5 Best Free Data Anonymization Software to Use In 2023

Use specialized tools to create realistic versions of your sensitive data

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  • There are many situations you will use the support of data anonymization tools, including using banking data online. 
  • It is also likely to utilize such programs if you're conducting diverse analysis that involves personal data. 
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data anonymization software

Data anonymization is a data protection process focused on privacy protection. The role of data anonymization is to encrypt or remove personally identifiable information from data sets.

In this manner, the people from whom the data was collected remain anonymous and you can run your study without any legal complaints.

You can find yourself in need of such tools, especially in study environments or research contexts where you have to cover sensitive data about individuals.

Moreover, it’s possible to perform statistical operations with the gathered data, thus measuring your indicators and objectives with the help of automatic support.

Data anonymization is often used in the medical field, as well as in data-sensitive statistics analysis. If you need to render the data you’re working on anonymous, you can use one of the tools listed below.

What are the best free data anonymization tools?

NordVPN – Complete security

When talking about data protection when using a PC, the word Anonymity has become almost synonymous with the use of a VPN.

That being the case, there is no better way to secure your digital life than the best VPN that is currently on the market: NordVPN.

NordVPN gives you peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

Nothing gets saved, and it doesn’t matter who is monitoring your activity, be it government officials, hackers, or the ISP itself, your data will be completely secure.

This VPN is incredibly versatile since regardless of which subscription plan you choose, you will get complete protection across all of your devices, be it Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

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In fact, one subscription will get you simultaneous protection for up to 6 different devices at a time.

Those of you that are fans of good old-fashioned browsing will also love the encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


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ARX Data Anonymization Tool – Basic graphics

ARX is open-source software for anonymizing sensitive personal data. The tool transforms datasets into syntactic privacy models that mitigate attacks leading to privacy breaches.

ARX removes direct identifiers such as names from datasets and adds further constraints on indirect identifiers, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

The tools also provide built-in data import facilities for relational databases (MS SQL, DB2, SQLite, MySQL), MS Excel, and CSV files.

It can be used in a wide range of contexts, such as commercial big data analytics networks, research projects, which means it can easily handle massive datasets.

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Anonymizer – Simple overall

Data can also come in the form of images. If you need a tool to blur images, we recommend Anonymizer.

The software detects faces, car number plates, and other image information in various scales and orientations and applies to blur filters to make the information unreadable.

The Anonymizer SDK is a standalone C/C++ library for Windows and Linux. You can use it to anonymize street-view photos, webcam photos, or any other photos for which privacy is a major concern.

It uses detectors fixed on sequential classifications constructed with automated learning technique based on the WaldBoost algorithm that grants a lightning-fast data evaluation.

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CloverDX Data Anonymization – Peak original data resemblance

Next on the list is CloverDX Data Anonymization which is a specialized tool that turns sensitive data into anonymized information.

It has a peak original data resemblance and it can track relationships between numerous systems, obscuring the sensitive parts.

With this specialized software, not only you can reserve statistical distribution and real values including bad data but retain business logic in data as well.

Furthermore, it authorizes you to apply rules and anonymization policies and take control of the level of the use required.

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Imperva Camouflage Data Marking Software – Ensure referential integrity

Imperva Camouflage’s data-making tool removes the sensitive data hindering tests, outsourcing, and analytics. The tool de-identifies sensitive data and retains the realism and functionality of the original data set.

The data categories these tools can work with include names, addresses, credit cards, SSN/SIN, phones, and more.

You can also try out this data masking tool for free or ask Imperva Camouflage for a quote by visiting the company’s official website.

Imperva Camouflage changes the values of the data while using the exact format to create a version that is impossible to decrypt or reverse-engineered.

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We’ll end our list here. As you can see, the tools mentioned in this article can be used for the same purpose in various fields. They help you to de-identify sensitive data, whether it’s coded in images or letters.

Have you used other data anonymization software that we didn’t mention in this article?

If so, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.

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