Fix Dell Venue 8 Pro Wi-Fi issues with these quick tips

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A good number of Dell Venue 8 Pro owners have been recently reporting that their Windows 10, 8 tablet has been struck by Wi-Fi issues. Now, the annoying problems with the connectivity have been put to an end as Microsoft has released an update that takes care of the problem.

According to a Microsoft support engineer, the problem with the Wi-Fi on the Dell Venue 8 Pro has been occurring because the updates were not installed in the right order. First of all, you need to make sure that you uninstall all of the following updates: KB2887595 and KB2903939 (if you still got them on your device). After that, you will need to run Windows Update once again in order to install the latest updates.

Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet

If you installed the latest updates, and restarted your Windows 10, 8 tablet shortly after that, then the Wi-Fi problems with your Dell Venue 8 Pro should have been solved. As a matter of fact, Dell’s 8 inch tablet is one of the best Windows 10, 8 tablets to buy this holiday. You can see how the table fares against competitors such as the Toshiba Encore or the Lenovo Miix 2.

If the updates don’t fix your Wi-Fi problems, here are a few additional troubleshooting guides that you can use:

If the issue persists, leave a comment below and we’ll try to find a solution together. Don’t forget to give us more details about the issue that you’re experiencing, so that we can identify the best fix for you

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I would have to agree with jack, about the issue being dells wifi radio, this fix is useless, cant even install 3200, updater says its not applicable to my system… im on my Venue 8…. that’s primarily what this article is for… how is it not applicable? any future fix seekers should write this article off as a pre xmas sales booster, nothing more.

Updates do not seem to solve the problem I’ve tried everything I could think of but the wifi likes to crash when I watch video or livestreams mostly. The updates listed arn’t even on my machine and are not in my hidden list either

This did not solve the problem. Drivers keep breaking, I have to keep a copy of the driver on the desktop and reinstall every week, sort of works but a problem when using venue 8 for travel/work
Don’t buy one – unreliable. When it works it’s great, otherwise just frustrating.

Me too. This problem is so annoying. I have to keep going back to a restore point. My old samsung tablet works better then this piece of $hit.

The techs at Microsoft store did all the updates on my Venue Pro 8 on Dec 16 but the wifi still will not work with my home network. Connecting a usb wifi device via otg dongle works great so I’m guessing the problem lies more with Dell’s wifi radio or its driver and not the windows update?.. I’m not computer savvy so maybe someone else can help me find a solution that works. I have a netgear router.

It sees my networks and others. It connects to my network and shows there is Internet connection but can’t seem to actually load any pages. Always get that error page on Explorer and Chrome browser.

Same issue here. Every network I connect to works for a short time with internet access to all apps and then like magic its gone. re-associating with the network doesn’t fix the issue. Restarting fixes it for a short time but its gone again after a few mins.