Deus Ex GO games comes to Windows 10 PC and Mobile

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Deus Ex GO is one of the most mind-challenging mobile puzzle games available and well worth your $5. Last year, Square Enix said it would roll the game out to the Windows Store and the developer delivered on that promise: the Deus Ex GO UWP app is now available to download for both the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile platforms.

The turn-based logic puzzles game lets you guide secret agent Adam Jensen using a combination of stealth, espionage and raw intelligence. The game’s features include:

Strategy based logic puzzles

  • Turn based logic puzzles challenge you to outsmart guards, turrets, drones and other fierce enemies
  • Challenge over 50 unique puzzles in a mysterious new storyline

Special events

  • New time-limited puzzles!
  • Challenge them all and prove your puzzle solving skills

Mystery and adventure

  • Adventure through an intricate and mysterious storyline set in a beautiful vision of the future

Hack, augment, and control

  • Augmented puzzles – Overcome puzzles and obstacles using Adam’s iconic augmentations
  • Intelligence isn’t always enough! Turn invisible, hack enemy turrets and even change the layout of the map itself

Level editor

  • Create your own puzzles in an elegant, intuitive Puzzle Maker
  • Share your levels to challenge the community

Infinite brain teasers

  • New brain teasers and puzzles are always available in Infinite Mode
  • Puzzles are curated by your play data so each challenge is personalized

The game also includes:

  • An engrossing story with over 50 challenging puzzles
  • Special events with daily challenge levels
  • Unique hacking powers – Take over enemy turrets or change the layout of the level itself
  • Augmented puzzles – Solve puzzles using Adam’s iconic augmentations
  • Intelligent new enemies including guards, turrets, drones, walkers and more
  • An intricate and mysterious storyline set in a beautiful vision of the future

You can grab Deus Ex GO from the Windows Store now for $5. Are you playing the puzzle game now that it has come to Microsoft’s online shop? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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