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There are two kinds of users: the ones who crave for fresh updates and the ones who denounce the developer every time they are prompted with update notifications. And if there’s one OS platform which makes the greatest distinction between the two, it must be Windows 10. The system of forced updates imposed on Windows 10 users is, to say the least, disputable solution.

Not for Microsoft, though. The Redmond Giant looks at the updates as something no one can argue about. They’re there for the user protection and if one doesn’t get them, the bad things will happen. A ted more dogmatic for our taste, but that’s Windows 10 OS as a service in the nutshell.

Bing advises you to turn off Windows updates by installing them (?!)

And their Update game is so strong that the Bing search engine, Microsoft’s counterpart to Google, advise you to disable updates by –wait for it — installing them(?). Not exactly what one hoped for. One Redditor noticed this strange occurrence and decided to share it with the rest of the connoisseur in the dedicated Windows 10 thread.

It’s safe to say that it brought a lot of interesting opposing opinions from the two spectrums of view. Here’s what one user funnily noted:

”iPhone users: Why can’t I have the latest ios on my decade old iPhone? I hate Apple sooo much hurr durr durr

PC users: Why does Microsoft keep pushing the latest updates on my decade old PC? I hate Microsoft sooo much hurr durr durr”

For the sake of argument, here’s the comment of the opposing side:

”Because when you’re using your computer as a tool, they get in the way. I’m a sysadmin so I know how important keeping a huge complex system like a computer up-to-date is, I see hack attempts daily against stuff I protect, but when I’m sat in front of my computer I’m there to do work. My time is important and my patience limited while I’m trying to get stuff done, and to be pestered by updates or forced to stop something potentially critical to reboot – it is super annoying.
Windows is mostly fine with it now in my opinion, but I’ve had important business teleconferences botched because a random windows machine decides it’ll reboot now and it doesn’t care what I think.
Or when a major update comes in (like Fall Creators update) and it doesn’t give an indicator to the user before they reboot that this update will take 30 minutes. Just ends up annoying people so much they avoid them.”

As we can see, this is a neverending theme of dispute, but the fact is that the Bing’s result for the aforementioned search is not something to add up to its credibility.

What are your thoughts on the manner Windows 10 provides updates? Please share them with us in the comments section below.



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