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Life today is media-centric and there’s never a dull moment. At least not with the DLNA standard allowing you to stream unlimited video, music, audios, and photos to your entertainment devices.

You will, however, need the best DLNA server for Windows 10 to convert your computer to a robust media server.

Of course, you can also enable Windows 10’s own native DLNA server. However, most users find using a DLNA server software more straightforward.

What is a DLNA server?

A DLNA server stores media content and avails it across a network wirelessly. In general, the server is a DLNA-enabled PC or a NAS (network attached storage).

Once active, the server enables you to conveniently browse the entire media collection from multiple devices.

What is a DLNA server software?

A DLNA server software is an application that allows you to share the burgeoning library of movies, audios, and pictures in your computer to your other DLNA compatible devices.

These include your Android phone, TV, game consoles, media players, iPhone and more while the inter-device connectivity is established through the handy DLNA protocol.

Why You Need The Best DLNA Server Software

Once installed, the DLNA server application instantly sets up your PC as a media streaming center opening up a sea of thrilling and personalized entertainment choices.

As I had mentioned, the software makes the whole process super simple and direct.

Use these DLNA servers for Windows 10


PlayOn (Editor’s Choice)

You have several choices as far as DLNA  servers for Windows 10 are concerned.  Here’s our first recommendation.


PlayOn DLNA server software lets you record and stream MP4 movies and your favorite shows from Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and countless other streaming sites and channels.

The server app will also work with dozens of DLNA enabled gadgets ensuring you enjoy more convenience.

Moving on, it’s one of the easiest to use, so capturing and casting shows to any streaming device from the desktop, tablet or your phone is a breeze.

You can set PlayOn to record at odd hours when your bandwidth is free instead of the busy work hours to avoid network slowdowns.

Additionally, the streaming video interface aggregates all your chosen streaming websites in a central location for direct access.

Our editors believe it’s one of the very best DLNA server software for Windows 10 and it’s easy to see why. It’s versatile (works online and offline), smooth, friendly, plus you can even skip ads during playback.

Bottom line

PlayOn has very few equals. The free version comes with a significant number of features but you can upgrade to take your entertainment experience to the next level.


Universal Media Server


universal media server

Universal Media is another popular UPnP media streaming service whose main claim to fame is its unique ability to transcode a huge variety of media formats.

Whatever you want to share, the UMS server is always up to the task.

Your  Xbox, smartphone, Blu-ray player and practically every other device work excellently as soon as you hook them up with the UMS DLNA server.

And we also love that it works on PCs without much configurations not to mention that it has a well-built web interface which enables it to support even non-DLNA devices.

The media server software has also been hailed for its sleek performance.

For example, it delivers full DTS support, iTunes support, high-resolution video thumbnails, and 3D SBS video support.

Unsurprisingly, its advanced design enables the server to produce one of the sweetest streaming experiences amongst the top contenders.

And would you believe this: You can get all this bliss without paying a dime! Well, a more amazing paid version exists but even the free version is pretty unbelievable.

Bottom line

Even without digging too deep into its technicalities, this is one of the best choices for anyone searching for a smashing performance from a free DLNA server for Window 10.

Download Universal Media Server





Powerful but very easy to use, Serviio puts up a strong show when pitted against the rest of the DLNA servers for Windows 10.

It streams a large variety of media files with surprising precision and at impressive speeds.

This media server is again plug and play and lets you browse your movies and audios from an easy-to-navigate menu structure.

It’s another smooth operator and with the automatic refresh eliminating bothersome lags across all your rendering devices, you’re assured unending fun. Still there, it doesn’t buffer and subtitles always show.

In short, it gives a reliable, simple, and seamless streaming experience.

Well, some users have commented that the setup is a bit overwhelming but once you get the hang of it, it’s super sharp.

Like most of the rest, you can go for the free Serviiio or pro versions.

Bottom line

The Serviio media server handles just about every device and is another powerful entrant to our unique selection of Windows 10 DLNA media servers.




plex dlna media server windows 10

The Plex DLNA media server works like a charm across a plethora of rendering devices and is a joy to stream with.

Whether it’s stand-up comedy, soaps, Formula 1, or blockbuster movies, this has gotten rave reviews for its polished performance.

The innovative idea of a pleasant user interface and media auto-detecting technology is especially attractive to users seeking painless streaming.

Add this to its ability to separate movies, TV shows, photos, and music content into distinct categories and you realize it’s one of the most feature-rich media server.

The most appealing part? It’s ability to maximize each device’s performance thanks to its self-optimizing features.

Plex will even stream massive 4K 1080p movies from your Android phone for multi-screen enjoyment.

The choices are also interesting: there’s the trial, monthly, yearly, and even a life-time subscription.

Bottom line

Plex is a fine example of contemporary Windows 10 DLNA server software and will ensure plenty of entertainment without any technical issues.

Download Plex


To enjoy your rich media library across multiple devices, you have to convert your PC into a media server and the best way to do this is by using a DLNA server software for Windows 10.

The thing with these thoughtful tools is that they’re not equal meaning you need to take your sweet time evaluating your options.

Our choices are very competitive though we were blown away by PlayOn because of its outstanding array of remarkable qualities.



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