Dell Ori and Duet take on Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Duo

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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dell duo ori

Tech enthusiasts were probably thrilled last year when Microsoft announced the Surface Neo and Surface Duo devices. Additionally, they could not wait to see what other devices would be launched that would follow the concept.

These devices would revolutionize the way users interact with Windows 10, thanks to the dual-screen feature. Ever since then, several partners were promised to follow the trend.

Concept Ori and Concept Duet have joined the market

Concept Ori

dell concept ori device

It seems that Dell is one of the partners, as they have shown great interest in the field of dual-screen and foldable devices. In fact, their interest in this market is backed by the presence of Concept Ori and Concept Duet.

As far as hardware capabilities go, not much is known about Concept Ori. This is most likely because the project has just started development, and it would be unwise to promise something they couldn’t manage to pull through.

Nonetheless, Ori follows the same trend as the first dual-screen foldable devices, having one large screen that folds, creating two separate screens, which can most likely be used individually or together for increased screen coverage.

Concept Duet

dell concept duet foldable laptop

As far as design goes, Concept Duet follows the same pattern as Microsoft’s Surface Neo, thus being closer to a laptop. What reinforces this idea even further is that Concept Duet can have a separate keyboard attached to it, essentially turning it into a traditional laptop.

If that is not your thing, you can always use one of the screens as the keyboard and touchpad.

One common denominator for both devices is that they run on Windows 10 Pro. This makes them different from the foldable devices created by Microsoft that run on Windows 10X.

One thing to remember is that both Microsoft and Dell’s concept creations are in the design stage. This means that many changes can come along the way until they are officially released.

Speaking of which, no word has come out on when the devices will be made available to the general public. One safe bet regarding the launch date is that Concept Ori and Duet will most likely launch after the official launch of Microsoft’s very own Surface Neo and Surface Duo.


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