Why is my IP blocked from Craigslist? Here’s how to fix it

by Elena Constantinescu
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  • It's common practice for Craigslist to block IP addresses and in this guide we'll show you what to do if Craigslist blocked your IP.
  • The simplest way to fix this is to switch to a different web browser. We recommend Opera since it has a built-in VPN.
  • Other browsers such as Tor Browser can also help you with this issue.
  • In some cases, it would be best to use a Craigslist VPN, such as Private Internet Access.
craigslist blocked my ip

Craigslist blocks numerous IP addresses daily. That’s because people try to post too many times or write ads targeted at other locations than their own.

Your IP might also get banned if you try to scrape Craigslist for email addresses using automated software solutions that make too many requests from your location.

It’s an automated mechanism that protects Craigslist from spammers and bots, which is also used by other websites. Usually, the IP block is temporary, so you just have to wait a bit until you can post new ads again.

This problem affects a lot of home users, but it’s particularly troublesome for business owners because they can’t post ads on Craigslist in many locations from the same account.

However, there are ways to fix it.

Best VPNs we recommend

  1. Private Internet Access - Access content across the globe at the highest speed rate.
  2. NordVPN - Secure multiple devices and enjoy stable connections anywhere.
  3. SurfShark - Price convenient VPN service with all-rounded security features.
  4. CyberGhost - Connect to thousands of servers for persistent seamless browsing.
  5. ExpressVPN - Browse the web from multiple devices with increased security protocols.

What can I do If Craigslist is blocking my IP?

1. Use Opera

  1. Download Opera to use its free VPN that will mask your IP.
  2. Install and launch the web browser.
  3. Find Opera’s VPN feature in the top left corner and toggle the button to enable it.ip blocked
  4. Click on the dropdown list and choose a VPN server location.
  5. Go to Craigslist again. You should be able to access it.

Opera is the best browser with a built-in VPN, which is completely free to use. As such, you can turn to its help if you want to bypass the IP ban on Craigslist and post ads as usual.

Using Opera is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a free VPN. However, it doesn’t bring the same level of online privacy and digital security as a premium VPN like PIA.

Opera offers great features, and it’s a perfect choice if you need to avoid too many requests and messages on Craigslist.


Switch to this awesome web browser and use its totally free VPN to unblock Craigslist.

2. Use Tor Browser

use Tor Browser to unblock Craigslist
  1. Download Tor Browser.
  2. Start the web browser.
  3. Set up the initial configuration.
  4. Go to Craigslist.

Tor is a free and open-source anonymous network that hides your IP address and location to help you access any restricted content on the web.

If Craigslist is blocking your IP, Tor might be the best way to circumvent this issue.

The best part about the Tor Browser is that you don’t have to configure any special settings. After the quick setup at the first launch, it makes you anonymous as soon as you fire it up.

You can’t control your location, though. However, you can pair Tor with a VPN to maximize your online security and privacy if your Internet connection is stable enough. It works great with PIA, for example.

3. Use a VPN

  1. Sign up for a VPN subscription plan (we suggest PIA).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the tool and log in with your credentials.
  4. Connect to a VPN server*.
  5. Go to Craigslist using any web browser.

*If you want to post an ad on Craigslist in another location than your real one, make sure to connect to a VPN server from that location.

We recommend using Private Internet Access (PIA) because it’s the best VPN for unblocking websites, including Craigslist when it bans your IP address. Created by Kape Technologies, PIA has more than 3,300 VPN servers in 48 countries.

Besides accessing Craigslist, you can use PIA to watch Netflix US anywhere in the world, along with Hulu and other media streaming services. It has exclusive DNS servers and uses OpenVPN to encrypt your data.

Furthermore, you can set up Private Internet Access on all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even routers if you want to share your VPN account with all connected devices. It allows up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Private Internet Access offers amazing features, and it’s a perfect Craigslist VPN for all your needs.

More about PIA:

  • No logs or leaks
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No free trial

Get Private Internet Access

4. Use a proxy server or Internet circumvention tool

use Psiphon
  1. Download Psiphon.
  2. Open the tool and head over to Settings > Psiphon Server Region.
  3. Choose a preferred location and click Apply Changes.
  4. Go to Craigslist using any web browser.

Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet circumvention tools, as well as one of the best proxy servers for unblocking websites. You can safely use it to bypass IP blocks on Craigslist. Plus, it lets you pick a preferred country.

On the other hand, you can’t choose a specific city when concealing your geo-location with Psiphon, unlike a reliable VPN like PIA. Plus, you can’t count on a proxy server to encrypt your data traffic the same way a VPN can.

Despite these minor flaws, this is still a great tool that can help you with Too many requests error on Craigslist.

Can’t connect to a proxy server on Windows 10? Here’s what you can do about it.

In conclusion, Craigslist regularly blocks IP addresses, but the ban is usually temporary. If you can’t afford to waste time, however, check out the solutions above to easily change your IP and geo-location, in order to start posting new ads again.

The four types of tools above might seem similar, but they work in a distinct manner. If you have trouble deciding what’s the best choice for you and your business, we suggest picking a trustworthy VPN like PIA.

In addition to unblocking websites, PIA keeps you safe online from hackers and other online dangers. It’s the best in the business when it comes to torrenting, streaming, gaming, and secure browsing.

Your connection is not secure - websites you visit can find out your details:

  • Your IP
  • Your IP Address:

Companies can sell this information, alongside your location and internet provider name, and profit from it by serving targeted ads or monitoring your data usage.

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Private Internet Access, a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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