Top 5 distraction-free writing tools for Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Distraction is one of the biggest enemies of productivity. If you often procrastinate by checking your Facebook feed, reading your emails, or watching YouTube videos, you’ll never get the job done on time. Although many of us think we have full control over our workflow, it’s often different.

It takes a strong will power, and a lot of practice to stay focused on work continuously, but that’s a topic for some self-improvement website. We talk about technology here, and we’ll show you what tools you can use to stay focused on work for longer than 5 minutes.

There are tons of various distraction-killers, productivity boosters, and other tools that can help us get the job done without procrastinating. We already told you about the best timer apps for boosting your productivity for getting any job done effectively. But now, we have something for all you writers out there.

We present you our list of 5 best distraction-free tools that will help you stay focused on your writing no matter what. So, read the article, download the tool you like, and get back to work!

The best distraction-free writing tools for Windows


write windows

Just looking at the name of this program can get you motivated for work. It literally tells you what you should be doing right now. But apart from the psychological effects of its name, Write! is also a great text editor that promises to skyrocket your productivity.

It has a browser-like tabbed interface, where you can store various sources for your stories, so you don’t need to keep an actual browser opened. You can also go completely full screen, for neutralizing any possible distraction. There are all basic editing features, that eliminate the need of using any other tool. And finally, its eye-pleasing white interface can also have a positive effect on your creativity.

Unfortunately, Write! is not available for free, as it costs $24,95, but you also get cloud support, along with other great features.

If you’re interested in using Write!, you can purchase it from the tool’s official webpage.


focuswriter windows

FocusWriter is another great tool for keeping your writing distraction-free. It starts in the full-screen, and doesn’t allow you to wander anywhere from your virtual piece of paper. The program is fully customizable, as you can set your own background themes, and more.

It supports working on more documents at once, with its tabbed interface. FocusWriter also has some productivity tools, like its own timer, word count, the meter of your daily goal, etc.

When you write, you don’t even see the interface, because it shows only when you drag your mouse pointers on the screen edges. Because of its great productivity features, and flexibility, many writers consider FocusWriter to be the best free distraction-killer for writers.

You can download FocusWriter from the tool’s official webpage. It’s available for free, but you can also make a donation of your choice, if you’re satisfied with the program.

WordPress x Cold Turkey

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In case you didn’t notice, WordPress also has its own distraction-free environment. Just open the WordPress text editor, and you’ll notice the distraction-free icon in the toolbar. If your main writing job is blogging, or writing for a website, using WordPress’ own distraction tool is probably the best idea.

It’s even more powerful if you use it combined with a website blocker, to make sure you stay on your work by any means. One of the best website-blocking apps you can find is Cold Turkey. This app allows you to block certain websites for a certain amount of time It is available for free, but there’s also the Pro version, that costs $15.

If you’re not impressed by Cold Turkey, check out our list of the best web-based distraction-killers for even more options.


forcedraft windows

FORCEdraft is absolutely merciless when it comes to keeping you on your project. This tool literally won’t let you do anything else until you reach your daily goal, so if you think that nothing can help you stay on your writing, try FORCEdraft, it will literally force you to do so.

So, how it works? You set a daily goal of a word count or time duration, and when the time comes for you to start working, FORCEdraft will literally block everything else on your computer until you reach your goal. There’s no hotkey that can get you out of your draft, nothing. If you want to exit, you’ll have to restart your computer by force.

On the other hand, if you don’t set a goal, it acts as pretty much all other distraction-free tools. You’ll be able to close the app anytime by clicking on the logo or on the Save and exit option.

FORCEdraft is available for free, and you can download it from the tool’s official website.



WriteMonkey is another zen-ware that allows you to write in the full-screen mode, and eliminate all possible distractions. It’s free, portable, and fairly easy to use.

Although it doesn’t offer as many features as some other tools from this list, WriteMonkey is still a decent tool. Everything in this program can be done using just keyboard shortcuts, so you can start and finish your work without even using your mouse. It also features some basic formatting options, like text bolding, italicizing, and more. WriteMonkey also features spell checking, auto-saving, document backups, and has Firefox integration via the It’s All Text extension.

You can download WriteMonkey for free from the tool’s official webpage.

That’s about it for our list of the best distraction-free writing tools for Windows. We hope at least one of these programs will be helpful for you, and help you get the job done more effectively than before.

What do you think about our list?Do you know about some other awesome distraction-free writing tools? Let us know in the comments below.


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