5 cross-platform chess apps to play chess on any device

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Best Cross Platform Chess App

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Nothing beats the fun of a game of chess with a friend. Unfortunately, most of the regular chess apps are designed to run on specific devices.

This implies that if you, for example, have an iPad and your pal owns a laptop, you’re not likely to play unless you spend money on an equivalent device. And this is where cross-platform chess apps come in.

These apps support iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and various browsers and your game will work regardless if you’re on mobile or a Mac, and your pal on a PC.

So, which is the very best cross-platform chess app? These apps differ in levels (beginner/average/expert), analysis models, user interface, responsiveness, and more.

Check our recommendations on the best cross-platform chess app below.

Enjoy chess on a variety of platforms with these cross-platform chess apps

Mobialia Chess

Mobialia Chess best cross-platform chess app Mobile Chess app is available for Kindle, Android, and HTML5 (for playing on your desktop browser) and is among the leaders in the pack thanks to its immense possibilities.

You can test your mettle against AI and you will have different selectable ELO Levels to pick from as you go from strength to strength.

Even the time per move is selectable to help you choose more difficulty levels.

The Opening book comes with more than 30.000 different positions ensuring you always enjoy varied funny games.

Moving on, the simple PGN browser gives you numerous options including allowing you to open your PGN files from an SD card (or from email).

And by the way, you can send your PGNs to email to help you deeply analyze your games later on your PC. Speaking of game analysis, Mobialia supports a couple of the easier to use UCI(Universal Chess Interface) chess engines.

Lastly, the app interface is clean, straightforward, and intuitive interface not to mention that you can choose either a 2D/3D board depending on your preferences.

Register for Mobialia Chess app free

Chess Time

Chess Time app (Windows) best cross-platform chess appChess Time is one of the best free multiplayer chess apps and will permit you to battle it out with real people. Just log in and engage players from the UK, Germany, USA, and more for an early morning match!

You can even tag your favorite opponents to cheer you up as you take on the top-rated challengers from different countries. When we come to the game, the program, for many the best cross-platform chess app has enormous alternatives.

Become a pro chess player by analyzing chess games with these chess software solutions.

To start with, players can choose their favorite chess themes and sets.  Then, as I had mentioned, all your rivals are human and you have players on standby every minute!

Furthermore, you can train against tougher opponents by opening an unrated game, as you are warming up for the next match.

Still, and conveniently, it calculates each players’ ELO ratings automatically so you’re kept up to date about how you’re faring.

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The analysis tool is very detailed and you can even export your games as PGN and/or screenshots for further review.

Download Chess Time app (Windows)  or Android or iPhone versions for your mobile.

Chess Free

Chess Free App best cross-platform chess appChess free is widely regarded as the best free chess gaming app on various platforms.

Whether you’re a beginner taking their baby steps towards becoming the next grandmaster or a veteran seeking to up their game, Chess free app has got you covered.

For starters (Casual mode), the powerful class tutor will help you quickly learn how to craft winning chess strategies and build your chess skills.

Plus you can progress at your own pace from the novice to expert levels (12 play levels in total).

And I love that you won’t feel overwhelmed as the application deliberately weakens its intelligence (at the entry levels) to ensure you are also scoring.

At the master level (Pro mode), the app deduces your ELO rating according to your results against the computer. You can even steal a march on the CPU by clicking “show CPU thinking” to learn the machine next move!

All your chess stats are accessible online (via your Google+ account) and you can invite your friends for an online tussle.

Download Chess free app from Play Store.

Pure Chess

Pure Chess best cross-platform chess appPure chess is one of the few old board games to have remained at the top largely due to its ability to keep up with emerging gaming technologies.

It was designed by a fully-fledged Grandmaster so if you harbor dreams of becoming a legend by your own right, then you’re in the right hands here.

The program packs breathtaking visuals, appealing chess pieces, step-by-step tutorials, and a phenomenal multiplayer environment.

Above all, you can play from practically any device/operating system: Steam, Wii U, iPhone, iPod touch, Nintendo 3DS™, iPad, Android devices…..you name it.

And against anyone you desire from the leaderboards worldwide.

For training, the 3 trial tournaments and the 100 tough chess puzzles should help you upgrade your tactics play.

In a nutshell, Pure Chess could be the best cross-platform chess app. for upcoming champions.

Get Pure Chess App


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