4 best cross platform programming languages for GUI apps

by Ivan Jenic
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best cross platform gui language

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The computing sector has seen its fair share of programming languages ever since the advent of modern computer decades back. However, not all have survived to this day though what applies to all languages is that they were built to a purpose.

Most were a success too until changes in technology or people’s approach towards computers forced the advent of new programming languages.

As things stand at the moment, the entire computing landscape can be described by a handful of platforms. Needless to say, focus turned towards programming languages that could support the development of applications compatible with most platforms, if not all.

Mentioned here are a few such programming languages that are well suited for writing cross-platform applications.

What also needs to be mentioned here is that there is no one programming language that can be deemed the best here. Rather, it depends on the project on hand which dictates the sort of programming language to be used.

What’s the best cross-platform GUI language?


best cross platform gui language C#

If its performance that happens to be the primary criteria, then C# is one of the best languages you can use to code your app. For instance, if the app has to do with image manipulation and/or audio/video processing, then it’s almost imperative that you go for C# for the code work.

Thanks to the various frameworks, you can use C# on a wide range of platforms.

Here’s a list of frameworks for specific platforms:

  • .NET core – used for Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Unity – used for game development
  • Xamarin – Used for native mobile apps

C/ C++

c++ best cross platform gui language

This is another powerful language that can be used to create a wide variety of apps, both basic as well as those with higher performance rating.

However, you will need to use Android NDK to make the code suitable for use on Android while a Swift wrapper will make the code iOS ready.

The great thing about C++ is that you can write and compile it any platform, but in order to use the compiled application, you’ll need to use certain wrappers.

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javascript best cross platform gui language

If you need to have an app ready really fast, JavaScript should be your best bet. With React Native, a JavaScript framework, you can make the app suited for use on both Android and iOS.

This is possible thanks to React Native using the same basic UI elements as can be found on both iOS and Android. This will also make the app have the look and feel as native iOS and Android apps.

While JavaScript can allow you to create web apps, you’ll still require some knowledge of HTML/CSS in order to create a GUI.


best cross platform gui language python

If it’s a simple app that you are working on then Python can be the best coding choice. Python again is one of the simplest languages to code, which means you can get your job done really fast if you have a talented team at your disposal.

With tools such as PyMob, you can convert the Python code into the source code used for other platforms.

Again, it must be mentioned the choice of programming language to be used has a lot to do with the type of project you are faced with. Nonetheless, the above can be a healthy guide for you to get started.

Each language has its own set of pros and cons and it is upon the developer to make his choice depending on what exactly is the requirement.

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