5 best deep clean hard drive software

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  • You can use the software tools on this list to sanitize your hard drive if you share your PC with others or if you plan to recycle your old HDD. It's certainly easier than destroying your hard drive.
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best hard drive cleaning software

4. Disk Wipe

Disk Wipe is a great solution for wiping a hard drive clean if you want to be safe about it. There are several things that bring Disk Wipe to the forefront as far as features are concerned, and when it comes to differentiating itself it definitely has its strong points.

One of the things that make Disk Wipe so appealing is the fact that it comes with a bunch of different algorithms that are used depending on which is called for. An example of such algorithm would be the Peter Guttman algorithm which is very well known throughout the drive cleaner industry and the communities revolving around these services.

It is considered one of the most thorough methods of wiping a disk clean, and thus it is requested in many formal instances where there are certain standards regarding the process of wiping a disk clean of very important data. There are also other algorithms such as DoD 5220 – 22.M, which adds more diversity to the overall “roster” of possibilities brought to users by Disk Wipe.

Download Disk Wipe

As with any type of software, some users might find it annoying or cumbersome that they have to install another program just so they can get the utility they need briefly. That’s not going to be an issue with Disk Wipe as it is a portable program. It’s one of its best features and a lot of people are attracted to the idea of not having to install the software before being able to use it.

This definitely speeds up the process as you don’t have to sit through a pre-processing process if that makes sense. Also, it’s much easier to carry around and use it on other devices, which can come in handy big time if you’re planning of providing the same service to a large number of computers (like a business office for instance, where there is a whole network of computers).

5. Disk Redactor

Being overly complicated and bombarding users with options and features is not really ideal, but those that give Disk Redactor a chance won’t have to worry about that. The software is simple and can be easily used while it still provides all the necessary features and functionalities.

It’s a great fit for any user that is looking to completely wipe away any deleted files, and it even provides some options as to how you want the software to go about the process. Depending on what you need most, having the correct option at the ready will prove most useful. That being said, some of the options regarding the wipe process allow users to double the efforts, meaning that the app will wipe the disk twice.

Download Disk Redactor

If you’re not certain about something until you can prove without a trace of doubt that you’re right, the “run check disk” feature sounds like it was made especially for you. It allows users to easily verify the state of the disk and to assure themselves or someone else that the information which was supposed to be wiped clean is indeed no longer present in any form on the drive.

There are disk wiping solutions out there that can really go overboard when it comes to how many passes they incorporate in their wiping process. However, Disk Redactor keeps it simple and provides a 1 pass wipe for the free version. While that’s not officially confirmed, it would be the only plausible option since the paid version is known to allow the enabling of a 2-pass wipe. It wouldn’t make much sense if there was no difference in wipe thoroughness between the free and paid versions.


In conclusion, those that are looking for an efficient way in which they can wipe their disks clean surely have their pick of the litter. There are even more software solutions available that have not been covered in this article, but these are some of the best available. Each of them brings something to the table and possesses certain characteristics that make it better for one user or another.

Digital information can be the bane of your existence in this day and age especially if it’s not disposed of properly and ends up in the wrong hands. There’s no point in taking risks and given the fact that you can get quality disk wiping services for free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make sure that there’s no way to recover deleted information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can completely wipe a hard drive by turning to an HDD deep cleaner like the solutions we presented on this list. If you’re not sure about which way to go, use CCleaner.

  • Here’s how you can do a Windows 10 factory reset using the Settings app, Advanced Startup options, a recovery drive, and a system image.

  • To make your computer run faster and improve your performance, use optimizer software for Windows to disable unnecessary features, free up RAM, remove junk files, and more.

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