Chrome’s new smooth scrolling feature lands later this year

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
CEO & Founder
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Google’s Canary Build has revealed Microsoft’s plans to add the smooth scrolling functionality to the newly designed version of Edge. Users will be able to scroll using scrollbars when the main thread is busy.

The decision will impact Mac, Windows, Linux,  Android and Chrome OS as the platforms that support Chromium based browsers. 

We have reported earlier that the upcoming Edge browser will be based on Chromium. The news was later confirmed as Microsoft officially started contributing to the open-source project.

We can expect significant improvement in the native Chrome browser itself as a result.

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is planning to fix the scrolling issues in Chrome and other Chromium based browsers by adding a new feature. The news came into the spotlight as a result of recent commit by Microsoft to the Gerrit source code management of Chromium.

Instead of a bug, users have reported the smooth scrolling to be a feature request accepted by the company.

Microsoft will enhance the feature on Windows devices because we known the smooth scrolling feature is already available in Google Chrome. The company said that Windows 10-based accessibility client apps will be compatible with the latest version of Edge.

How to enable smooth scrolling in Google

Google is working on the feature and it is now available in the Chrome‘s Canary build. Users can enable the smooth scrolling feature if they have the new Canary build. Move towards the Chrome flags and look for Smooth scrolling. Your scrolling on the browser will be improved as you have enabled the feature.

The news surfaced online as Microsoft is ready to release the latest Chromium-based version of Edge. A few days ago, a leaked screenshot unveiled the UI of the Chromium based Edge browser.

Reports confirm that the new browser will be equipped with a lot of latest capabilities, features, and improvements. Some of these features include Chromium for Arm, touch optimization, and browser-accessibility features.

Up until now, Microsoft has not allowed Chrome users to have access to test or enable the smooth scrolling feature.  The feature is currently under development and we can expect it to be released in the second half of the year.