How to Fix CSS when It’s Not Working in Google Chrome

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  • For various reasons like different encodings, corrupted cache, networking issues, etc. CSS may not work properly on Google Chrome.
  • It is not possible to enable or disable CSS without third-party extensions.
  • Though updating the browser or clearing the cache may help, you will need to follow other methods mentioned in this article as well.
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Is CSS not working in Chrome? This article contains the relevant information and also the solutions to fix this problem.

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. Without it, you would end up seeing ugly websites all over the internet. Every browser, by default, supports CSS pretty well, as this is a universal choice.

Even though Chrome is one of the best web browsers, sometimes, you may see that CSS is not working on this browser entirely or working improperly. This problem can be very repetitive and can ruin your day.

Any CSS-related issues on Chrome are equally a frustrating experience for both general users and web designers.

Why is my CSS not working in Chrome?

There may be various reasons why you are experiencing CSS problems on Google Chrome or other Chromium-based web browsers. After doing some research, we have found some common reasons. Here are they:

  • The web designer used different encoding for HTML and CSS
  • Corrupted cache and cookies
  • Internet connection problem
  • CDN server that has hosted CSS may be down or going through errors
  • Third-party extensions
  • Outdated version of Chrome browser

There may be other reasons. But, in most situations, these are the ones you will see.

How do I know if CSS is enabled?

  1. Visit any random website.
  2. If you see broken designs, it means Chrome is not loading the CSS.
  3. If you see everything looks perfect, it means Chrome is loading CSS, and it is enabled without any issues.

In Google Chrome or any modern browser, CSS is enabled by default. You cannot disable or enable this feature by yourself in the normal way. 

However, some third-party extensions may disable CSS differently. In that case, you can enable or disable this feature according to the extension’s official instructions.

Quick Tip:

It may be a real nuisance to deal with CSS problems on your current browser, so won’t you consider a change?

For instance, Opera brings enhanced navigation for advanced UI websites, integration features with popular apps, and even Web3 browsing technology.


Don’t ever worry about broken CSS and get smooth browsing now!

What can I do if CSS doesn’t work in Chrome?

1. Update Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome.
  2. Click on three vertical dots and Settings.going settings chrome
  3. Go to About Chrome.
  4. Google will check for the update and install if any update is available.updating-chrome Google Chrome not responding
  5. Relaunch Chrome.

2. Clear cache and cookies

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press CTRL + Shift + Del on your keyboard.
  3. Set All time as the time range. choose clear browsing data time range
  4. Check Cache images and files and then click on Clear data.clearing temp data chrome

3. Disable problematic extensions

  1. Type the following address in the Chrome address bar and press Enter. chrome://extensions/
  2. Toggle the switch off next to the extensions you want to disable.disabling extension chrome

4. Check if the web server has a problem or not (for designers/developers)

If a web server is going through difficulties in serving required contents like CSS and JS, the website may not load properly on any browser. In this case, if you are a webmaster, go to your web server provider’s website and see if its service is up and OK or not.

Also, if your CSS is hosted on a CDN server, the URL for the stylesheet may be like this:

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You should check that URL and see if it is accessible from your computer or not.

If not, it means the CDN server may have some problems. Take steps to solve them to fix CSS not working issues.

5. Correct CSS encoding and format (for designers)

Unlike IE, old Edge, or other non-Chromium browsers, Google Chrome handles HTML and CSS differently.

You may see that @media CSS or some CSS hyphens or CSS grid is not working in Chrome. Even in some cases, CSS color may not show up as expected.

Whether it is from a CMS like WordPress or your custom-built website, Chrome will not load CSS properly for a reason.

If your HTML and CSS are not in the same encoding format, you will see broken styling in web pages on Chrome. So, make sure formats are the same for both.

If Visual Studio Code is your editor, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Open the CSS and HTML files on the editor.
  2. Click on the encoding format name like UTF-8 on the right-bottom side and choose the correct format.changing encoding visual studio code

After changing, don’t forget to save the CSS and HTML files. If you use a different editor, you may need to do it differently.

6. Disable CSS minification and lazy loading (For developers)

If you see WordPress is not loading CSS in Chrome properly, it may be because of CSS minification and combination. Try to disable it from your cache plugin. Also, disable Lazy loading and see if it helps.

7. Try a different network

If your internet connection fails to load all of the resources on a website, CSS may not work in Chrome or any other browser. So, you can try to use a VPN or a different network to check if everything is OK or not.

We suggest Private Internet Access (PIA) as it is the most stable performing VPN due to its largest global network.

What to do if CSS is not working in Chrome but works in other browsers?

This issue is very common. You may see that CSS is not working on Google Chrome, but it works on IE, Firefox, Edge, or any other browser.

The reason can be the corrupted temporary data, different CSS encoding, and a third-party Chrome extension that utilizes CSS stylesheets. The above methods are enough to solve this type of situation. You will not need to follow anything else.

This article has shown the most effective ways to fix CSS not working on Chrome and similar problems. If you know any other methods, write in the comment box.

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