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  • Discord’s search function has not been working properly lately due to server issues on the app's end.
  • This guide will help you understand how to fix Discords search bar not working properly or at all by checking whether Discord's servers are down or if your internet connection is not fast enough.
  • If you need more Discord app fixes and how-to's, just take a look at our dedicated Discord troubleshooting section.
  • For any other issues, you can also check out our Windows troubleshooting hub, where we post easily-understandable guides on how to fix issues on your PC.
discord search doesn't work
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Discord’s search function may not work as normal occasionally. The issue may be on the app’s side, as Discord relies completely on their servers to work properly.

If you’re experiencing issues with Discord’s search function on Windows 10,  then the app will display a we dropped the magnifying glass error.

What can I do if Discord’s search is not working?

1. Check if there are any Discord server issues

Discord’s main functions rely heavily on the server-side. When there are server issues or outages, many of Discord’s features such as the search function will fail to work.

When this happens, it’s best to check Discord’s status page. On this page, you can see if the client is currently experiencing or has experienced server issues and if any of its services (or APIs) are affected and check if a fix has been deployed.fix discord search not working

Major outages are indicated by the red lines, while partial ones are indicated by yellow lines.

If you scroll down the page, you can find current and past incidents on Discord’s services. You can also check what has been done to resolve the issues.

discord search error

2. Your Internet connection might be slow

Internet connectivity issues can cause some of Discord’s functions to not work properly, including the search option. In this case, it’s best to check if you are experiencing connection issues or slowdowns.

For example, if you are currently connected via Wi-Fi, check if your signal is strong enough. A weak Wi-Fi signal can cause Discord functionality issues, and in this case, it is best recommended to either use an Ethernet cable or to improve your Wi-Fi connection.

3. Discord needs to be updated

Restarting your Discord app to check for updates can provide a fix to some of the issues on the client, including the search function.

To restart Discord on Windows 10, first head over to the bottom right side of your Windows 10 Taskbar, then right-click on the Discord icon and click on the Quit Discord button. After that, open Discord again and the app should start the update process by itself.

how to restart discord

Can’t update Discord on Windows 10? Follow the simple steps from this guide and do it in no time.

The Discord app is used by a large number of users, and due to its popularity, there may sometimes be server issues on Discord’s end.

The best solutions, in this case, are to wait for a fix to be deployed from the development team, to check if your Internet connection is fast enough or to restart Discord to update the app and apply fixes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If Discord is stuck at the loading screen, it’s best to check if your Internet connection is not slowed down in any way. If your Discord client doesn’t open at all, follow the steps written in this article.

  • Discord can be safe for kids, but only under adult supervision. Please do mind that Discord as a service cannot be used by anyone under the age of 13. If you have an underage child, you should monitor which servers they join and communicate on for their own safety.

  • If your voice is cutting out on when you speak on Discord, you should manually adjust your microphone sensitivity until you get to the right level.

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