number included within the error message. Follow the fixes below to purge the Critical Error browser hijacker.

How to terminate Google Chrome Critical Error

Is Google Chrome critical error legitimate?

If you ever encounter Chrome Critical error red screen on your PC, you should know that this is a scam. Even if the message seems alarming, don’t call the number on the screen or visit any links that the page is suggesting.

These types of messages are designed to trick users into believing that their system is at risk and if you ever encounter this message, you should just ignore it.

1. Run an AdwCleaner scan

As Critical Error is a browser hijacker, a Malwarebytes AdwCleaner scan will probably be enough to purge it.

  1. Click Free Download on the software’s page to save the installer for it.
  2. Open the setup wizard to install AdwCleaner.
  3. Click Scan Now on the AdwCleaner window.AdwCleaner window google chrome critical error
  4. Click the Clean and Repair option after the scan.
  5. Select the Clean and Restart option.

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2. Uninstall dodgy programs

Try uninstalling some suspicious programs that you don’t recall installing, one of which might be the culprit behind Google Chrome Critical Error.

  1. Press the Windows key + R hotkey to launch Run.
  2. Input ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the Run box, and click the OK option.
  3. Then select a suspicious program that you don’t recognize.
    Windows uninstaller google chrome critical error
  4. Click Uninstall.
  5. Click Yes if a dialog box pops up requesting confirmation.

Note: Not all programs you don’t recognize within Programs and Features will necessarily be adware and browser hijackers.

3. Clear Chrome’s cache

The Chrome Critical Error will have some cache data.

  1. To clear browser’s cache, click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
  2. Select the More tools option.
  3. Select the Clear browsing data option.
  4. Click All time on the Time range drop-down menu.Cached images and files option google chrome critical error
  5. Select the Cached images and files setting.
  6. Press the Clear data button.

4. Reset Google Chrome

If clearing browser data isn’t enough, try resetting Google Chrome, which will also disable (but not remove) suspicious extensions.

  1. Enter ‘chrome://settings/’ in the URL bar, and press the Return key.
  2. Scroll down the tab, and click the Advanced button.
  3. Click the Restore settings to their original default option.
    Restore settings option google chrome critical error
  4. Press the Reset settings button.
  5. As an extra step, remove any disabled add-ons you don’t recognize after resetting the browser.
  6. Input chrome://extensions/ in Chrome’s URL bar, and press the Enter key.
  7. Then click the Remove buttons for any disabled add-ins you don’t recall adding to Chrome.

So, that’s how you can purge the Google Chrome Critical Error hijacker from that browser. The resolutions above will also terminate other adware forms.

Which one of these methods helped you get rid of the scammy Chrome message? Let us know by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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