How to fix corrupted chunks in Minecraft

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corrupted chunks Minecraft

There’s nothing worse for a Minecraft player than for his long-developed world to get corrupted. This is, luckily, not as common, especially if you stick to the vanilla version. However, chunk corruption happens more often and it’s usually followed by game crashing. We provided you with 2 tools which should help you resolve this in no time.

How to fix corrupted chunks in Minecraft

If you got yourself a corrupted region chunk in your Minecraft world, the best way to deal with it is by using one of the numerous third-party tools. You can either load the previous backed up version and fix those affected chunks that way.

Or, if you don’t have any saves, you can erase the corrupted chunks and allow Minecraft to regenerate them. Of course, if you’ve built something there, we’re afraid it will be gone afterward.

fix corrupted chunks minecraft

Another thing you should consider is disabling mods, as some of them might be the reason for the corruption in the first place. In addition, if you’re loading a newer world with an outdated client, the corruption is almost imminent.

Best tools you can use to fix corrupted chunks in Minecraft are:

Also, you can delete the chunk manually by using the correct coordinates and it just re-explore him later. But, the most reliable way is to stick with the MCEdit tool. Just run it and you’ll see all modded blocks causing the chunk corruption. That way you can easily delete them and fix the problem at hand.

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